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Box, after Box, after Box

You know what I love about blogging? That it gives me a voice to say what I want about the ins and outs of life, but more so, the ins and out of relocation.  Can I just say now that preparing for a move is A LOT of work?!?! I’m not saying I thought it ever would be easy, but packing only a van and car… you would think the moving process wouldn’t be too tough.  Well, it is.  In fact, at times, it is kicking my butt. Why you ask? Because I walk into the basement, and at times, I just want to cry.  It isn’t the move, it isn’t the endless emotional rollercoaster we are all on, but the endless boxes of stuff.  So today’s blog is to how to handle all of the boxes.

The first thing we had done, is to throw anything and everything into either a box to sell or a garbage bag to toss.  It’s so annoying that our city recently went to automated garbage cans, and not whatever you want to put on your curb.  So before, you could have 10 cans on your curb or just bags left out, but now we have one can for trash and one can for recyclables.  The catch is that it MUST all fit into the one can each week- does my town NOT understand that I have a lot of trash?? Ugh.  I refuse to pay to dispose of my garbage, but we may have too if I don’t think of another plan.

I got most of my boxes over a 6 month period from work, and I can say with most certainty that each one is filled and many are overflowing.  Because we just tossed in items here and there, the boxes were not organized. So this past Saturday, Carl and I pulled apart the mountain of boxes and furniture in the basement, and lined the boxes in long rows so we could see what was in each box.  It was a bit overwhelming to see the rows and rows of boxes, but it was great to be able to see what I have to deal with.  Unfortunately, half of our garage is filled with stuff as well, but it will be dealt with when Mother Nature allows the weather to be a bit nicer and warmer.

I spent my Sunday going through each box, while listening to Seinfeld episodes on the internet.  Let me tell you, it is KEY to have good music, a show, SOMETHING that is fun to listen to when you have such a project to deal with- it will make time fly.   While laughing to my show, I organized my little heart out.  Boxes for books, cds, DVDs, videos, stuffed animals, dolls, school supplies, hair items, jewelry, scrapbook items, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, frames, Disney collectibles, toys, hats, purses,  and so on.  Once the boxes are organized ,  I’m just getting started.

Boxes with hair items such as headbands, hair bands, barettes, etc… are bagged up in sandwich and gallon size Ziploc bags.  Not only is it nice to see them easier, but it just looks nicer when being sold.  I bag several things like this- scrapbook items, Happy Meal toys, doll clothes,  groups of toys that go together,  stickers,  and lots of other “floating” items I like to call them.  When I go to yard sales myself, it is difficult to look through boxes filled with these type items, and honestly, I won’t usually spend the time to do so.  If you are a “professional” yard saler, you like to go in, look, and get out to the next one.  Always keep that in mind when you have your own sale, to keep things out in the open, so that they can see your items right away.

It was also eye- opening to see the amount of stuff we owned, collected, etc, over the years. Why do we need so much stuff?  Carl asked me, “What do you use every day?”   I thought about it, and I could fit it all in one small suit case.  The “stuff” doesn’t mean anything to me, besides ornaments for the tree, and the memory boxes, it’s all is just things.   I am more than happy to arrive, safely and happily, in Florida with Carl, Belle, and Ellie by my side- stuff or no stuff.

The next steps will be when we can finally move the boxes out of the basement and into the garage, putting up tables and getting everything out and tagged.  It’s finally next month, and I am so ready to move the stuff out and get er’ done!

We are happy to be in April and have 61 days left today!  Soon we will be in the 50’s,  and almost to the halfway point of when we made our 100 day chain in the kitchen-scary since I remember making that not too long ago.  Happy Sunday everyone!!


  1. Let your neighbors know what you are doing and ask them if you can “top off” their garbage cans on trash pick up day. I’ve done that. Our pick up was early morning so I waited until late the night before and went around to all the neighbors cans who had agreed and put in however much trash would fill their unfilled cans. Sometimes there was no room but often they had a little bit of room and sometimes they had a lot of room. I got rid of quite a bit of trash that way. It might work for you.


  2. Forgot to say that going through your possessions and getting rid of stuff you don’t need is the best thing you can do. None of us need all this “stuff”. I didn’t get rid of enough stuff when I moved down to Celebration and then had to get rid of it when I got here. For example, we were moving into a house we had owned and had rented out for 12 years. (I plan ahead. lol) In all that time I had forgotten the exact details of the house. I moved my dining room table and hutch down here and it didn’t fit into the smaller dining area in the Celebration house. I gave it away to a person who needed it down here. So, basically, I paid to move the dining room set and then gave it away. Crazy! Then the kitchen had way fewer cabinets than our Oregon home had so a lot of kitchen stuff had been packed, paid to ship, unpacked, repacked when there was no room for it, and then given to charity. We have been here for a year now and I am continually going through my house and finding things to give away to charity. My philosophy now is to bless someone else with things I am not using, loving, or needing. My house is much easier to keep clean and I have more time to play at Disney ever day! An added bonus is that, after working so hard to purge myself of “stuff”, I no longer have the desire to purchase things. I can go into stores and look around and come out without any bags. That is a first for me.


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