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You Just Know…2 Days Left

As we have 2 days left until we make the big move, I thought about how many times someone asked me “How do you know the move is right for you?”  I always smile and say “You just know.”   For those of you who are still left wondering in the dark, let’s talk.

It’s a feeling… just like when you see Cinderella’s Castle or Spaceship Earth.  Something inside you stirs and you feel this euphoria that just warms your heart.  Once you have felt something like that, you , of course, want more.  It seemed like a no brainer to us that in order to have that constant feeling on a weekly basis, we would need to be closer to it.

You know what you enjoy, and you know what quality of life you have and what quality of life you WANT to have.  You know when your life could be so much better, and when it seems that it couldn’t be any more perfect.  Its that feeling I feel when I pack, when I say goodbye to someone, and every time we made a savings deposit towards our dream.  I felt accomplished, I felt that I was doing something to make it all happen for my family, and that every time something went right I always thought it was one more nod from God that it was meant to be.

I don’t want to get on a soapbox here, but give me a moment to talk to those of you who think “My life will always just be this.”  IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE!!  If you have a dream, a passion, a goal that you think would NEVER happen or come true… you have to believe that YOU JUST KNOW.  You know what your passion is, you KNOW what would make you so much happier in this lifetime… can I ask WHAT are you waiting for?  Take a breath, take a chance, and take a step of faith towards your dream.

As we pack, as we plan our drive, and as we say goodbye… the last couple of years seem a bit of a blur.  Even though we have been only blogging for a year and a half, we have been planning and dreaming for much longer.  You know those butterflies you feel before a big WDW vacation?  OK, I think I have those, plus any other small creature that could give you the tickle belly feeling as well.  No longer do I sleep through the night, as my mind races with things I need to get done.  No more naps on the couch in the living room, just the floor and a pillow.  The mattresses go out tomorrow morning, so we really will be on the floor tomorrow night.

The house is a mess, as you will find with any move.  Mom picks up the camping chairs tomorrow, along with a Thrift Shop picking up the rest.  I spent all morning running errands, with one last hug to my best friend Kelly and her adorable son, Josiah.  The bins are practically full for the van, and I am trying to make any space possible for anything else to fit.  Funny how you can sell SO MUCH and STILL find things you have to get rid of.  We packed “some” warmer clothes, for those colder FL days, but we had so many sweatshirts, pants, and such that we had to start tossing things we really did like.   A stop by my job to say goodbye to friends was lunch time today, and then more cleaning and cramming.

One last full day in Wisconsin is tomorrow… and then our stay here is done.  I know we will be back in a year, but it’s weird to think we will be Floridians by Sunday.  Our lives have been cheese, cows, and brats.  I am so excited to trade evergreen trees for palm trees and snow for heat.  I am so geeked to be able to go to any of the Disney Parks NEXT WEEK whenever I darned well feel like it.  I can’t wait for our family to sit down on “Soarin’” as FL Residents and just let the tears fall where they may.  We are ready to LIVE the dream.



  1. Have safe travels and see you soon!!! Granted I am making my way back to Illinois tomorrow for a week.


  2. I am soooo excited for you all !!!!!! I hope you will be able to keep us updated through facebook from the time you drive away from your house. I know that I would want to know every detail 🙂


  3. I am so thrilled for you! Congratulations on making it to the beginning of the rest of your lives! I can’t wait to hear your adventures from Florida!


  4. Wow! What a great, inspiring post. I’m so excited for you guys and can’t wait to see then your next chapter will go. Congrats and good luck!


  5. I feel so lucky to have been able to follow you on this journey toward your dream for the little while that I have, thankful to have been your Facebook friend, and SO excited for you and your family. My teenage son and I were talking about how amazing it must be to be able to say, “Let’s go to Yorkshire County Fish & Chips for dinner,” or “We’re not doing anything tomorrow, want to go ride Mission: Space and Test Track a couple dozen times?”

    You have a lot of fans out here — we’re all mostly sick with jealousy, of course, but still avid fans. 😉 Here’s to a smooth drive, and the joy of waking up as a Florida resident. Think of all of us when you hear WDW fireworks from your backyard for the first time. 🙂


  6. Amy….yet again, a wonderful blog post that I have to keep bookmarked to inspire me. I have a lot of plans for my future, and I have been there before thinking…this will be my life forever no matter what….even though I know I can change it. I have to start making life decisions for me and what I want and what is going to be best for me and k. 🙂


  7. so excited for you guys. brought a little tear to my eye about living your dream!!!! can’t wait to follow your adventure on FB and twitter!


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