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How YOU Doin’? 18 Days To Go…

It seems these days we have been getting asked quite a bit how we are doing.  I can tell you this, THAT is quite the loaded question. Depends on the mood, the time of day, and the actual date.  Since we are getting closer, a lot more of the posts will be updates to let you know what we are up to.  So here goes!

Today is Day 18 before the move.  What does that mean? Well, we have 18 days left to make the best of WI and count down to the new life waiting patiently for us in Florida. Since we are having the most EPIC of all yard sales, it has consumed most of my time.  While I tag, organize, and try to keep my sanity- I listen to a plethora of inspirational music.  Usually I listen to the “Area Loop” from Epcot, an attraction now and then, but what really lifts my spirits is the occasional Christian song. There is a song by Mark Schultz called “What Will You Do With the Time that’s Left?”  When I hear this song, even as I sing along to it, it brings an occasional tear because I know that my time here in WI runs short.

I have been told this is normal, by friends who have already relocated.  I guess it is a foreign feeling for me because I always thought that realizing your dreams  would bring neverending smiles and joy- no one said anything about the pain involved.  Because our dream is relocating, we knew that there would be rough edges to it- but goodbyes are rough, tough, and leave tiny scars that I am still preparing myself for.

I try to keep thinking about my Florida home, the pool we get to swim in, the road we get to drive down to get to WDW… and it helps.  But because the pain has to happen before the joy in this situation, I almost want the time to go faster to get over that mountain quickly. But, I know that when we get to FL, I will look back and I will want to be proud of how I used this time, so it’s always a foggy line.  Again, sharing this with all of you is just to make you aware of how relocating is making US feel- it doesn’t mean you will feel this way at all.  I always promised I would tell it like it is- no matter how ugly sometimes it feels.

We have our sale at the end of the week, and just as much as you are sick of hearing about it, I am just as sick of planning it as well. LOL  I am happy the time is here, and I will be overjoyed to get rid of a lot of it while still making a nice profit for our move.  A warm and sincere thank you to everyone who has loaned tables to us, donated items, and has helped us with this large project.

Once the sale is over, we move on to Prom this Saturday. Belle is so excited, and I cannot wait to see her all done up.  She is getting her first manicure and pedicure, which I will advise my lovely daughter to, no matter how much it tickles, to NOT kick the kind woman in the face while getting it done.  After we take Prom pictures, we will retire to our empty living room and try to enjoy the comfort of the canvas camping chair we will each have.  I will be more than happy for the hotel rooms on the way to FL for a real bed off the floor.

The Goodbye Party/Jessie’s Birthday Party is next weekend and we are super excited to see our friends and family for the big event.  Since Jessie’s birthday is on that  Monday, we are having a combo party, which helps us kill 2 birds with one stone.  Our baby will be 11, and it will be fun to see so many people sing Happy Birthday to her at the party.  What is the theme? TANGLED of course!

So as we wind up the next 2 weeks, I will check in and write as much as possible.  We are hoping to update through Facebook statuses  on the way TO Florida so that everyone can follow our 3 day journey to our dreams.  We have been asked if the blog will continue once we get there, and I can say with utmost certainty that yes, it will.  We have some new and exciting segments coming once we get to FL, and we hope to give people an inside look at how it is to “officially” live there now, how it  is living so close to WDW, and how we are adapting to our new surroundings.  We will have new tabs to reflect our DMV costs, school experiences, and the hidden gems we have found in our area of town.  Thanks for following and continuing our journey with us- we appreciate it and thank you.


  1. I’m from New Jersey, so you know I’m chuckling at your title!

    Thank you for letting us share your feelings of reflection as you approach the brink and prepare to take your leap of faith!


  2. Even though I have lived as close as Tampa to Orlando growing up, the city of Orlando still fascinates me. I revel in all the back roads that the locals know to get around the city faster and avoid the tourist areas. We look forward to all your little “discoveries” around the city to make our visits from Fort Myers more interesting. Please let us know if you find a great Cuban Restaurant as this is our families favorite type of food! We wish you a smooth and drama-free move into your “whole new world”!!


  3. My friend who is a cm at wdw took me on some back roads I never knew existed also. So fun! I love Florida!


  4. I cant tell u how much I enjoy ur blogs! I’ve been reading for a while now & I’m soo excited for all of you & your huge adventure, it really has come round so fast….

    I could hardly dream of ever getting to visit Florida, never mind to relocate….it’s a very long way from the UK! But I did get there for our honeymoon in 2007 & I soon realised I would have to visit again & we did in 2008! So dreams do come true! I’m so happy you let all of your readers share in yours coming true too! x


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