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Baby, I am Bored

I know, how could I be, right? I am moving out of state, there must be a billion things to get done- nope, not really.  The sale took up all of my time for the past 5 weeks, and now it’s over.  It’s a sad let down as people have been stopping by all day to pick up their tables and such, so that has kept me a bit busy, but other than that, I have been occupying my time with the internet.

We have dreamt of and planned these days for what seems like forever… where the house would be empty and we would be days away from moving towards our dream.  Yet, we are here, and it doesn’t feel real right now.  I know it’s going to happen, but it just doesn’t feel real.  I can hear myself talking about it to Carl, and others who drop by, but I think until it actually happens, it just won’t “be.”

In my head “June” has always been this month that is just so far away, and now it’s next week. NEXT WEEK.  Am I ready for this?  I don’t know if I am excited or ready for a panic attack.  I was listening to music in the garage today, and I have certain playlists.  There is a song by Phil Collins called “Can’t Stop Loving You” and I just cried listening to it because it talks about someone leaving and how he will miss her… I just kept thinking of all my friends and family while I sang with it.  It kind of hit me all at once- I am really leaving WI. We all are. Wow.

The thing about life is that you have to seize the moment, the opportunity, and take one giant leap of faith on everything you do.  Granted, some decisions are easier than others, but the big ones- the life changing ones- they can set the stage for the rest of your life.  I say this because Carl and I are setting the stage for Belle and Jessie- a future so bright that they can do nothing but smile at the opportunities they will have in our new state.  I know that what I picture in my head may not be the roses and cotton candy I think they may be, but it is, in fact, what WE make it to be.

We still have the negative Nancys out there- the ones who when we say “We are moving to Fl” and they respond with “Yuck, with the cockroaches and gators?”  Or we get the ever popular “Did you know its hot down there?”  LOL  Yes, we know.  But as someone told me recently, they don’t have to “shovel heat” in FL- LOVE that!!

We grocery shopped for the last time here, and it was bitter sweet. We giggled as we bought the “Florida” orange juice and bought more cheese than usual so we could enjoy our favorites while still in WI. Yes, silly to most people, but we like to do things that are like that.  Carl and I shopped like children as we giggled and said more than once “We are moving to FL next week!”

I already miss my soft couch that ate me alive when I sat in it, but only because the camping chairs are hard to nap or be at all comfortable in.  For any place to put the feet up, I must retreat to the bedroom where I am a whole foot off the floor- but at least I can lean against the wall.  The discomfort now will give way to hotel beds next weekend on the way to FL- then will return once we are sleeping on the floor of our new home until we buy the beds and couches. Sigh.

Dad comes over tomorrow to pick up stuff, then Mom on Wednesday. Our Good-Bye and Happy Birthday Jessie Party is Saturday and I am so excited to see friends I haven’t seen in awhile, along with family coming together for this momentous event.  I guarantee it will be the biggest group to ever sing Happy Birthday to her- she is so excited!  So even though I have moments of boredom, I write this and then think “I do have a lot to do- maybe I’m just putting it off.”  Not ready to say goodbye yet- but I’m getting there.


  1. Y’all are going to be just fine. I’ve faced the rush of the move with my wife three times now, each time before treks of at least 1500 miles — it’s too strange a jumble of emotions and fears and joys and anticipation to describe properly.

    God, I believe, eases our hearts and minds when we need it most, much as laughing gas makes the trip to the dentist a bit easier to handle. Not to compare the Almighty to laughing gas, but, er, well, I just hope He has a sense of humor….

    You and yours are on the brink of a fantastic journey filled with love and pixie dust. There will be aches and pains of many kinds over the coming days, weeks, months, and maybe even longer, but they will grow lesser and less important. You already have friends waiting to welcome you to Florida, you have family and friends at home in Wisconsin wishing you well and sending their love, and you have each other to turn to and lean on in both the best and worst of times.

    You couldn’t ask, from my humble perspective, for a better circumstance in which to make such a joyous transition. Savor these moments (and the peace you’ve found in them) — the fun is JUST about to really begin!

    God bless as your family comes to the end of one journey and the beginning of the next!

    – John


    • You’re welcome, of course, but I’ve just stated what you already know….

      You and yours are an inspiration to me and mine as we contemplate the move to Florida — can’t wait to meet your family as God and the economy allow. 🙂

      – John


  2. I’ve been following your blog ever since I heard your interview on the Be Our Guest Podcast, and it’s echoed so many of my own dreams. Today, when I clicked on this page and saw “Soarin’ to Florida 10 Days,” I actually got a little teary–you’re almost there!! And I hope to see you there. Thanks for letting us follow along, and God bless the Petermanns…



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