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What the HAIL Wisconsin?

Since we are 12 days away from moving, you would think I would start to look longingly at familiar places and things, but then our weather happens and I think “WHAT THE HAIL WI?”  Mother Nature seems to be VERY upset we are leaving WI, but little does she know how HAPPY we are to be heading out soon.

I don’t know WHAT is up with WI weather lately, but we are truly sick of it. We had a total of 92 inches of snow this past Winter- a record in WI.  We then got our last snow storm during the third week of APRIL.  Now having lived through yet another system of tornadic storms, I am SOOOOO over this state I can’t even tell you.

I know, I know… you don’t have to tell me twice that Florida has hurricanes.  Here is the difference, they give you plenty of time to prepare for a pending hurricane- unlike WI where we have the siren go off minutes before a tornado hits.  I will say I will miss having a basement in Florida just because it made the kids feel safe during the storms, but I won’t miss it because it was space to store junk I didn’t need.

You also don’t have to tell me it’s going to be hot in FL… I know. Trust me, I know.  Having been to FL 12 times for vacations, over 9 out of 12 months of the year, I have been in the brutal heat and humidity already.  Granted, living it day in and out will take some getting used to- but it WON’T be snow, and that’s fine with me!  Heat I will take when I hear our temps are to drop to 37 DEGREES this coming Tuesday morning- yes, beautiful, ice cold WI in MAY.

Our gorgeous days seem to be getting fewer and far between… it is indeed time to move on.  So thank you God for no hail damage to our vehicles that had to stay outside today, and thank you to Mother Nature for making us feel better about leaving WI.  I hope all of our loved ones in WI stayed safe through the storms today.


  1. The saying down here is “We don’t have to shovel heat.” Also, before we moved, whenever we said we were moving to Florida, the person(s) usually started telling us some horror story about the heat or the bugs, etc., etc.. After these types of conversations, we would walk away whispering to each other, “HHBL”. HHBL was our acronym for the ol’ “Heat, Humidity, Bugs and Lightning” lecture. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all true (HHBL) but we would get the speech from people who had never even visited Florida let alone lived here. I have to say, some of our most wonderful moments have been spent sitting on our caged lanai on a 78 degree evening watching the palm trees gentle sway in the breeze. Yes, they really do gently sway and it’s AWESOME! You will LOVE it!


    • I absolutely hate bugs and I really did have concerns about them before we moved. All I can say is, so far, so good. We have Love Bugs in May and October. They’re pesky but harmless. The Volcano/Fire Ants bite so you have to be careful where you walk in the grass. I have seen a couple really BIG beetles (not in the house, thank goodness!) but no Palmetto Bugs yet. On prior visits to Disney, I have seen ones that you could strap a saddle to and ride. Yikes! But, like most people here, we have a pest control contract (quarterly for the house; monthly for the lawn). In PA, we had spiders in May, mosquitoes in summer and Stink Bugs all the time. In recent years, those horrible Stink Bugs were EVERYWHERE. In fact, when we moved, we went through every box that was in our attic to make absolutely sure we didn’t “import” them. I suppose the bottom line is bugs are a part of life. Each region has their own varieties. The difference here in Florida though is, we live real close to where there’s a giant MOUSE. And our MICKEY trumps any creepy, crawly thingie.s Hakuna Matata! :o)


  2. Ah, tornadoes. We were at WDW during a particularly nasty storm and there were tornado warnings in nearby towns, but did we let that stop us? Noooo! We had a reservation at Hoop-De-Doo!

    Umbrellas would do us no good. The rain was sideways. The Fort Wilderness parking lot was flooded. We had to take our shoes off and roll up our pants. It was crazy! But we pushed ahead. By the time dinner was over, the rain was gone and the humidity had settled back in.

    And a note on the humidity: we’re from Texas so we know humidity. Your skin will look terrific! And judging by your pictures, Amy, your curly locks will be right at home!


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