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Georgia On My Mind

Wowsers, what a day!  I am so happy to be sitting on a bed right now and no longer driving- it was a brutal day.  I am VERY excited to blog tonight because of what happened today and also for what is to come tomorrow- so let’s begin!

We had a great breakfast this morning in Indianapolis, and just had a quiet moment to chill before more driving.  I love that we prayed together before we left again on the road- it truly makes me feel like God is hugging me when I pray and protecting me and my family- just a cool assurance in our lives.  We got everything back in the vehicles and headed through Indy with no problems.

As we headed over the huge covered bridge into Kentucky, my car was hitting potholes left and right.  My car gets very unbalanced when it hits potholes, like its sliding over an ice patch- and though I am used to it, it’s still unnerving to be hitting potholes on a VERY large bridge with traffic all around you.

The first exit we could find in Louisville, KY, we took because Craig alerted us that the Van was having problems.  It has been doing this “thing” where only SOMETIMES, I mean like every 3 months, it likes to mess with us.  Its usually when we are in the city, and pulling away from a stop sign or light and it likes to almost stall or stall.  Well on the highway, where it has never done this, it was acting up everytime he fell under 55 mph.  (Apparently Craig was making another “SPEED” movie LOL)  So once we got to the McDs and pulled over, it was hard for all of us to relax because of what it was doing.  On the brighter side, we pulled into the SAME McDs where we surprised the girls with a WDW trip in 2005- neat to see the same booth where it happened 6 years ago.

Every time we stopped, I made sure to update you all so that everyone knew we were safe and ok.  Well, I really did mean I needed prayer for that van, because after I put that status out, it didn’t do one bad thing the entire rest of the day, so THANK YOU EVERYONE for that!!

Our next stop was lunch just outside Tennessee, and our awesome friend Robin Howard, had sent us a gift card that was SO kind, so I made sure we used it on the way down to our dream.  We took pics, had a full lunch, then we shopped in the gift shop. Our kids had never been in one, and I have been to the IL one a bunch of times, so I was excited to show them the place.  We then headed to the cars and turned the AC up, it was already 92 degrees at lunch, and Craig and I both closed our eyes for 20 minutes.  It was bliss to just have a quiet moment, the kids just chilled while we did, doors locked, and it helped tremendously because we both were getting tired.  If you plan on driving down to FL for relocation or vacation and can pull over to sleep for a small bit, DO IT!

Tennessee went well, but those darn Appalachian Mountains are so unnerving to drive through!  They are beautiful to watch, look at, but driving through them with 2 vehicles is quite tough. Here is why- Semis, other traffic, and just the driving It takes to get down them.  We tried to stay together as much as possible, but it was hard when people come sailing off the exits and then sat between us, or a Semi would sit next to us so we couldn’t see criticial signs, or they would block Craig so I couldn’t see where he was.  Now, we had the cell phones, but with the noise of the road, and everyone doing something in each vehicle, it was hard at times to hear him at all.  Thank God for having a child with me at all times, whether it was Kyra or Emily, they would answer it for me or call him as well.  Communication usually worked well, just tough when someone would  cut one of us off and we would have to regroup on the busy highway.

The last bog city we would have to conquer was Atlanta- I am not a fan of Atlanta at all.  The busy highways last time we went through was hard to watch as a PASSENGER, I had no idea how I was going to drive through it on my own!  But, with Gods grace, we all got through on the beltway and happily made camp for the night.

Tomorrow we live our dream… WOW.  Seriously, I’m not sure I have even grasped it yet.  We will update all the way TO Florida and then when we hit the border- and THEN… when we get to our HOME!!!!  I can’t believe it, are you all ready for the BEST DAY EVER?? See you tomorrow!


  1. So glad you made it thru another day safely! I can’t wait to read your updates tomorrow and hear that you are finally home. Safe travels to your family. You all are truly an inspiration to a lot of people out there.

    Lisa Shaw


  2. SOOO glad you made it safely to Georgia and the van is not misbehaving as much……I’m praying for you guys, for safety…..And TOMORROW is the BIG DAY…..WOOHOO Life is GREAT! Can’t wait to get the updates tomorrow…..♥


  3. My wife and I have to drive across that bridge from our home in Clarksville to Louisville for work Mon.- Fri., so we know how bad it’s like to drive across. At least you didn’t have to drive in rush hour traffic where cars are lined up 5 miles to get thru. Good Luck!


  4. Sounds like quite an adventure. You are a brave soul Amy for driving. I dont think I could do it, I get nervouse being the passenger going thru Chicago. Have a safe journey tomorrow and I cant wait til you hit the line for Soarin’!


  5. Can’t wait til you’re here and HOME!!! I know pictures of your new home will be forthcoming soon. How neat for you and Craig to pray each leg of the trip!! We don’t know what we would do if we couldn’t pray before and during the trip and then give thanks when we get to our destination!!!

    I don’t know of any construction on 75 between I-4 and the north Florida border, but I can tell you there is NO construction on 4 between the exit on 75 and Disney. Have a wonderful rest of the trip as you fulfill your dream!!! Hope to meet you face to face soon.


  6. As always…great post!! So exciting to be able to share your journey with you!! 🙂 Love ya girl!! ((hugs))


  7. Hi ,im so glad you are finally getting to live your dream although i havnt commented on your blog regular i have been following it

    How is Kyra feeling now having to leave her boyfriend ?

    you are all so brave ….!


  8. How exciting!!!!! I am totally ready, can’t wait for the pic when your drive under the arc.
    Do you have your “coming home” music ready? 🙂


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