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Lean on Me

So it would be 2002 I believe that I would join my Church here in town.  I was scared, being the new kid, and wasn’t sure what to expect.  A blonde girl would sit in front of me during Choir, and she always seemed nice, but I never knew what to say to start a conversation.  So one Sunday, between services, I saw her grab her keys to leave.  I asked her, very forwardly, “Where are you going?”  She said “To McDonalds” and I said “Can I come?”  LOL  Yep, that was me!  Since that infamous day, Kelly and I have been the best of friends.   Kelly was and IS very close to our family, and became Jessie’s Godmother as well.

I had come up with a plan to take her around to all of our “spots” that we had special moments and memories at.  I thought to make it an “A-Z” thing to make it interesting, so enjoy our silly evening on this May 27th, 2011.  We had such a great night together- I will cherish it always.

A is for APPLETON ALLIANCE CHURCH – Kelly and I would continue Choir at the new Church, and were both baptized here as well.

B is for BIG LOTS– Kelly, Craig, and I helped buy her new bedroom set for her room to surprise her hubby when we got home from up North.  We laughed a lot trying to get her huge bed in our Van.

C is for the CORNER OF LYNNDALE AND CAPITOL–  So Kelly and I were putting out garage sale signs, and we were going to put it on this Church corner.  Before we got out of the car, the Kenny Loggins song came on called “I’m Allright.”  We started to jam to it into the car, and it was dark out, so Kelly turned the headlights off while we were in the parking lot.  A cop drove by and sped in to see what we were up to… we just told him we were being silly and messing around before putting the garage sale signs out.  It was quite the embarrassing moment for us- but still one we laugh about to this day.

D is for DURKEE STREET– The old Church, the original Church sits on Durkee St. where Kelly and I met.

E is for El Azteca– Kelly and I have had many a meal at this fun Mexican Restaurant over the years… this was the finale to our evening.

F is for Famous Daves– Another Restaurant that Kelly and I went to a few times.  A great memory we had here was with another friend, Caroline- we got caught in a down pour and we were somehow the ONLY ones in the Restaurant who got drenched!

G is for GOOD COMPANY– Kelly and I went out to eat here after her last day at Truck Country.  We toasted to her last day, and job well done as she moved on to bigger and better things!

H is for HOBBY LOBBY- Kelly and I were big scrappers, so we would go to Hobby Lobby on a regular basis, hitting the sticker and paper sales. But we would buy the most important thing here ever- our headbands for the Bristol Renaissance Faire.  We would make them that night, hot gluing flowers and felt- I must have burned my fingers a hundred times.

I is for Intimate Apparel– We didn’t have anything for “I” so we stopped to get our pic by this sign.

J is for JERSEY BOYS– Nope, we didn’t see it, but we saw the trailer in a parking lot tonight and thought “Hey, lets get our pics with it.”

K is for KELLY’S APARTMENT– When I met Kelly, this was her first home.  We had so much fun laughing, singing, and watching girlie movies at this apartment.  I was married, and she wasn’t yet, so it was fun to get away and just be silly with someone for awhile.

L is for LITTLE HOUSE ON HARRIS ST– This would be Kelly’s first home she ever bought. I came over and painted walls, moved furniture, and would hang out many days here with her.  I celebrated Christmas with her one year at this house, and she gave me a “Patrick” pillow from Spongebob. (An inside joke).

M is for Machine Shed– Kelly and I would meet here once a week last year during my work days for lunch. Baby Josiah would be in his car sea t while Kels and I gabbed away.  We enjoyed the soup and salad and always found it odd that the waitress we had each week never seemed to remember who we were.

N is for NIGHT AT THE COMEDY CLUB– I treated Kelly to a night of Comedy for her Birthday, and we had the yummiest daiquiris.  We laughed pretty hard when she made fun of scrapbooking- we were who she was talking about! LOL

O is for OH WOW– Kelly would try on several wedding dresses before deciding on the most beautiful one Sunam and I had ever seen.  Kelly was stunning and gorgeous, and I remember thinking “Oh, WOW!”

P is for Pies and Crocheting- Over the past 6 months, I wanted to make sure Kel and I had enough time together.  So I would head to her house, pick up 2 Cherry Pies from McDonalds,  and the crochet at her house while we watched “Twilight.”

Q is for LA QUINTA HOTEL- Just one of the many Kelly and I stayed at in Illinois while staying to shop at Gurnee Mills or attend the Renaissance Faire.

R is for REGAL CINEMA– Even though it is now renamed, it will always be Regal for us.  We saw many Twilight, Harry Potter, and Romance movies here- always a good time!

S is for ST. ELIZABETHS HOSPITAL– Here is where I would be there for Kelly the most- as Ryan left the room before pushing, Kel and I would pray together for her new baby that would soon be in the world. Josiah was born a healthy baby boy- and I was honored to be the first person besides Kel and Ryan to hold baby Josiah in this world. It was an incredible day.

T is for TACO BELL– Many a night we spent having a taco, drinking a soda, and just hanging out.

U is for U.S. NAILS– Here is where Kelly and I had a manicure and pedicure for her wedding day.  I was honored to be her Maid of Honor- and I feel I gave one of the best speeches of all time!

V is for VOLUNTEERING AT THE SHELTER- I began working at the Shelter several years ago, and then asked Kelly to join me with her husband.  We had many good times here, helping others out and spending time together.

W is for WORKING OUT– We spent many days working out at a local “Curves” near my house.  We would exercise while chatting, and then go shopping afterward.

X is for the XTRA FUN AT SUNSET PARK– Our family loved getting our pictures taken in this park, and Kelly would come with to take the pics.  One year we all had fun throwing leaves around and just hanging out the whole day- so much fun.

Y is for Y DO WE DO THIS? – Driving around for 3 hours this evening, running from place to place, we laughed asking ourselves “Why are we doing this?” I guess you just have to know us and our friendship to know.

Z is for ZESTY FOOD AT HU HOT– We have had many great meals at our local “Hu Hot” which is a Mongolian Grill place.  One night in particular, we had volunteered at the Shelter, and it was lightening and thundering like crazy. We just got into HU HOT before it got incredibly bad outside, and Ryan, Kelly, John, and I had a blast while it stormed outside.

I wasn’t sure HOW to say goodbye to her… she is practically my sister.  HOW on earth do you tell someone what they have meant to you? Well, you dedicate a blog post to her, so this one is for you Kelly.  I love you, I thank you, and I won’t ever forget the times we have shared together.  Remember, there will NEVER be another Kelly, EVER!


  1. What wonderful memories you will be taking with you to Florida… jeeeeez this is the hard stuff 😥


  2. Oh man! You made me cry! There will never be another Amy either! I very much treasure ALL of our times together Ames! Our evening remembering old haunts was the perfect way to spend our last time hanging out before you move! I loved every minute! Love you always my sister!


  3. You guys DO look like sisters!! This was a beautiful blog.
    Hope your friendship will continue forever, even though you will be miles apart.
    Good friends are rare jewels, hard to find!


  4. These are great pictures and I love that you two have enough experiences to fill A to Z! By the way, Famous Dave’s seasonings are sold down here in Texas and they’re my husband’s favorite.


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