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Is It Going To Fit? One Day Left

Since I have gotten home from picking up Emily at school today, I have been non-stop cleaning the house, with a brief break sponsored by Taco Bell.  I had to write another blog before bed because I wanted to share how much WORK moving takes, but especially if you plan on selling it all.  Join me for a look at what it takes to get rid of it all.

Now, you would think it would be easy to just “get rid of it all” right? WRONG!  See, what people forget is that most of the stuff you use day and day out you can count on having to bring, but it’s that odd stuff that sits until the last minute.  Example, our basement was ALMOST empty.  Several bins of pictures, art supplies, and what-nots had to be sorted through today so we could either donate or chuck the bins they were in.  Disney items that won’t make the trip are going to a very lucky reader who lives in our same city!

We got all of the clothes out of the closets tonight and space bagged most, making several more piles for donation.  You may think you don’t have a lot of stuff,  but good gravy, once you see them all in the bags, you think “WHERE did I have all that stuff?”  Jessie and I were quite giddy every time Carl sucked the air out of the bags- it was fun to watch every time.  Yes, we have exciting lives! LOL My advice to you if you are planning on moving is spend the time each month leading up to it getting rid of more and more stuff- especially clothes.   We did this and we still wound up with a lot to donate in the end- do as much as you can early on- trust me on this.

The City comes tomorrow for the mattresses at 6 a.m. and the Carpet Cleaners come at 8 a.m.- this is all why we have kids getting ready for school, Craig getting ready to work, and myself helping them all.  After that, a friend is stopping by for her goodies and then it’s Mom for the rest of the day.  I am blogging literally right now in our empty living room on the floor- back against the wall.  I should be blogging on our bed (aka mattresses on the floor) before they leave in the morning, but the TV in our room was taken by my dad, so I listen to Seinfeld as I type this.

The theme of the evening has been “Is it going to fit?” Why? Because we are only taking our stuff in 2 vehicles, no U-Haul, no trailer…. Nada.  The bins all go in Carl’s van, but we tried to use every inch of space possible for them.  Then there are the odd items that we have to somehow fit in my car- a keyboard, tv, etc…  it will be a miracle everything fits.  Mom is coming over for one last lunch of course, but more importantly, to take stuff with her we can’t fit.  The bins are barely shutting, and I keep thinking “What the heck are we bringing?” LOL  So much for “getting rid of it all!!”

Once everything is packed, let the real cleaning begin. The mopping, vacuuming, scrubbing… oh the excitement we are going to have.  I hope to blog tomorrow between things, and then our cable is turned off on Friday.  We will be updating Facebook and Twitter all the way to FL this weekend- with blogs every night at our stops at the hotels.  Follow me on Twitter.  We will also add pics on my FB page along the journey- as well as our packed vehicle pictures so you can see the insanity that is our packing.

Talk to you all tomorrow for one last time in WI-Friday is when the REAL fun begins!!!

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  1. Safe travels!!! I’ll certainly be thinking of you as we’re on our way to Orlando this weekend. 🙂 It’s amazing how things accumulate over the years. Great job on getting it all done and being so organized!


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