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One Man’s Dream

You can’t even “think” Walt Disney World, without thinking of the man behind the dream.  During my first visit to WDW in 1991, I was only about Mickey and what I could experience. As each trip came and went, Carl and I both found ourselves more and more  interested in the man himself. The ride we experience, the magic we feel, and the constant eye candy we take in every trip, is all in thanks to Walt Disney.  He was a son, a dad, a husband… but I think he became everyone’s Uncle Walt.

During my past trip in November,  I was able to have some time to myself to enjoy “One Mans Dream.”  If you ever have the chance to do this alone, with time on your hands, please, I encourage you, to do so.  This place, these moments frozen in time, they just take my breath away.  I read over each note, each plaque, and then I came to his office.  Wow, the tears started here and didn’t seem to end until after the move played.  You can’t hear “When You Wish Upon a Star” without wanting to empty a kleenex box, especially while looking at where Walt would have sat.

I realize it’s not the Museum, but it’s just as good to me.  I love how you can’t hear the outside world in there, how the feel of the place screams “Respect” and how you can feel the warmth of his smile.  Below are the pictures I took of this amazing place, and again, I encourage you to visit it and give it your full attention. I wanted to leave you with something different today. When I run into Walt in Heaven, this is what I plan on telling him. Would your conversation be the same?

Hello Mr. Disney.  My name is Amy, and I have wanted to meet you my whole life.  I watched you for many years, as a child growing up in WI.  My family watched your shows on Sunday nights, and I would go to bed so many nights, dreaming of the day I would get to see the famous Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom.  I begged my parents to take me to WDW for years, until finally my Senior year in High School, I got to go.  The first time I stepped onto Main Street, I felt like I was home. I felt it was a familiar place in a dream that had been dreamt so many times.  Seeing the “Partners” Statue for the first time was emotional, because I thought of you and how you made this special place. I would bring the man of my dreams back and have our wedding pics taken in front of your Castle, and years later bring both my kids,  and a trip with just my Mom.   Your place has brought my family so much happiness, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. The love of your parks, movies, and shows have brought wonderful people into my life who I know will be life long friends with. I loved it so much that I moved my family to Florida to enjoy it as well. Christ has, and always will, direct my paths, but I will be ever so grateful to you, for directing my dreams.

Thank you Uncle Walt, you changed my life forever.


  1. Amy, I’ve enjoyed following your blog for some time, but haven’t commented until this one. It was so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Walt, and what you’d say to him in heaven. I especially love the phrase “Christ has, and always will, direct my paths, but I will be ever so grateful to you, for directing my dreams.” I love that!

    Thanks for sharing the journey of your move to Florida.



  2. I love this post, Amy! I emailed the link to my husband to read while he is at work.. we have never been to this attraction but it is a must on our next trip..thank you for sharing!


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