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It’s All A Numbers Game

Believe it or not, Relocation requires a lot of math. As a good friend reminded me, it’s all about the numbers game.  So what requires math? Grab a notebook, a lap top, or a calculator, and let’s get to class.

The Number of Dollars and Cents

I’m not going to lie, moving is an EXPENSIVE venture. No matter how cheap you think you are doing it, it will always hit your pocket book the hardest.  We are constantly budgeting each month, moving things, fitting items in, and trying to grow our savings as best as possible.  Every time Carl get’s paid, it’s another numbers game of what goes to bills, current life going ons, and then our very important, relocation fund.  I can give you this advice, EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. Thankfully some of the biggest bumps we may have faced, our good friends in FL have tuned us into already.  DMV costs will be around  $1000 for both vehicles and licenses,  a storage unit will have to be eventually rented, and other items have come up we weren’t aware of.   I am in constant math mode when it comes to money.

The Number of Days

Once you choose your date of relocation, the countdown begins.  The number of days until you move is critical to the other numbers you will deal. The number of days left show the number of paychecks left, the number of days to pack and purge, and the number of days until you realize your goal.  We always counted down vacations before, but this one has a lot more meaning, and we can’t help but smile at each other each morning and say “49!”

This also pertains to how many days it will take to get used to our new life- how many days will it take the kids to be comfortable in their new schools, or all of us in our  new surroundings.  Someone once posted on my wall it will take about a year-ugh- really? 365 days? Ok, here is hoping it doesn’t take THAT long!!

The Number of Things to Do

This number is also a doozie, because depending on what you have to do, this list could be small or enormous.  Again, use it as a game and stepping stone to your move, and then it should help to minimize the stress of the situation.  Nothing should ever feel better then checking off something off your list. I do have to say though, I seem to check off one thing, and then add five more.  Keeping a list in general will help your sanity- I use the notes app on my IPhone to jot down items all the time.  I KNOW I will forget them, and it usually comes to me while I am in line at the Grocery Store or I hear someone say something and it triggers something I needed to do.

The Number of Hours to get to FL

It takes 24 hours from our front door to the Walt Disney World Property.  Now, throw in gas stops every three hours, along with the potty breaks and snack spots, it takes much longer.  We are driving over 3 days this time around, and will be taking our time. It will be a year, if not more, before we head back on this trek to visit WI.  I actually wonder how many times we will hear our kids say “Are we there yet?”

The Number of Moments

Ohhhh…. The moment there will be- the sad ones of goodbyes here, the hugs welcoming us to our new home.   I think about the number of moments I have left here all the time- sometimes I want the time to speed up, but then I think of my Mom, my Dad, and my friends… and it takes my breath away.  I am excited for lots of moments coming- Belle goes to her first Prom next month, Jessie will have her last day at her school- getting pics with all of her past and current teachers,  and the entire family is having a goodbye party before we head to FL.  Then there are the moments I am reluctant about- the ones I KNOW are coming and I am NOT prepared for them.  God grant me strength for all of them.

The Number of Last Things

We have our yard sale in a month, and I have begun to really appreciate the furniture we have come to love and cozy up on.  It’s old, but it’s familiar.  As I write this, my darling man is asleep on the couch- he loves that couch.  After the yard sale, we will have camp chairs in the living room and possibly a mattress to chill out on.  Everything will have that “deal with it” feel, until we officially move.  The business of trying to keep the couch till the end is just too much trouble, so hopefully we can sell it. We want to sell as much as we can, so dealing with the non-comfort will be an issue, but we hope it won’t be an annoyance.  We are all enjoying the last times of having the home fully furnished and knowing where everything is.  We will go from our beds, to the mattresses alone, to an air mattress for the last week, to then 27 hotel nights until we find our permanent home.

My hope is that the most important math we will need is this equation-

Our Family + Our Dreams = A Fulfilled Happiness


  1. You will do fine MS. Amy, Welcome to the South and your new home. Look forward to follwoing you on this venture and possibly doing it ourselves in the neaqr future:)


  2. “DMV costs will be around $1000 for both vehicles and licenses”… What!??! More details, please! I just have my 1 truck, but $1000 bucks gone in one flash certainly means I need to put it into the budget.


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