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A Reminder of “Why” at all

Sometimes in life, we all need a gentle reminder of WHY we make the choices we do. Since I hadn’t posted pictures in awhile, I thought I would post our absolute favorites from over the years as a gentle reminder to our friends, family members, but more importantly for us.  Life is getting stressful and so incredibly busy these days that I felt that maybe a look back would help ease the stress a bit and also show everyone our “WHY.”


  1. Very, very nice! This is truly WHY! Thank you for sharing these meaningful photos with us.


  2. Thank you for sharing something so dear to your hearts..very well the pics, as always


  3. You’ve met the Robinsons??! I am so envious.

    Lovely collection of fun, happy memories. Good luck with your sale and safe travels!


  4. Your daughters are so pretty. I see why!

    I’m not on FB and not planning on it, ever. How can we follow you later on?


    Have a beautiful day!


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