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Dealing with an Empty Nest…12 Days and Counting

I know, Belle doesn’t leave our nest until next year- I’m actually talking about how to deal with going from a full home to nothing.  Our rooms were filled to the gills with stuff for the yard sale, and now they stand empty, making everything we do echo.  Since we have to deal with this for another 12 days, I thought I would let you in on how we keep our sanity and deal with it all.

We walk, a lot. We do our best talking on these walks because it’s just Carl and I, so we have little to no distractions.  Since a year and a half ago, we would walk and speak many, MANY times, about the week we are about to enter now.  What to do once we sold it all and had an empty house- how do you live on the bare essentials?  We came up with a bunch of stuff that seems to be working so far.

We sold all the furniture, so we sleep on the mattresses on our bedroom floors, except now we have the park of rolling onto the floor when we get out of bed- if we so choose too.  The living room where we snuggled on couches and did homework now looks like a scene from a wilderness movie- complete with folding camp chairs, tv tables, and instead of a fire, we are all circled around the tv.  The kitchen which hosted more game nights at our table then meals, now has given way to a big empty space where Carl has had to retreat to the counter with his work necessities.   I have found it funny that the things that used to clutter our hall ways for the sale are now gone and sold, and I still keep telling myself to be careful not to run into them.  The same goes for the clocks in our house, we keep looking at where they were, and keep laughing that its half past the wall.

The house looks like it was robbed because we still have the proverbial random garbage and stray items all over the house, along with boxes on the front porch from the yard sale.  I am enjoying the space to breathe for awhile, but I do miss our comfy couch.  As hard as I try, I can’t get comfortable in the camp chairs- I feel like I should be sitting at a parade when I sit in them. lol

We got rid of the dishes and silverware, so we are living off paper plates and plastic silverware.  We have already begun the “Did we get rid of that?” when we are looking for something.  The washer and dryer being gone means that we have a limited amount of clean clothes before we bite the bullet to get to a local Laundromat. Speaking of Dryer, funny store.  So this wonderful older woman bought our washer and dryer. She walks up the drive way to me and says “I would like your washer and dryer, but I’m pretty sure you will want to take your clothes out of the dryer before I take it.”  Yes, there was me, taking and folding clothes out of my dryer at the end of my driveway.  Only ME, would forget to take out my clothes.

The catch to it all is to HAVE a life while trying to live in this empty house.  Belle’s boyfriend showed up for Prom pics, and all I could think was “Do you want your pics by the camping chairs, or by the fireplace with the tv on it? LOL”  We opted to head outside, even though it had rained all day.  Once we can do a serious clean, we can bring up all the bins going with to FL and finally be done with the basement all together.

We look ahead to a week of returning tables, getting things to my Mom’s, and prepping for the party next weekend.  We are looking forward to spending time with family and friends, and getting one last hug for awhile.  Stay tuned- the excitement is building


  1. Ok, so Mark and I and working on moving also. We have a house to sell so have that to work on first. But at 3 am one night I had a mmmmm I’m going to do that moment. We replaced carpet so was easy to do….when the carpet was up I got my sharpie and made hidden Mickeys on the floor. If we weren’t doing the carpet I would of removed a register or switch cover and hide one there. Or a small one inside a closet. Just to leave a little of ‘Me” behind. So now you think of somewhere to leave a little magic behind.
    See you down in Fla someday.



  2. If it makes you feel any better, I once bought a dryer at a garage sale that still had a bunch of underwear and bras in it. The seller was REALLY blushing on that one! See, it’s not just you!


  3. What really struck me in this post was your honesty and openness about what you all went through. The clothes in the dryer, dodging invisible stacks of boxes, the lack of “snuggle” with camp chairs. You really painted a picture for us. And you and Craig deserve a huge round of applause for the closeness you have cultivated in your family. That your daughters, especially Kyra, are handling this move so well – and Kyra being a junior – speaks volumes to the job you two have done as parents. Bravo!


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