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We’re Coming Home, Coming Home, Tell the World We are Coming Home

So the original plan was to stay at an Extended Stay Hotel in the Orlando area while we looked around for a rental place.  The reason we wanted to rent before we buy was because we wanted to have the freedom to look around for a year to see where we would like to officially plant ourselves.  Having never been really anywhere in FL except WDW Property and the International Drive area, we wanted the time to explore.

While Carl was surfing the Net last week, he found a great listing for a rental home in our price range and in an area we were hoping for.  Due to our privacy, we won’t be revealing our address, but we are happy to announce that we have signed the papers and it was officially ours TODAY!!!

We have rented a beautiful 3 bedroom home, with a huge great room, 2 bathrooms, great kitchen, and…. an attached pool area to the house!!  We have never owned a large pool before, so we are SUPER excited about getting the chance to use this one.

Our family is over the moon excited with joy – and the best part??!? The kids are going to school in….. Celebration!  Both Belle and Jessie are so excited, and the schools there are excellent, so we are super happy to not have that worry anymore. We have called both schools to see what the kids need, and we have an appointment for Jessie to get her physical before we leave WI for FL.

We will literally be living about 5 minutes from one of the Walt Disney World arches, and a stone’s throw away from the WDW Property line.  Our new landlords have said they can hear fireworks from the Parks, and we are happy to have permanent neighbors on both sides.

More good news is that we should be able to move in around the time we arrive in FL, only having to stay at a Hotel for a couple of nights.  They are letting us drop our things off when we first get there, so we don’t have to rent a storage unit for the bins.

Can you believe it? Our dream is coming true!!! We can actually have a VACATION our first week in FL instead of sweating out finding a place to live right away.  We were never worried about finding one, but with the location we needed and the schools having to be awesome, we were happy to have been blessed ten-fold- THANK YOU LORD!!!!

So now we wait.  Due to WI weather patterns, I had to wait on the yard sale for next weekend instead of this one.  I have been working on it every day still, and I can’t wait to take pictures the morning of the sale to show you all what I have been up to.  The house has become a storage unit and now with the home rented, we are itching to leave.

The Garage Sale, Prom, then the Goodbye/Emily Birthday Party and we will be almost to the finish line.  We were so excited to share this news with all of you, as each of you have cheered us on and loved us through this past year of counting down.  We can’t wait to take pictures of our new home in June, stay tuned!!


  1. Wicked awesome, Amy! So glad things are coming together so nicely — you and yours certainly deserve it!

    God bless as you wrap things up and finally get where you’re supposed to be!

    – John


  2. Wow Amy!!! That is such great news! Celebration is an amazing place and you’ll already have friends there. 🙂


  3. Congratulations! We haven’t even met and I’m excited for you! Hopefully we’ll be doing what you’re doing in a few years.


  4. Well it’s been a fantastic day for Florida news for both of us today ….you found a house and we booked our Summer 2012 Orlando holiday – hooray 🙂 Can’t wait to come back


  5. This is so great! CONGRATTTTTS! It must feel so good to know you are going to be leaving soon and live so close to the magic.

    I am hoping to get down there in the fall as well. I just graduated college and would love to get on Disney web design team one day. My plan is to save up this summer by working and move in the fall to Orlando. Probably near the Clermont area.
    I have been watching your blogs for awhile, I love them. I remember you all from Magictrips forums back in the day I am wdwlarkey22 there! I am so excited for your family, what a great move! Can’t wait to read the next blog. =}


  6. Oh how wonderful for you guys!!! I am so excited for you and your family! If I were ever fortunate enough to make the move to Florida, Celebration is the place I would want to be! Or in your case “very, very, very close to Celebration”. How absolutely fabulous for the Petermann’s!


  7. Amy what fab news i am so thrilled for you. Everything is falling into place. Proof if you need it that the move was meant to be. And what a place to be jealous :o)


  8. Amy, what wonderful news! Again, we are so happy for you! Please continue to keep us posted. I will be living my fairy tale dream vicareously through you…until the day we can do it on our own!!


  9. Omg that is so wonderful!! I’m so excited for you guys and jealous st tge same time. 🙂 You are so lucky to be in Celebration..Harry better keep the job hunt going so we can move..does this change your mind maybe on keeping certain items you haven’t gotten rid of yet? Having a pool of your own will be nice for you & the girls..anyway, CONGRATULATIONS!! And here I was thinking that you were going to tell us you were having a Disney baby..heehee..
    I truly am happy for all of you..


  10. I am beyond excited!!!!! I am so happy for you!
    I love Celebration 🙂

    Just have faith and God will do the rest!!! Didn’t He? 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the pictures of the house.



  11. Congrats, Amy and family!!! I am sooo happy for you all! Can’t wait til you get there and get settled in so we can hear all the details. It will be awesome to hear the fireworks every night and you will be soooo close to your happy place!


  12. Absolutely FABULOUS!!! I am soooo happy for you and your family. Sounds like God is in charge and He is 100 percent with you. What a wonderful amazing plan He has mapped out!


  13. Congratulations! We will be neighbors. I am in Celebration also. The kids will love the schools. You will love the town.


  14. Congratulations on finding such a great house in a great location!! We did the same thing when we moved – found the house on line to rent and signed the papers before ever seeing it. Continued prayers and best wishes for your move.


  15. Congrats many times over. Joining you too but I need your bucket list! :))))

    Can you post?


  16. when we moved down last year we were a little early for our rental so we stayed at the Boardwalk for 3 nights ! that was a great way to recover from a long drive from new england and transition to our new life !

    i know you will love it here in florida. hope we can meet up in the parks some day.

    johnny in sarasota


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