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I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

When we started the blog, we really wanted to just make friends. That was it- not for fame, not for money- purely to find long lasting friendships.  I haven’t moved to many places in my life, but the moves I have made have required relationships of substance to have any forward motion in my life.  I gravitate to people who have the same interests, who enjoy friendship as much as I do, and who genuinely make my world a better place to be, JUST for knowing them.  Today’s blog is dedicated to my friends… the ones who I have had in the past, the current ones who have welcomed us to FL, and the future ones who I have yet to meet.  YOU are why this blog exists, and YOU are why I keep on writing.  Since WDW Radio emanates what love and friendship truly are, I thought I would talk today about the Meet yesterday. Walk with me inside World Showcase, grab some Pocky, because we are heading to Japan for some fun!

I have been to two of Lou’s Meet’s before. Once in June 2009 where the “Amy Falk Petermann” name was born, via Lou Mongello himself, and the other would be in November of last year, where I would meet up with him, Tim Foster, and THE Scott Otis himself.  The first Meet, I was there with my family, we just knew who Lou was, met him, he gave a t-shirt to Emily and we left. The 2nd Meet, I would meet Heidi, and Jonathan Grant.  The 2nd Meet I felt I really started to feel the love from the group, and had time to talk and get to know people.

Yesterday’s Meet, the official third one for me, would be the best one by far.  Not only did I get to see Lou, Deanna, Nick, and Marion… but I got to meet Anthony, Ken, Tony, Matt, JL, Todd and Cheryl (again),Sarah, Suzannah and Hubby, Doctor Mike, a Wrestler, Captain Mike, and later on, THE Chris Toffer!

Now when I tell you this group is friendly, I’m not joking.   I had been talking to most of these people since last year online, so I was so excited to finally get that hug, meet that person, and just have moment to get to know these wonderful people.  Everyone always says to “watch” who you befriend online, because in reality, you DON’T know what you are going to get! And even though I have only been burned once by that, yesterday was a prime example of why keeping the lines of communication open and strong work VERY well.

I felt incredibly blessed to meet new and old, to share stories, to watch Lou get fawned over by a very tall and chiseled wrestler, and to see Emily be loved by Deanna and Marion.  Everyone stayed busy, happy, and had a great time.  We then all moved on to “Journey Into Imagination” where 28 of us I believe took up an entire section of the ride… with Captain Mike chanting “Bring back Dreamfinder.”  Emily got to ride with Marion and Lou that time, and she felt so special! We then headed to Club Cool for a toast and free soda, and then we had the money shot taken of us all together.

We headed to “Nemo” for a ride, which I was happy to ride and then off to ride “Living with the Land.”  I had an empty spot and Mr. Lou Mongello himself sat next to me for the ride- I was on cloud 9!  We talked during the whole ride, but it was a great talk I needed- he is such a wonderful guy and friend and it means the world to me that he cares about my family.  “Soarin” was next with everyone- almost 30 total at that point because the Caran family came- YAY!!  So we took up all three rows, and we were blessed to get to ride it with Todd Perlmutter. We all left our separate ways for dinner, and it was time for the Welcome Petermann  Party, so we all ordered at Sunshine Seasons and hung out and ate together.  A few of us rode Soarin one more time, and I got to have a moment with Nicole and Christ Toffer, who fought his fear of the first row with my daughter, Emily, and won. “Chris Toffer says… I LOVE THE FRONT ROW!!!”

It was a wonderful day of love, and it truly came at the best time.  I miss my Kelly, my Angie, and most of all, my family.  It isn’t any fun to have such a great house and place to live in when you have no one to share it with.  I would look at something to decorate in my house and think, “I wish my Mom was here to help me out with this” and so on.  I know they will come to visit, but it is still tough. I get by with a little help from my friends- and I am so excited to have a girls day with Dawn this week!!

The key to any relocation is building a strong foundation before and after you have arrived.  Church is important, a home is important, and a job especially… but if you don’t work on key relationships that could help the ease and fear of your new home, none of the rest will matter.  You can live in your dream home, go to your dream church, and have that dream job- but without the love of others to guide you through this life, it all will mean nothing in the end.  Here is my advice, take it for what it’s worth to you- keep the relationships that matter, that make you happy, and get rid of the ones that don’t. Life is too short to worry and stress about those who are not worth your time.  A wise person once told me “Amy, the ones who don’t like you are in small numbers to the side of the room that is filled with those who have nothing but open arms for you.”  I have kept that advice close to my heart, and yesterday was proof that I kept the “right” ones.  I love you all, my family loves you all, and thank you for the incredible welcome we received on Saturday.


  1. Another wonderful post, Amy!!! You look so beautiful and happy in all your pictures! what a truly great group of disney friends you have and how wonderful that it is helping to ease your relocation to Florida…. thank you again for sharing all the fun with all of us! 😀


  2. So sorry we missed your “meet-n-greet” yesterday. Please let us know when you’ll have another one. Glad you had such a lovely, loving day! Question: How can Disney get any better? Answer: Doing Disney with friends!


  3. I’m glad y’all had such a great time and I’m beyond jealous you got to meet Lou Mongello. So many good points in here 🙂 Having friends in the place you’re moving to is so important. We weren’t lucky enough to have that when we moved down here and it made the transition much harder at times.


  4. Looks like so much fun! It is really amazing how friendly, open and accepting Disney people are! Really different from other people I think, maybe it is a certain gene that only Disney people have.


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