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Date Night Under the Sea

When we talked about moving to FL over the past several years, one of our favorite things we were most excited about was having our date night at Walt Disney World anytime we wanted.  So finally, Craig and I got out this evening for a night of romance in one of our favorite places on Earth.

We headed in for dinner at the Cantina outside Mexico.  I got smart this time and snagged the first empty table while my awesome hubby grabbed dinner. We both got the chicken tacos and chips- I love the salsa, but man, it is HOT so you want to drink more!  I loved everything about the tacos except the shells, they seemed to fall apart when we ate, so I ate the chicken inside them with the chips and salsa.

I have said this before, but I just want to repeat that this place seems to be busy ALL the time, and is near impossible to get a table unless you snag one right away- don’t bother ordering if you can’t get a table.  The benches are few and far between on the way to Norway or to exit the World Showcase, so it’s not ideal to carry your meal far when there aren’t many options. During Food and Wine Festival, there are more tables scattered throughout the park, so you have a better chance with a table.

We enjoyed the meal and decided to ride the Grand Fiesta Tour which we romantically got the last row in the boat.  We held hands as we sang along, and just soaked the fact in that we were really there- together and alone. We then headed out to visit Captain EO.  Well, MJ was not meant to be tonight, as they shut down Journey Into Imagination, EO, Innoventions, Ellen’s Energy, and The Land at 7 p.m.  I have to say, that is odd for summer time, but the Cast Members said that the only time they stay open longer is EMH nights.  Nemo it is!

We loved walking through the queue, under the Sea, quiet, no one near us, and hand in hand we enjoyed it all.  We snuggled and shared a kiss in our own clam shell, and talked about finally getting to this point in our lives. After we exited the ride, we thought it would be fun to actually explore the area instead of running back out into the heat.

We headed upstairs and it was like walking into a dream- I know that sounds cheesy, but it was so beautiful and peaceful.  First off, barely anyone was up there, maybe 5 people at one time.  We watched the bubbles soar through the water, the lights dance on top of the water, and the sea life swim so close it was incredible.

Two giant sea turtles swam among our windowed area, and it was so cool to see them that close.  On one side of the tank were the turtles, the other side you can see sharks, and then another side there was a dolphin.  The cold air conditioning with the most peaceful and serene music I had ever heard made the moments just so melancholy.  I felt like I was under the water, and that nothing could stress me out standing there.  We both couldn’t stop smiling at it all- just, wow.

When someone asks me about why we love WDW so much, why we wanted to live near it- it’s moments like these that I try to explain.  It’s walking in whenever we feel like it, parking without worry about making it to opening, and just appreciating that fact that we are walking UNDER the Monorail track where anytime a Monorail sails by and again, we just enjoy it.

After a day of food shopping at WalMart, an afternoon at MK with my girls, and then ending my day at Epcot alone with my honey (with a showing of Illuminations fireworks in the Epcot parking lot near our van) … I am a blessed woman with an amazing life.  I hope you are all enjoying our Disney adventures, more to come!


  1. Gosh Amy , What a wonderful night for you and our hubby!! Thank you for sharing it with us!! Its fun to watch you live your dream!! You know, after struggling for 15 years I forgot how to dream.It took everything I had to just survive..But with the guidance of God and wonderful friends he’s put in my life again not only can I dream again but have such joy enjoying the dreams of others. Your blog always makes me smile. You have such a wonderful family and I’m truly thankful you are willing to share your moments with others! God bless you!


  2. Just a reminder that Sounds of Summer has started now at Epcot. Jack and I went last Sunday and will be going each Sunday evening until they are over. We have such fun! We hit the concert first and then have a nice romantic dinner. ( It’s romantic for us even if its counter service.) Then we take a leisurely stroll around Epcot and go home. It’s makes the most wonderful evening!


  3. Remember the Seas when it’s 100 with “air you can wear” down here – i.e. 200% humidity. It’s one of my husband’s and my favorite places to go and cool off – near the dolphin tank, way in the back, there’s a bench we sit on and just relax to get out of the heat and crowds. It’s always soothing and dark back there on a crazy day. You’ll get the hang of doing it like a local – I just wish we lived as close as you guys – we’re an hour and a half away, and can only make the trip up on weekends. Maybe someday we can meet up! 🙂


  4. A date night..already? This is what you both needed. I’m glad you two got to have a wonderful night together..I wanted to do something like this when we were there May ’10 but my son got sick & we had to take him to a dr down there..I’ve never eaten at the Cantina..we’ll have to try it next time we come down..I love salsa!

    Thank you again for sharing such a wonderful night with us & the pics too!!


  5. Raise your hand if you still refer to it as The Living Seas! When you mentioned how peaceful the music was, I immediately stopped reading, clicked over to, and selected music from the pavilion. I listened to it as I finished reading and you’re right! You can even hear wind and water in the background of every song. I love Innoventions area music, but The Living Seas is my new go-to for destressing. Thanks, Amy! And on behalf of all of us who are firmly planted 1000 miles away from our happy place, thanks for letting us tag along on your romantic evening – after the fact, of course!


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