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Now What?

So let’s say you have this dream for most of your married life to one day live in sunny Florida with your awesome hubby and kids, and then it slowly starts to come true… now what?  We have spent every waking moment discussing what and how we were going to find the best home and the best schools, and we have done it.  I mean, we have ACTUALLY done it! The check list littered with what we needed in a home, we have found.  The schools are excellent, and upon doing our homework on them, we are more than impressed.

Since we have our official address now, we have begun to get things in line for the utilities and cable/internet connections.  Since there are still residents in our place until the end of the month, we can’t do a whole lot until they have given their disconnection notice. Once they have, ours will push through and we will have a firm date to get everything in order.

Belle fell in the Celebration School District, but Jessie actually did not. Since Florida has “school choice” which means you have a specific time you have to apply for the certain school you want out of your District and Zone, we did just that for her. They sent us the paperwork, and we thankfully made the deadline of June 1st in time. Had we waited until July, we would have been out of luck and she would have had to attend where our Zone was.  The paperwork was easy to fill out, easy to understand, and we will be confirming that they received it soon.

Relocation is all about preparation.  Being prepared so that you don’t have any type of sticker shock on anything is the best way to be ready for anything.  We found out the kids will both need physicals, which they don’t need here, so we have those lined up for before we leave.  We learned of how much you need to have document wise from the kids starting a school to the DMV.  My advice is to make sure you have every kind of document under the sun you think you need, and ultimately would need.  Birth Certificates, Licenses, Wedding License, Immunization Records, Doctors Records, Social Security Cards, Bills with current address, Vehicle Titles, Registrations, and if you have a lien on them, documents from the lien holder.  These are just SOME of what we have been collecting sing January, if we didn’t have it already, and what we will have copies of as well.  We are also keeping a log of all the phone numbers, more importantly FAX numbers, of each place we had to get documents from.  This is in case we lose something, we forgot something, or something we didn’t think of, we will have the important numbers to have those places fax them to us.  Nothing could be worse than knowing there is something we forgot.

We have been also getting Jessie in to see her Eye Doctors one more time, get advice on the next step, as we found out that she will need a new eye within the next year.  Thankfully our gal knows someone in the FL area, so we should be good to go there.  I have to tell you though, it is extremely freeing to know that we got Jessie all ready to go with that.  Having had years of dealing with her eye cancer, and then for the past 5 years only having to go in here and there for it, you forgot how bad it once was.  My hopes is that she perseveres with it in the new school, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers for the school year coming up.

Since the rain rain keeps coming down down down here, we have nothing better to do than work on the garage sale more and clean everything in the house.  We are getting to the finish line now, and I am starting to get nervous.  I think I am more scared about saying goodbye to the life I had here than nervous about the life I am going to get to have soon.   Keep Moving Forward, right?


  1. Your blog is so inspiring and informative! It has helped me A LOT with my own check list for my upcoming move. Your confidence and excitement is so awesome. Congrats on finding a home and being so close to fulfilling your dream!


  2. It must be scary, but think of the wonderful new experiences you are going to enjoy. Where is that bucket-list for Florida? Re-read it and look ahead. God Bless you.


  3. You’ll do great Ames! Don’t worry about goodbyes either. We’ll always be here for you 🙂


  4. Great advice Amy! I too have been preparing for our move to Florida (65 days and counting!). I started doing my research on schools back in January and have everything lined up and ready to go. We also got all our doctors/dentists/eye doctors appointments done before we left so the kids are all set until we find new doctor’s down there. I took business cards from all our doctor’s so that when we find our new ones I have all the information on the business cards that we need so they can fax or mail our records down. I found that easier than keeping a list so that I don’t have to worry about losing it. Within the first 10 days or so of moving I’ll be able to get my new license, register my vehicle and register the kids for school all thanks to the pre-planning. It’s amazing how some people wouldn’t even think of doing this until they actually move. The school administrators I spoke to in February were very happy I was taking care of this so early and not waiting until the first day of school.

    It has always been our dream to live in Florida (actually to be closer to Disney) and now that it’s coming true it’s kind of hard to believe. I’ll believe it when I’m actually in our new house. We will only be 15 minutes from Disney so it really is a dream come true! As excited as I am about the move I am a little sad leaving this life and all my family and friends, but, at the same time, I am excited about the new adventure and new life we will build in Florida. Good luck to you on your move!!!!!!


    • Merry: can you actually do any of the change of drivers license, insurance and school registration from out of town? Thanks


      • Ann…unfortunately no you have to do all of those things in person but I have all the information I need ready to go so that when we get to Florida I don’t have to worry about having any missing pieces of information.


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