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All My Bags Are Packed…

This day started out quite interesting. You plan for that “Last Day” in Wisconsin and think of all the cool things you could do, where to eat, and then you will pack and everyone will be happy and full of joy- right? LOL Well… listen up friends… moving aint pretty!

If you follow me on Facebook at all, you know that my morning began at McDs where I took refuge to escape the carpet cleaners at my house, along with having LITERALLY nowhere to sit and just relax.  After some caffeine and a blog pumped out, I felt I had the day in my hands and ready to go.  Well, I have learned you can only prepare SO FAR, the rest is between you and God.  It was a God day, it was just an exhausting one as well.

Shanna popped over where I delivered some delightful Disney goods which I knew she would give them a good home, and just as I started to chill out at home, the next wave of goodbye hit my like a ton of bricks.  Mom was here, and we kept it light and giggly as we went to lunch for the last time in WI for awhile and ran errands.  It wasn’t until the moment we knew was coming, that last hug, that last smile in person, that it hit both of us pretty hard.  Again, I have learned that if you feel the need to cry- JUST CRY.  You will feel so much better later, and honestly, I feel it tells the other person how much you truly meant to them. I don’t know why crying has such a bad rep, I was even told once that tears show a sign of weakness.  To that person I say “TOO DARN BAD” it is what I feel and it’s coming out, so deal with it!

After Mom left, we went out to eat at Hardees.  I worked there 10 years ago when we first came to town because I had worked there before after High School in another city.  We just had Jessie, as Belle’s boyfriend graduated from High School tonight,  so I told Jessie why that place was special.  When she was diagnosed, I was working there at the time.  They were great with giving me time off and so on for all of her appointments and exams.  After we had to get a 2nd opinion, I remember coming to work and just almost passing out from crying as I told my crew of friends “They are going to remove her left eye.”  They were such a wonderful team of people and it was so great to see the love and support during that extremely rough patch in our lives.  I also thought it was neat to have Emily there, 10 years later, healthy, and on the eve of the biggest step of our lives- truly neat.

We got back to the house and from 5:30 until 10:30 p.m. my time now, we have been packing the vehicles, cleaning, and preparing everything for tomorrows departure.  It is a huge undertaking to pack up, on top of trying to clean up, and then keeping your sanity about you so you don’t mess up.  We had so many space bags, that I wound up chucking some more clothes so we could get rid of one.  A couple things had to be tossed, but I feel we filled every nook and cranny we could.

We took the vehicles for a test drive to make sure the shocks would be ok- yes- we have that much stuff in them.  We do one more “go over” in the morning as we try to find space for the things we needed to use tonight yet, but we are doing pretty good right now. We are happy to only have to clean a few things in the morning, take the kids to school for their last hour or so, and then we will be on our way.

We can’t say it enough how much EACH of you mean to us- whether you are a reader, an online Disney friend, a family member, or long time best friend… we love you all so much and we are so excited to share what comes next. Jessie took the last chain down tonight before bed- it was quite the moment here.  Wow…this is it folks… no turning back now.

One quick reminder… I will be updating my FB status as well as Twitter updates as we journey and also I plan on blogging tomorrow night from Indiana.  So for the last time we are officially signing off from WI- God Bless!


  1. Prayers your way from Raleigh NC for a safe journey south! Be safe, leave it in God’s hands, and enjoy the trip!


  2. Oh – what a special blog…..I’m in tears. I’m happy for you. Excited for you. Sad that we didn’t get to meet up this week. Looking forward to your trip updates and your first days in FL. Funny how I almost said “your first days at WDW”…..cuz that’s what I think of when I think of FL…..and I know you will be spending as much time there as you possibly can. Safe travels, my friend. Wisconsin will always have their arms open for you to return long term or just for a visit. And, as I usually tell all my friends that are going to be going to WDW…….please have a Mickey bar for me. ((hugs))


  3. Hi Craig and Amy~ I have never commented on a blog before so we’ll see if this works! Just read your last official blog from Wisconsin…made me shed happy tears:) You truly have a gift for writing Amy and reading all of your blogs have been a lot of fun and heart warming! The Hardee’s memories made me smile…even though you weren’t talking about the Sheboygan Hardee’s:) Safe travels on your new adventure…thoughts and prayers will be with you:) Love, Jody


  4. I got tears while reading this one hon…so sweet and since ive been following ur journey and we have become friends…i am so happy for u guys and hope one day ill be joinin u down there. Safe trip prayers and pixie dust…wave to me as u go past chicago/indiana border!! Lookin forward to ur updates going down!! Xoxox


  5. OMG…the big day!!! CONGRATULATIONS and God speed!!! Enjoy every minute!!! Our 1 year anniversary as official FL residents is coming up on June 4th (it’s the day we got our driver’s licenses). My husband and I agree, the time has just flown by. And here is a little teaser for you: for the ump-teenth time, we just got back from Downtown Disney where we ate at Earl of Sandwich and then had dessert at Ghirardelli’s. We can do that. YOU can do that too! It’s truly an amazing feeling. Also, whenever we’re at Disney now, we look at all the people and we have to remind ourselves that they are on vacation. We’re a little kinder if someone is joshling for a better position in line. We surrender the last row of seats on the tram to the family with 2 little ones. The generosity comes from knowing these people bustling around will only be here maybe a week or so. They’re trying to see and do it all ’cause then they have to go home. We usually look at each other and grin. It’s like we have a secret…we live here and it’s a dream come true. May God bless you all and may you totally enjoy having your own family “secret”!


  6. I have just stumbled upon your blog via @UMWDW and I’m so excited I have! God bless as you make this transition. I moved to Central Florida from PA in 2003, and although the transition is not always guilt-free, livin here is one of my very favorite things about my life! Please please please email me if you have any questions about NonDisney CFL stuff once you get here. I have only read today’s blog, so I’m sure you’ve done extensive research and have contacts here- but I also know one more friend never hurts. 🙂 we are in Davenport, on the west side of The World and just love it. Best of luck on your journey!! ❤


  7. Safe travels my friends! I am so excited for all of you and hope that everything goes smoothly. The last few days everytime I think about your incredible journey, i hear “It feels like home to me” in my head and I get a tear in my eye. I thank you for taking us on your exciting,stressful,funny,sad,beautiful,messy,eventful, and trying journey home.

    Best wishes and pixie dust,


  8. FINALLY!!!! Sending tons of good thoughts and blessings.
    May your journey will be safe and easy.
    Take care. ***HUGS***


  9. Yay, it’s finally here. I’ve had so much fun reading your blogs and living vicariously through you. I’m so excited for you guys. Have a safe driving day.


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