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Disney Quest

Since we had purchased WDW Premium Annual Passes, we wanted to make sure they are used to their fullest. So today I thought I would give you my insight on Disney Quest and what myself as an adult and both girls thought of it. Grab some sunscreen, because we are heading to the West Side of DTD!

We arrived at 10:30 a.m., which I knew after getting a prime parking spot in the first row, that something was off.  I assumed that since Walt Disney Parks all seem to open by 9, that Disney Quest would open around that time, or maybe an hour after.  I learned after seeing no one around there except one CM, that they do not open until 11:30 every day. Sometimes they stay open later, but they open at that time every day.  The odd part of that is that 1, Downtown Disney itself opens at 10:30 a.m., and 2, you would think that there is no “specific” time of day someone has to play video games.  Maybe they wait to open so people have a chance to go to the Parks first, I have no clue.  So we had time to kill, and checked out the Magic Shop, Bongos, the AMC Movie Theater, the Candy Shop, and then House of Blues gift shop.

We traded some pins along the way, and if you are looking to trade just vinylmation pins, the Disney Cart across from “Ride Makerz” has those that you can trade only if you have a vinylmation one to trade him with.  Kyra had a sweet tooth going nuts, so we went into “Candy Cauldron” where we tried the new “Cake Pops” which are made of marshmellow, white chocolate, brownie, sugar, and real cake inside them.  Delicious, and VERY VERY sweet!  We were drinking water like there was no tomorrow with them, but they were a fun treat to try once.  They cost about $2.95 each and we were able to get our 20% discount here with our Premium Annual Pass.

We checked out the Magic Shop, which is really neat for a stop of air conditioning, but the tricks to buy are about $15 and higher.  I would say that the wand there was affordable at $6.95, but that was about it for something “affordable” to buy.  Kyra found incense sticks at 10 for $2 at House of Blues Gift Shop, so she was in heaven to buy some for her new room.  After we had spent some time putzing around, we finally got in line for DQ. (Disney Quest- not Dairy Queen LOL)

They opened the doors promptly at 11:30 and we walked in like you head into the park gates, you put your pass in, finger down, and away you go. If you don’t have a Annual Pass, you can just purchase them at the front windows and they are good for all day.  You walk in, the hang a right, and a Cast Member does have maps which help newbies like us.

I had done a bit of research, so I did know what the popular games were.  We headed to “Pirates of the Caribbean” which already had a line, so we did the “Jungle Cruise” first, since it had none.  We weren’t quite ready for what happened next, we just got into the raft and rowed for our lives.  Because there are lots of fun surprises, I am not going to be giving them away here- if you NEED to know, PM me. A word of warning, first trip- we were fine. Second trip, we all got off nauseous and vowed that was only a one time ride for awhile.

We got in line for the “POTC” and got in immediately to our “booth.”  They have you wear 3D goggles, not glasses, large goggles. Emily had a bit of a hard time with them because she needs her glasses on to see better, so they either fit ok over them, or they fit better and she wasn’t able to see that well- so keep that in mind for any of you who wear glasses.  One person has to be the Captain, the others are the gunners. The screen surrounds you, so you feel like you are on the open seas- a fantastic ride, game, and it was by far our favorite of the day!  Get there early if you don’t like lines, as this one seems to be a very popular one.

Everything there is connected by stairways, or an elevator.  We found that both sides of most floors had 2 ways to get down or up to the next level.  We found Cyber Space Mountain, and even though no one was doing it, Emily wasn’t having it. Yes, I know you don’t have to make it a scary ride, but the visual of the simulator flipping around caused her to turn right around.  So we played in the “Create” Area.

The “Create” Area has an Animation area, virtual easels to play on, a toy making area, and then an area to make your own songs.  There was also a giant Pinocchio head on the one wall, which creeped me out because I swore it was going to start talking to me any minute. WHY is it there?  We decided to make 2 songs in the “Song Maker” area, which consist of 4 booths.  We did have to wait in line for this, as there is no “max” time allowed in there, so kids will just play until they get bored.  But, I have to tell you it is a blast to make one, as it’s like putting Mad Libs to music.  We laughed until our sides hurt, and then headed upstairs to check the Buzz Ride out.

A side note, if you like to draw, go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and take the drawing classes that run every 30 minutes. You get to draw with a real pencil, and take it home with you.  Here at DQ, you draw on a computer screen, and have to pay for your picture if you want it. In my opinion, I would rather go to Studios and have the experience there, than at DQ. But, at DQ, they do have a schedule of WHO they are drawing and at what times, so if you really want Pluto, and its always a tossup at Studios, then do it at DQ.

If you like Bumper Cars, you will love the Buzz Lightyear game.  It is bumper cars, with cannons that shoot large rubber balls at the windows of your vehicle.  I let the girls ride together, and then I rode alone- basically just bumping people while I got hit over and over again.  I liked the bumper car part of it, but the shooting balls part was unnerving as every time you got hit, they hit HARD on your window, and then you spin when you get hit as well.  Fun do try, but not a favorite.

There are a lot more fun things to try here- Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride is a virtual reality game that you wear the goggles for.  Looking at it I knew I would probably get sick, so we all opted out. The rest of the building is video game after video game, and its basically your 1980’s arcade with PacMan and so on.

So the golden question… is it worth it? This is my opinion only, but I don’t feel it is if you are only here for a week.  I have been there, you save up all year, sometimes more, for that week of pure Disney bliss and magic so you want to do everything, but sometimes you miss all the great stuff because you are too rushed.  Don’t even BOTHER with Disney Quest if you are doing all 4 Parks and a Water Park, or Sea World, or Universal. I would say it is PERFECT for a rainy day, a cold day, and if you are able to stay in FL for more than a week.  You definitely want to take advantage of it if you spent the money for Premium Annual Passes, but other than that and more time, it doesn’t make much sense to make time for it.  The virtual and life like games are incredible, but you only have about a handful of those, and then the rest is like your local Arcade at the Mall.

We didn’t do everything because we are Residents, so we will take our time on seeing what else we may have missed.  We hope this helps some of you decide if you would like to do it or not- have a great and blessed day!


  1. Thanks for the info. I always wanted to know exactly how DQ was. I kind of thought it would be like an arcade room.


  2. Great blog. Thank you for the info. I like the way you keep referring to yourself as a “resident”. Are you still trying to convince yourself? LOL. Love the blogs. Keep up the good work. We may one day decide to pick up and move too. We just build what we call our retirement home so it might take a few years to convince ourselves to make that jump.
    David R
    from Louisiana


  3. This is another great blog! Keep them coming as you’re keeping me the spirit until our move happens.
    It’s good to read about DQ since I have never been there (and I DID think of Dairy Queen when I first read your abbreviation LOL).
    I have to agree on your assessment of if it is worth visiting. This is one of those things that I have avoided since it was built and you have reaffirmed my expectations of it. Heck, I live in Chicago and avoided it when it was here even though I was a Disney fan back then. When we become “Residents” (I love how you capitalized it!), then we’ll give it a try on a cool and rainy day when we have nothing to do.
    Thanks for taking the time to share your experience!


  4. I completely agree with you! DQ is a nice place when you’re rained out or need a small break from the parks but it’s nothing to go out of your way for. Not to mention that it’s usually overcrowded and somewhat unorganized. I’ve also noticed that a good amount of the ride/games are broken at any given time.


  5. A few years ago we went to DQ and as adults we didn’t enjoy it. Disorganized and loud. I guess if you had children into games and needed to burn off some energy – go for it. Otherwise save your money.


  6. Great review with lots of information. I’ve wondered if my kids (little kids and hubby) would like it but have never been ok with spending the money to try and see. I might wait until they’re still a little older before we spend time here.


  7. Thanks for the review Amy. We’ve never been to DQ and after your review know we haven’t missed anything.


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