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Make it Count

For those of who have been fortunate to have been pregnant, you know what this venture is like. You have a goal in mind, to get pregnant and have a healthy baby boy or girl.  You meet the goal, and boom, you are officially pregnant. But then you are asked to wait for 9 months…. 9 excruciating months of wondering, waiting, contemplating, etc…  The doctor tells you to enjoy these days alone with your spouse, because soon you will up to your eye balls in diapers, tears, and stress.  Am I preaching to the choir here?  So your dream, or in our case, our relocation, is a lot like a pregnancy.  You have this beautiful thing in your head, you make it your goal, and more than likely, you have to wait out the time until you can see it through.  So today’s blog is about making it count. Making what count you say? Well, everything!  Join me as we look on how you can pass the time while making a difference along the way.

Make the Days Count

Every day I look around my home and see what I can do to help things along, even if in the smallest way. It could be taking a picture out of a frame, organizing one box, or working on projects that need to be done before the move.  I feel if I can make these days count for SOMETHING, that maybe, just maybe, I won’t be so overwhelmed at the end.  We are the calm before the storm right now… besides a couple of main things, our days go by with Carl working and me working in the house.  May won’t be as calm.  While I work on something every day, I am also trying to keep the family happy, and trying to keep everyone’s sanity in check.  In other words, keep busy every day and it will go by a lot quicker.

Make the Words Count

If you are my friend, you TRULY are my friend, you have heard me tell you at one time or another that I love you.  Yes, its platonic love, but it’s God’s love shining through me.  I believe that telling people how you really feel about them, whether you are impressed with them, a word of encouragement, or a kind word in a desperate time, is valuable.  If people have been kind to you, let them know. If people have done something that impacted your life, tell them.  What are you waiting for? We all know that words can help, heal, and hurt.  It seems we are all ready to fire off words of hurt, but how many times are we using our words to help and heal someone?  Think back to any of your favorite memories, do you remember what was told to you in those? Was it a child saying “I love you” or a friend saying “you are a life saver?”  Make your words count, especially when in a transition, such as we are.   I want to leave WI and know that everyone who touched my life not only KNOWS it, but remembers the words I have spoken or written to them.

Make the Relationships Count

I have made it my goal to see as many people as possible before we move.  We have a goodbye party scheduled on the books, but I also have closer relationships I am trying to cultivate as well.  I try to get together with my best friend, Kelly, each week, when we can, and the same with my mom.  I try to sneak in lunches here and there with my friends, but everyone gets busy.  I will miss these small moments of time with these people, but they are BIG DEALS in my heart.  I try to see my Dad as well, and I will get to see my brother next month.  I know that some of the people I may never see again once we move, so I am just trying to prepare my heart and head for it.  Darn this heart on my sleeve mentality… anyone have another shirt?

Make the Memories Count

I guess what I mean by this, is to move forward, but don’t forget to look back occasionally. We all have rear view mirrors in our lives, but I tend to only look in mine when I am forced to.  I want to make sure that my memories count; when moving on it can be a knee jerk reaction to want to try and “forget the past.”  I want to remember the good for the good, and the bad as my learning curve.  The great and sweet memories make me smile, and the bad sometimes make me smile more- because I know that myself and my family have weathered some of the toughest storms, and we are STILL HERE.  Let your memories mold your future, because we ALL are works in progress.

Make it count my friends… make it count.

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