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Definition: giving up of something valued: a giving up of something valuable or important for somebody or something else considered to be of more value or importance.  I thought I would touch on today where sacrifice fits into achieving any dream and or goal. You may not think there are many, if at any at all, sacrifices- but there are plenty.  Let’s explore what sacrifice is, and what you can do with the feelings from it.


The point of our blog was to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of relocating.  Just because it is a dream, doesn’t mean it comes in a pretty red bow.  How we WISH it could, but it doesn’t.  We have found that as we sort, dump, purge, organize, and pack that we continually are in “sacrifice” mode.  I have come across clothing the kids wore to certain events that bring back happy memories, or a Disney collectible my mom found for a bargain at a garage sale, or even a love note from my fabulous husband.  Because we aren’t taking a UHaul or moving truck, we are bringing the bare essentials to start our new life off fresh.  I am not going to say it isn’t difficult to put these things away, but it’s all a part of the Circle of Life.  For every item we put away, donate, sell, etc… we know that it will be replaced with a new memory or even another item further into the future.

Church Home

Once I was saved, I knew I was the Lord’s. Once I was baptized last year, I knew that I was my church family’s.  We lived here for 11 years, and 10 of that were spent at Alliance Church, our church home.   They helped us through Jessie’s cancer, Carl’s job loss, and just life itself.  We dedicated our daughter Jessie there, and as I said, I was baptized last April.  I have been a part of the Choir on and off over the last 10 years, and there is where my heart really lies. I will miss the close friends I have made through that Ministry.  Although it is very much a sacrifice, I know that we will find another Church home in FL.  You can’t move forward without letting go, albeit it sometimes the hardest thing to do, it needs to be done.


Some of you may not look at moving on from relationships as a “sacrifice” but I do.  I am sacrificing the closeness and love of them for our dream. Yes, there is Facebook and other Social Medias to keep up connected, but it’s not the same as a lunch with someone in the flesh.  How do I overcome this? At first, it is going to be rough. I am sure many sights and sounds will trigger memories of my friends here, but I hope I can smile through the tears and remind myself that I will see them again someday. I keep telling everyone here- now you have an excuse to go to FL AND Walt Disney World!!  Cultivate the new friendships with the love and strength from the old ones- stand back and watch the amazing things that grow!

Comfort, Security, and Familiarity

This, my friends, is a HUGE one!!  So, we all know that when you move, you are giving up the comfort you once felt from the home you once had. No longer is the bed you once slept in the same, or the way you  go out to get simple things, like the mail.  The back door that you glanced out every day to see your yard will change, and the daily school runs aren’t so familiar anymore.  We bring with us Carl’s job and a savings, so with that, I do feel some sort of security.  We are fortunate that we do not have to take a pay cut, or look for jobs, like many have to or plan on, when relocating. My husband and girls being with me there will help heal the unfamiliarity, as we go through many of the same feelings together.   The comfort we leave here in our town will hopefully be found again somewhere in Central Florida- we are trying to combat the uncertainty with lots of friends there and embrace the love.

The thing with “sacrifice,” is that there is usually a really great pay out at the end for it.  I am hoping that with all of the little and big sacrifices we are making, that our dream will be SO INCREDIBLE that we won’t know what hit us.  Maybe it’s silly, maybe it’s just wishful thinking… but my faith tells me it’s going to be very rewarding.


  1. Another beautiful update, I wish together with you that all your sacrifices will pay out once you reach Central Fl.


  2. Wow, what a beautiful post. I’m something of a sentimental packrat, and I don’t know how I’ll deal with getting rid of all my mementos from the kids’ schooldays, past WDW trips, etc. I really like your idea about making new memories! And leaving a church can be hard, too. I still miss the one we left 14 years ago when we moved to Michigan! But what we have here is good. Thanks for all your wonderful posts! They should be a book some day.


  3. I’m sure with that positive attitude you will find that the sacrifices, while real, will be worth it. You are not leaving the Lord, you are just finding a new place to worship Him. You are not giving up family and friends, you will just have to change the way you communicate with them. You are not wiping the memories from your mind, you are just getting rid of the tangible form of the memories.

    When Jack and I moved to Celebration, we tried to make sure that we treated everything as an adventure. That made is easier to concentrate on the positives of the move rather than dwell on the negative aspects of it.

    It looks like you have the right adventuresome attitude to fly through any temporary sad parts.


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