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Just Relax

Since we have been here, we have been running around like crazy, trying to pick stuff up, meet people, and find time to hit the Parks.  So we knew that our “down time” would be limited for awhile, so how do we make it all work? Sometimes you just have to relax and let God take over.  So chill with us, won’t you?

Due to the FL summer heat, we find solace in our pool.  Whether I am dipping in my feet while talking to Mom on the phone, or watching Emily practice over and over again, we love just HAVING the option.  WI weather is a fickle creature, and as my family and friends know there, we got lucky to swim maybe a couple of warm weeks out of the year.  A long morning, a hard day- a dip in the cold blue water in the FL sunshine clears my head and any blues I may have.

We loved to walk the beat of WDW Resorts while on vacation because it gave us a chance to check out the Resort and enjoy the sometimes quiet paths they offer.  Now being Residents, it gives us the chance to do that more than ever, and make it into a real evening of food, sights, and pure relaxation as the palm trees sway. We decided after dinner that we would take a stroll in Caribbean Beach Resort, which coincidentally was the last Resort we stayed at as “Tourists” in 2009.

It’s funny how you can walk into “Old Port Royale” and smell the great food and that “Disney” smell and instantly feel how you felt the last time you were there. I didn’t feel like a Resident, I felt like a fan that had come home to say hello.  Craig and I had started a tradition that we would buy donut holes at the gift shop every trip as our little “breakfast treat”- so we, of course, bought a box this evening for old times sake while enjoying the gift shop- we really love that gift shop.

We walked among the walkways, the hidden benches among the blue flowers and palm trees, and the fun play spots and hammocks along the way.  No one was around, everyone must be in the  Parks, so we had a lot of it to ourselves.  It was a time to hold hands, to steal kisses, and to enjoy our children play on the sidewalk.  Just relax.

After a day of work and cleaning, we relaxed with watermelon and Mikes Hard Lemonade in our FL living room while watching a taped show.  (Only Craig and I had the alcohol lol)  We kissed the kids as they headed to bed, and listened to the booming of “Wishes” outside our patio door. Yep, this is the life.

Thanks to Craig, Kyra, and Emily for loving me through the good and the bad, and for always taking the time too relax with me- love you all!!!


  1. Amy~
    I totally agree with you about the pool. Even if we’re not swimming, I love sitting on one of our rocking chairs with my feet up just looking at the water. Each evening, I find myself out there saying my prayers. It’s such a lovely quiet place and, of course, each prayer starts with a big “Thank You” for the simple pleasure of being here. We are truly blessed!


  2. These are the days that I dreamed of as we were planning this entire adventure. Going to run around the parks are great, but I could not wait to take those walks around the incredible resort hotels. It was exactly like I thought it would be. To be able to eat dinner at home, and drive 10 minutes over to our favorite resort and spend a few hours walking around was just another dream come true in a week full of them!


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