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The Hangover… Our Goodbye Party

Nope, not the blockbuster Movie, not even the kind from a long night of drinking… we are all hung over from the pure joy we felt all day at the party with our family and friends.  It was a day of joy, sadness, laughter, and tears.  Here is how it began…

6:00 a.m.- wide awake.  I remember thinking “Party Day…. Here we go.”  Now, I have been excited and dreading this day all in one bundle of emotions that was so ready to come out.  I ran some errands, Kyra came with to help pick up the huge sheet “Tangled” cake and balloons, and then we all met up at the Lions Park Shelter to set up.

God bless my Mom, Bob, and my brother, Ryan for coming early to help set up the party with us.  We had streamers, paper lanterns, tons of tablecloths, balloons- not to mention the food and 13 two liter bottles of soda and lemonade.  It was a lot to hang, put out, and just have ready in time.  We laughed pretty hard putting up streamers, making several VERY long and flowing like Rapunzels hair.  Craig and the kids hung the lanterns, while the wind whipped through the shelter- it was definitely a challenge.  We listened to the “Tangled” soundtrack while we set up, which got us all in the mood.

Guests starting arriving early, and it was quite overwhelming.  My choir friends mixed with family mixed with Emily’s guests, mixed with Kyra’s friends.  I was worried it wouldn’t flow since a lot of people didn’t know each other, but I tried to introduce as best as I could.  My mom did a great job keeping the food flowing and fresh, and Bob helped clean along the way.  I tried to talk to everyone, while getting pictures, while video taping, and making sure Emily felt special at her Birthday Party. Whew, I’m exhausted just talking about it now!

Then there were those moments… oh the moments that just take your breath away.  Mary hugging me hello when she came, Susan and I starting to bawl at that last “hug” and then making lunch plans so I could see her again Tuesday, watching the girls hug their Nana goodbye in the parking lot, laughing at the “Choir” table with my Choir pals, watching my brother and dad hang out laughing together, seeing Kyra with all of her friends and the joy on her face, waving goodbye to Kelly, having my dad and brother meet Kyra’s boyfriend-VERY funny, hugging good friends Kim and Chad after not seeing them for years, watching Emily run around with her friends, hugging my Dad in the driveway for the last time…, and then hugging my brother for the last time for awhile late last night.

Craig was so incredibly happy to have his entire family there as well. His dad just back from business in China, so he got to play basketball with him, and his nephews, Sean and Andrew. His sister, Melissa, who is expecting, was very happy to hang out with her brother so much- I know that Craig appreciated it very much.  I did get a bit choked up watching his Mom, Marge, hug our girls for the last time for awhile.  It was awesome to have his entire side and my entire side together for the first time in a VERY VERY long time.

After the party, Dad came over to pick up the rest of my stuff to take to his house, and our friends Kim and Chad stayed the rest of the evening to hang out and chat.  I said my tearful goodbyes to Dad, then Kim and Chad, and I was off to the movies with my brother- we saw “Hangover 2.”  It was a lot like the first, but entirely too raunchy for me- but it was funny to see with my brother.   We had drinks after at his hotel- I had Mikes Hard Lemonade Berry and then a Black Cherry one- very yummy!  Left him at the stroke of midnight, how very “Cinderella” of me, LOL, and went to crash at home from the emotional day.

A sincere thank you to everyone who came- who loved and supported us- and who made us feel so special at our  goodbye party.  You also made Emily’s birthday incredibly memorable for her!!!  A side thank you to Shanna for stopping by to surprise us and my brother Ryan for our night out on the town!


  1. What a great post! I wish we could be there to welcome you to FL. We will be there on the 25th though!


  2. Wow, what a day filled with so much emotion! It looks like the party went wonderfully and Emily had a great birthday!~ Now it’s time to finish up your last week in Wisconsin before you head off and live out your dreams with your beautiful family! you guys are such an inspiration!♥


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