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I See the Light

The lights were low, the ice cream was flowing, and the blue-ray player was working it’s magic, as we watched “Tangled” for the third time today.  It was our first time watching it at home, and I have to tell you, this movie is just pure MAGIC.  I don’t know if its just a coincidence the timing of this movie, but there are lines and definitely music that hit a nerve so hard that I SWEAR they knew our family when making the movie.  No, we don’t know any witches, and no, my girls are blondes, but they don’t have 50 feet of hair, but the overall tone of the movie just sits on our hearts like a warm blanket.  I have touched on “Tangled” before, but I just wanted to let you in on why it touches my heart so.

Let’s start with the fact that Rapunzel feels trapped in her tower, kept from the outside world and what dreams or dangers it holds. We can relate to this feeling- of feeling that we have been, not trapped, but kept from the rest of the world because of fear in our hearts for what lies outside the WI State lines.  One of my favorite scenes is when she floats down on her hair and stops, just inches, from the grass.

“Look at the world – so close, and I’m halfway to it!
Look at it all – so big – do I even dare?
Look at me – there at last! – I just have to do it

Should I?
Here I go…

Just smell the grass! The dirt! Just like I dreamed they’d be!
Just feel that summer breeze – the way it’s calling me
For like the first time ever, I’m completely free!
I could go running
And racing
And dancing
And chasing
And leaping
And bounding
Hair flying
Heart pounding
And splashing
And reeling
And finally feeling
Now’s when my life begins!”

I feel like we will be Rapunzel, smelling the grass, feeling the sunlight, wanting to make leaps and bounds the minute we are home in Florida.  It may seem corny to some folks, but it’s what our dreams are really about.

The following scene is when she worries about how her Mom will take her decision, now, my mother is no witch, but I know that I can relate on how I hope that all of my family members will be after we leave.  It’s never easy to leave family, but I hope they truly understand that we can’t follow our dreams here.

You know how then Rapunzel is then screaming “BEST DAY EVER!!!” I love this because this will SOOOO be me! I will be crying one minute that I left my family behind, and more so, my mom, and then the next minute I will be drinking in my dreams and smiling through the tears. Am I ready for this? Lol

The next poignant scene for our family is the dialogue in the boat between Eugene and Rapunzel.  Here it is:

Rapunzel: I’ve been looking out of a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what I might feel like when those lights rise in the sky. What if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be
FlynnRider:  It will be.
Rapunzel: And what if it is? What do I do then?
Flynn Rider: Well, that’s the good part I guess. You get to go find a new dream.

The first time Carl and I saw this in the Theater, we both lost it at this conversation. Why? Because at one time or another, he and I have had this type of conversation. What if the dream we have had for years doesn’t live up to what we think it will be?  What will it be like to have a new dream after such a long time of having this one?  I watched this scene tonight and almost had to leave the room I was crying so much… not a bad thing, just a truth thing.  Having dreams is one thing, living them out is quite another. We are going to actually LIVE them out… wow.

I want our “…and they lived happily ever after” moment so badly I can taste it. Stay tuned as we update as much as we can.  We have been busy cleaning out the basement, shipping out Disney items, working, and keeping the kids busy on Spring Break.  We have Easter, Mother’s Day, Prom, the Garage Sale of Garage Sales, Jessie’s Birthday/Good-bye Party, and then our final days in WI.  Busy, busy, busy…. “But it’s gonna be good!!!” (Princess and the Frog)


  1. Beautiful sentiments and oh-so-true! Having covered the whole gamet of these feelings, I can tell you that “living the dream” is real and attainable and it’s LOVELY. Hang on tight, hold on to each other and enjoy the ride!


  2. The dream coming true is even better than the dream!!! We cried when we left Chicago and friends and family. But, as soon as we crossed the Florida state line, we knew we had come home and our dream was coming true! Each day we thank the Lord for bringing us down here and giving us our dream.


  3. I love love love Tangled. It’s now my favorite Disney movie.
    I can understand your feelings.

    Even I am excited that your date is getting near.

    I put it on my calendar 🙂


  4. Just watched this for the first time yesterday – magic! I think there is a lot in this movie that we can all identify with at some point in our lives.


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