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50 Things We Won’t Be Doing in Florida

Well, it’s list time again, since we did it at our 300 and 100 day marks, so why not another list for our 50 day mark? Exactly!  I thought it would be fun to focus on what we won’t be doing in Florida, since we have it pretty much memorized what we WILL be doing when we get there.

  1. We won’t be shoveling any snow
  2. We won’t be slipping on any ice
  3. We can leave our homes in the hottest weather and still not worry about freezing to death
  4. We won’t be cooped up in our home for 6 months because life stands still when it’s cold out
  5. We won’t be worrying about snowy road conditions
  6. No longer will we hear “Snow Storm Tiffany” is hitting our area this weekend
  7. We won’t be paying State Taxes
  8. We will never again say “I’m bored”
  9. We won’t have to plan a trip to WDW anymore, we get to just go
  10. We won’t have to worry about waiting in line, if it’s too long, we will ride it another day
  11. We will never have nothing to blog about while living minutes from WDW
  12. We will never again have to make sure that each child has winter boots
  13. We will never have a dry swim suit in FL- we will be in the pools quite a bit this summer
  14. We won’t ever complain there is nowhere to go out to eat for something different
  15. We won’t ever again crave a Dole Whip and feel bummed because we can’t have one
  16. We won’t miss the Meets
  17. We won’t miss out on all of the friends going to WDW meeting up with others
  18. We won’t have to deal with Scott Walker and the endless drama in WI
  19. We won’t ever have to look far for a Water Park
  20. We won’t have to hope it doesn’t rain, let it rain, we are locals!
  21. We will never again have to cancel plans because of the winter storms and weather
  22. We won’t be cold when it hits the 30s in FL, just enjoy the taste of WI for that time period
  23. We won’t ever wonder what we are doing after school/work
  24. I will never again have to wonder if I am ever going to meet people
  25. I won’t ever be doing Everest, RnRc, or Primevil Whirl
  26. I won’t be worrying about who likes me or who doesn’t, my family comes first, always has, always will
  27. We won’t be waiting long to plug into a church- God knows he has a church family waiting for us somewhere
  28. I won’t stress over schools- I believe that God will help Craig and I find the best ones for the kids.
  29. I won’t be bringing WI baggage to FL- emotional and personal things that have affected me in my life will stay there- FL is a new beginning for everyone.
  30. I will never take a Palm Tree for granted
  31. We will never again have to sit and wonder what our lives would be like living in FL
  32. We won’t have to wait to create a new dream- we will thinking of another one on the way to FL
  33. We will never have to say “I can stop over, unless it’s snowing”
  34. We will never have to worry about a warm sunny day one day, then snow the next
  35. We won’t ever take Walt Disney World for granted
  36. I won’t take any friendship I have for granted- you know who you are, and I love you!
  37. I won’t worry about the head and humidity, it’s FL, get over it
  38. We won’t worry about Park crowds, avoid what we can
  39. We won’t have to listen to Magical Mouse Radio or Mouseworld Radio and fantasize about being there… we will BE there!
  40. We won’t have to feel bad about missing “Night of Joy” or the Festivals anymore
  41. We won’t have to deal with all of the endless stuff we have accumulated over the years, once the garage sale is done, our lives fit into 2 vehicles and 22 bins.
  42. We won’t have to move any furniture, we get too buy new in FL and have it set up
  43. Carl, like here, won’t have to commute at all… working at home is a sweet deal!
  44. I won’t have to work unless I want to- taking care of the family’s needs come first, especially this first year.
  45. We won’t ever have to worry about losing the winter weight (although we won’t have any excuses now lol)
  46. We won’t come out of April looking pasty white anymore- a normal color would be nice.
  47. We won’t have to worry if we need a winter coat or shorts in the Spring and Fall
  48. We will never have to wonder what cool Resort to try out next
  49. We won’t ever have to wonder if the Packers will go back to the Super Bowl- they did it for us before we left.
  50. We won’t ever again have a basement to fill with endless junk.

I hope the list entertained you, it did for us! We can’t believe our 100 day chain is now half its size, and that we are getting so close.  Thanks again for everyone who supports and loves us, it means everything.

God Bless your day!


  1. I’m so excited for you guys!

    This list, however, reminds me of many things that I WILL be doing, now that I’ve moved out of Florida. Frowny face.


  2. So terribly jealous I can’t stand it. We’ve set our sites on “next year” as the get-to-Celebration-at-any-cost date — now it’s just a matter of clearing as much debt and saving as much as we can.

    Good luck and God bless as you approach “M-Day” (move, Mouse, etc.) — we’ve moved across the country and back 3 times in the last 4 years, so we understand your pain. Keep your chins up and your dreams at the forefront — it’ll be over and you’ll be soaking up the Florida rays sooner than you can imagine!

    – John


  3. I kinda wish we had a for sure moving date to KY but God’s timing will always be right on time! May I borrow this list when the time comes? ( Do u still want me to bring my stuff over to add to your rummage sale?? Soon?? Hugs!


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