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It’s The Little Things…36 Days to go

We are at the 36 day mark now, 5 weeks from tomorrow, and for what seemed like forever away, has gotten uncomfortably close all of a sudden.  Don’t get me wrong, we are very much excited, but the ins and out of what we knew would possibly come up, are now coming up.  So today’s blog is focusing on the little things, and how we are trying to keep our eye on the bigger prize.

Because we are driving over 3 days time, more than 24 hours on the road,  both vehicles we own had to have tune ups, oil changes, and checking the tires. Well as life is, we have had some unexpected bumps with the vehicles, and some also wonderful “YAY” moments as well.  We want to use both vehicles in FL, so it’s not an option to sell or not use one.  Thankfully we have been on top of both of them, so hopefully we won’t have any surprises on the way down.

I was completely geeked out and excited when I was able to buy more “Body Glide” at a local Sports Store this past weekend.  It usually lasts me a year, and it is CRITICAL for my FL exsistance.  I have used it every time we vacationed and any time I have shorts on. If you don’t know what it is, it’s like a deodorant that you roll on onto your under arms, inside of your thighs,  and on the bottom of your feet. It helps your skin to not rub and chafe, and if you have chafed in ANY area before, you know how utterly painful it can be.  I buy the grey colored one, the “unisex” version, because it is larger than the woman’s pink one.  Like I said before, it lasted me over a year.  Whether you are moving to FL or just going on vacation, invest the $7, trust me, you will be happy you did!

No one plans to not feel well, but when you are sick, it throws everything off.  I thought I had avoided the “sick” monster this season, but I feel he has gotten a hold of me this week.  The things I need to get done sit and wait, while I can barely hold my head up to write this.  Yes, It’s a little thing because I will feel better eventually, it’s just a waiting game that can stink to play. Now the goal is to hope and pray the rest of the family doesn’t get it. Because of being sick, we had to cancel plans to visit my Grandma, I can’t travel feeling like this nor do I want to get her sick.  I am a bit bummed about this since it was a chance to see her before we leave- the rest of our weekends are full- so I am hoping something opens up to go and visit her before our move.  All of the plans we had made over the past year, we did, for the most part, follow through on.

You save and save and save, and yet sometimes you need to use some of it for life’s happenings.  Our daughter’s first prom, traveling to see people, and just life in general needed more money than we planned on.  We know we can make money at the garage sale, but it always feels better to have a padded savings account.  The key is to not stress over what we don’t have, but what we do and to make it work.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for a successful garage sale in a couple of weeks.

A small victory for us is that we have a friend who is letting us use her curb for over flow garbage next month- so we can finally weed a lot of the stuff out that we just can’t fit in the can each week.  Everything nowadays has an expiration date on it- how long we use the furniture, the mattresses, school days left, and so on.  It’s not overwhelming- YET.  Again, keeping to our schedule is helping keep our sanity.

Even though the garage sale isn’t until next month, I have been busy as a bee working on it for the past 3 weeks.  Thanks to friends, I have been able to obtain critical tables for the room I needed.  Because we only have a 2 car garage, a lot of items won’t see the light of day until the actual day of the garage sale.  Furniture and clothing will be in the driveway and yard, while everything else will be in the garage.  I price our clothes to sell, unless it is hung up, each item goes for 50 cents to $1.00.   Because of the overall general pricing of the clothes, I won’t have to mark each one, so I can fold them on tables the morning of and be done with them.  I try to do something small each day for the move or sale, and so far its working.

I have learned to appreciate the little things as we wind down things here in WI. My youngest got to hang out with my best friend and her son for the day, and it was neat to see Jessie and him bond together.  Yes, it makes me a little sad that they won’t grow up together, but we will be so excited to have them visit us in FL.  Lots of little things that needed to be returned to others I got done before I got sick this week, so I am happy that is done.  I appreciate the down time I have when the kids are in school, and I have made it my goal to finish “Epic Mickey” before we move- I am getting close!!

Time is certainly speeding up on us now- thank you for your continued love and support on this journey- these last weeks we will need it the most as it gets more exciting and scary all at the same time.  Have a magical day!


  1. WOW!!! Reading this really does seem like things are speeding up… it has been pretty cool following your journey and cheering you on, even though we are strangers. All best to you (and some extra sprinkles of pixie dust) in the weeks ahead!!


  2. I understand that excited but still scary feeling.
    But you will do great. You are very organized and have been planning for so long.

    Everything will go just fine.

    I am counting down with you 🙂


  3. I am continually amazed at how much you are doing to make this dream a reality. Keep moving forward! Soon, you will be here in Central Florida! Woo hoo!!!


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