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Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously

If preparing for a move has taught me anything, it is definitely to not take myself so seriously.  Yes, there are situations you need a firm head on, but most need more a giggle and a shrug of the shoulders.  Debug, diffuse, and delight in all the possibilities.

Be Ready

You can only prepare so much- we are ready for the bumps.  How we handle those bumps will be so incredibly important to not only ourselves, but more importantly, to our children.  If we hit a road block, WE have to be the strong ones and show them that everything is ok and will be ok.  Falling apart is not an option- but we are human.  If there needs to be tears, that is what God has made rest rooms and Kleenex for.  I have to tell myself that when something unexpected happens to just smile and take it all in stride.  God will only give me what I can handle, I am just not sure he and I are on the same page with that one sometimes.

Be Open

I am better that when something happens we weren’t ready or aware of, it will change something for something else. Meaning the course of events may change, so we need to be open to what is available to us.  We will be searching for our place of residence every day in June so we can be permanent in July. With that will take patience and the willingness to be open to a different type of home, city, and area.  Large hearts, light souls, and sharp minds will help us land a great home in FL.

Be Willing

It’s all in the attitude. How many times I have had such a bad attitude towards something or someone, and if I had just taken a breath and been willing to just not take it so serious, it would have all been fine.  I have to inject a multitude of sunshine into each morning right now, just so I can keep my wits and head about me.  Again, it’s all about being light on the hard stuff and hitting hard on the light stuff.

Be Raving

What I mean by that is to make sure you rave, thank, and appreciate anyone and everyone who is on your journey with you. Sometimes the darkest day can lighten up in seconds when a kind word is said to you – you know how It feels, now GO and be the beacon to someone else!  When you can see or hear someone is having the roughest of days, do something that lightens the mood and brings a smile.

Be Smiling

I know there will be hours and even days where we will just get sick of each other. Those are the times where we need to smile, and remember that we are making our dreams come true.  When things get sad or tough during the first weeks, I want to be able to smile, even if they are through the tears.

Be Celebrating

The key to any goal and/or dream is to celebrate the minute you make it happen. It can be a small celebration, or a large party- but it should be something that you remember for years to come.  The first step we take out of our vehicles on FL Property will be emotional- we will cry and then scream with joy.  I think we should make a poster for our hotel stay in June that says “WE DID IT- WE ARE HERE!!”

Be an Example

Our biggest hope for this blog was to be an inspiration and example to those who want to do what we are doing.  But as much as we love you all, we want to be the greatest example to our children and family members. We want to show them what happens when you take a leap of faith and follow your dreams- if we have accomplished that in this lifetime, we are truly blessed.


  1. I love this! and the pictures are hilarious! Thanks for putting a smile on my face today 🙂


  2. I am SO excited for the day when you can say “WE ARE HERE. WE DID IT!” I can not waiiiit to read that on your blog 🙂 You are SO incredibly close!


  3. I wanted to let you guys know that you have made a difference to me. My best friend and I have an apartment, and a month from today we’ll start the 24-hour drive back home – permanently. Thank you for giving me the courage to just do it, even straight out of college!


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