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On the Edge of a Dream… 8 Days To Go

Like most of you, I like to relax after a long day of busy work or play… and yet I am getting quite frustrated that the nylon camping chair just “aint doing it.”  So I try to get out of the house and stay as busy as possible.  Being on the edge of your dream is like standing on the edge of a cliff, and you KNOW you are ready to jump, but you have to wait for just the right moment.  Well, I am getting really ancy on the edge of that cliff right now. LOL  I want to jump SO bad, but I sit here, and wait until next Friday.

Yesterday I got to spend the day with my Mom again. She bought me some beautiful clothes as an early birthday present, and I just ate up every second I got to spend with her.  We ran around getting party stuff for Saturday, and then before she left we stopped at McDs for a chocolate shake and frappicino.  (Here is a side useless note for you to know about me… I have never had a drop of coffee in my life- hence I had the shake! )  As we sat in her little yellow car, the rain beating down, I began to sob.  I told my Mom everything and anything I could about how much I was going to miss her and I of course made her cry too.  It had to be said, even though I will see her 2 more times before we leave.  It was a moment that was made for us and I will hold onto it forever.

We have been busy with party planning, work, and school coming to a close… that we sometimes forget that get to go to Walt Disney World in a couple weeks! I know that sounds odd, but the move is in the fore front of our minds… then we see a WDW commercial and I think “Oh my gosh, we get to do that!!”

We are so excited to see the new Star Tours Ride, the Haunted Mansion queue, how far Fantasyland has gotten, the new Pooh queue, ride the new version of TTA, see Phineas and Ferb at Studios, and attend all the small events we never could do before because of timing. Carl was in the kitchen yesterday and was announcing to me in the living room who was going to be at the “Eat to the Beat” series during Food and Wine in the Fall.  He listed… and he said BOYZ 2 MEN… and I screamed… then he paused and said RICHARD MARX- AH I have died and gone to heaven!!!  Do you KNOW how much I love Richard Marx?  That was my High School days wrapped up in a CD!!!  I know every song- and I will be there bright and early to get in line!!!!  Anyone who is in town, come sing with me, cause it is going to be EPIC!!!

It’s so weird to see the countdown chain so small, down at 8 days.  It is odd to think that a week from today our vehicles will be packed to the gills and ready to head out the very next day.  It is scary to think that we have to relearn all over again the city, the state, and the workings of everything.  I cannot WAIT to step into our home and just let all my emotions go.  We will be updating on FB all the way to Florida next weekend as we stop to take pics in each state.  We head through Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and then…… wait for it…. FLORIDA!!!!   So if you live in any of these states, think of us, pray for good weather, and send us a smile as we drive through!  If you are heading out tomorrow for Memorial Day weekend, have a great one and thank you to all who serve and have served in the armed forces.  I love this Country!!


  1. This is such an exciting time..I am on the edge of my seat even here in Idaho, waiting to see the pictures & updates of your roadtrip to Orlando, so I can only imagine your excitement!!!… I am sooo looking forward to being able to follow along on the blog even after you move into the new house, and see pictures of your dreams coming true! this is amazing & wonderful and thank you for sharing it! And I’ve been dying to ask you….how often do you guys plan to visit WDW? It’s crazy that you are going to be close enough to literally go whenever you want!


  2. I cant belive how close ur big move is!! I’m excited all the way from the UK! Lol. How long will it take u to drive to FL??


    • Ohh, that’s gonna be a huge adventurein it’s self! I would love to drive all over the USA, in a huge motorhome! One day…;D
      Can’t wait to see all ur piccies x


  3. Congratulations! I have been reading your blog for a while now and I am so excited for you guys. I hope that soon I will be on the same journey moving to Florida. I’ll be sure to wave and say a prayer for you guys as you drive through Atlanta next week. I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds for you. 🙂 Enjoy the ride!!


  4. Thank you for being so honest in these blogs…. I have laughed with you and cried with you (especially at today’s mention of you and your Mom in tears in the car). I wish you, Carl and your girls all the very best in your new future and look forward to reading about your 3 day drive and see how you are settling in.
    I am also a UK reader, living in South Wales and we are saving like mad to come back to WDW in Sept 2012 as we had such an amazing time on our first visit last year.
    With love and best wishes
    Tracey x


  5. I had to laugh when you talked about having to relearn all over again the city, the state, and the workings of everything.” We are in that process now. Every time we need to find something new it is an adventure. They talk in shorthand here. We probably did back home too but I knew that shorthand. For example, they refer to “the turnpike”. Nothing on my map says “the turnpike”. What is it and where is it? Every main road seems to have several names, State Road #?, County Road #?, and then a real name like Vine Street or Orlo Bronson. Inevitably, when someone gives us directions, they use one name and where I’m looking on my map it’s called another. All part of the adventure. Just allow plenty of time to find things.

    I’m very happy for you to be so close to your dream. It seems only yesterday that we started on our road to achieve our dream. It took us 12 years but we are enjoying it now. Nothing better!


  6. So excited for you sweetie!! You gonna drive past me here in Illinois *in some form or other* so wave at me!! You’re gonna have to message me how you are going! I cant wait to follow your journey!! Love ya!


  7. I look so forward to hear about the journey (Drive) but I do pray for your safe arrival in FL!

    Oh BTW Richard Marx! Yea baby!
    Right here waiting for you!

    This was my favorite- Should have know better.

    Ok, I had to go find his website!
    He still looks absoluty amazing!


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