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Yes Virginia, the Disney Bug IS Contagious- 1 Week Countdown

As I ran around town this morning picking up party food and such for tomorrow, I thought all about who influenced us in our dream and who we, in turn, influenced as well.  We have all been there, you see someone achieving a goal, you watch someone cross a major finishing line, or receive an award.  Its in that moment, that even though we don’t even realize it, a seed has been planted.  You always had the dream, the want, the goal… but maybe you just needed that extra “push” to accomplish it.  I feel sometimes we “know” we can do it, but we are just too afraid to try.  Let’s talk!

I would have to say that we always had the dream and the desire, but as we all know, life just gets in the way.  Craig was laid off a couple of years ago, so once we got a job, you get to play catch up on the bills and savings.  It always seemed like we had some time of obstacle, at one time or another.  Now, you CAN overcome any obstacle, but sometimes God places them there are mere reminders that maybe you just need to wait for a but until the timing is right.  It’s the accepting part of that, and that is the toughest to take.

Who influenced us? I would have to say Walt Disney himself, and a close second, would have to be Mr. Lou Mongello himself.  It is literally contagious to watch someone do so much with their lives and think to yourself “Why can’t I do or have that?”  Here is the answer, YOU CAN!!!   We were so impressed with Lou’s love of WDW and his passion for something, that we, ourselves, fell in love with over and over again.  Listening to his podcasts, seeing his videos, reading his books, and of course… once we met the guy, it was love at first sight! LOL  It has been exciting to watch our good friends  realize their dreams in FL and make them work, that it gets us even more excited to get there.

Nothing warms our hearts more then when someone emails us, comments, or talks to us on Facebook about how we have influenced them.  I think, me? Us? Really?  I will never forget a certain dinner with a certain couple at Applebees where we went on and on about how excited we were… not more than 24 hours later a certain someone emailed us that they were moving their move date up to this year.  We were so honored that we had impacted someone’s decision like that- we were honestly just sharing our joy, who knew the power it had?

I still giggle to myself at what a Disney geek I am… WHAT is it about that place that makes my pulse race?  I can look at Spaceship Earth, especially at night, and feel so much joy.  I turn that corner around on Main Street and when I see that Castle… it brings tears.  I can stand in the line of “Soarin” and just soak it all in… even during the longest wait.  I can’t even imagine the first Character picture I get after we move there… it will be so magical. Maybe they pump joy it into the air like the smells? LOL  I don’t know what it is…but this family has caught the Disney bug, and I see no cure in sight.  1 week from today we will be driving towards our dream. Wow.


  1. Isn’t it CRAZY about seeing Spaceship Earth at night? I know exactly what you mean, it’s like the feeling of “all is right in the world”…… there’s nothing like being in the parks… it’s the best!


  2. What a coincidence! I remember a certain dinner with a certain couple at Applebees where Jen and I were inspired to move our move up to this year. 🙂

    We love you guys and can’t wait until we’re all at home in FL. 😀



  3. Amy,

    First let me say how happy I am for you and your family, and proud of you for taking such a great leap of faith, following your dream, and moving to Florida. I know (from experience) that it’s not as easy as it sounds, can be pretty scary at times, and yet is incredibly exciting! I think you will look back on it as the best thing you could have done for your family.

    Let me also tell you how grateful, humbled, and flattered I am about your kind words. To be mentioned in the same breath as Walt, and someone who may have had even the slightest influence in you pursuing YOUR passion, puts a huge smile on my face.

    I look forward to seeing, hugging and celebrating with you when you arrive at your new home here in Florida, and close to our shared passion – Walt Disney World!

    I promise you that the smiles you have experienced in the past will not fade with repeated visits over time, but increase as you continue to grow in your appreciation for what Disney means to us all.

    Congrats again!!!!

    Your friend,



  4. Again and again as I’ve read through the posts in this blog, I am truly impressed by the closeness you and your husband share; that your goal is the same and you both desire to attain it and work toward it and you’re excited about it. I love that and champion you and hope the Lord continues to bless your marriage and your family.


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