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Top Twenty Things We Can’t Wait To Do In Florida

I am happy to announce our top 20 things we can’t wait to do once we arrive in FL. Since we are at 20 days today, I thought it was time for another list before we get to busy to make them anymore.  Sit back, grab a Dole Whip, and enjoy!Poly3

In no particular order…

  1. Walk into our first Florida home
  2.  Buy new furniture for our new home
  3. Walk through the schools with the girls
  4.  Buy our WDW Annual Passes
  5. Walk into Epcot for the first time as FL Resients.
  6. Ride Soarin as our first official ride as FL Residents
  7. See Wishes as official FL Residents
  8. See Otis and other friends
  9.  Go to Lou’s June Meet as FL Residents
  10.  Swim in OUR pool for the first time with the family
  11. Enjoy a rain storm inside our new home while cuddling with the hubby
  12. Buy our first WDW souvenir as FL Residents
  13. Wake up for the first time in FL in our new home
  14. Attending our Welcome Party at Epcot- getting to finally hug friends
  15. Hang out at the Parks for the day
  16. Hold our FL License in our hands and put our FL plates on our cars
  17. Go and eat in the Parks anytime
  18. Drive down our road and park in our drive way of our FL home
  19. Enter the State of FL
  20. Finally getting to shed a tear at what we accomplished


  1. Like your list. May “copy” most of it when we get closer to our move. We are still in the small light at the end of the tunnel until the house sells and then we will be overwhelmed with the light and off to Florida we go. I am glad we have God to guide us. I know He will only give us what we can handle. Hope to be in your shoes soon.

    p.s. You wouldn’t believe the people that came in the rain today for the garage sale. Had a good three day sale here in Michigan. All the less to toss or pack.


  2. This list is great and was similar to the list we had when we moved here three years ago. I look forward to meeting you at some time and welcome you and your family to Florida. We don’t live very far from where you will be located.

    BUT, I would hold off on your excitement on #16 about the new FL license and tags until after you’ve had the “TAG AGENCY” experience! It is one for the record books….believe me!! LOL

    Can’t wait to read more updates soon and good luck with the tag sale and the move!


  3. SO happy yall have your dream come true. This shows great hope for us who are having a challenging time and hope some day it will happen to us. So happy for you.


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