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Our Youngest Blessing

We had our first child at a young age, and because Craig and I are only 2.5 years apart from our own silblings, we wanted to have our own kids just as close.  After years of trying, tests, and even a miscarriage, we just weren’t sure if we were meant to have a 2nd child.  It would be 1999 that I noticed I had missed my period.  You must understand- we had literally stopped trying and just gave up.  A very God moment, we just gave it all to him and figured he knew what he was doing.

I took one pregnancy test… positive. Hmm…interesting.  Since I had miscarried, I was hesitant to be happy about that positive sign, or even tell Craig yet- so I waited.   I took another test a couple days later… positive again.  Hmm, I guess I should tell Craig.   I picked him up from work and told him, which of course he was happy about, but just as hesitant.  Over the following weeks I would take a total of 6 tests because I just didn’t believe it yet.  Of course they were all positive, but for some reason I just didn’t want to accept that because it was something I wanted so badly and had been let down before.

We wouldn’t tell anyone until the 3 month mark- and we did it more or less to surprise Kyra.  So we bought a t-shirt that said “I’m the big sister” and gave it to Kyra at her own birthday party in front of our family and friends.  She was dazed at first, then got it, and everyone started clapping.  Funny, I was working at the Disney Store here in Appleton at the time I got pregnant- Disney has played so many parts in my life.

Kyra got to be present at our first sonogram, and got to find out if it was a boy or girl.  When the Technician told us it was a girl, Kyra screamed “YES!!!!” and the Tech typed on one of the pics “Hello big sister Kyra!”

Emily came into the world on May 30th, 2000- a beautiful baby with big blue eyes and rosy cheeks.  My birth flower is the Rose, and I loved the movie “Titanic” a lot, hence “Rose” so we named her Emily Rose.

It would be 9 months later that the chaos started with her head being shaped wrong, then having to be shaped back, then consecutive ear infections, and then Retniblastoma, her eye cancer.  After years of battling it, she would lose her left eye to it- living the rest of her life with a prosthetic instead.

I am here to say how incredibly proud and amazed I am by my little girl.  She is an artist, a care giver, a friend, a kind heart, a giving soul, a reader, a giggler, a jump roper and runner, but most importantly, she is one of my most favorite blessings on this planet and I would do anything for my baby girl.  Happy 11th Birthday Emily- we love you so much!!


  1. Love the story! It is amazing to see where we were 11yrs ago to today.

    I am so excited when our 2nd blessings will get to meet.


  2. What a sweet post. I have followed your posts in this process and have thoroghly enjoyed them, but this one had me in tears. God is good… His blessings are the best ones. Happy birthday to your 11 year-old blessing! She is beautiful. And as you set out on your new adventure this week, may your journey bring everything you have hoped for!



  3. Happy Birthday Emily!!

    Thanks for sharing Amy. She is such a blessing to you, Craig, and Kyra.



  4. Hope your Emily Rose had a Happy 11th Birthday, my Emily Rosina will be 18 this year……I cant believe how quickly time flies by! x


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