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We have been here for a week and a half now, and we are slowly adjusting to the new world around us.  We have just hit the “peak” of when we would normally go home from a vacation here in the sunny state of FL, so now things are becoming VERY real.  Again, I report the good, the bad, and the ugly, and today wasn’t necessarily an ugly day, as more of a heart break day.  Relocating will bring up every emotion under the sun, and if you aren’t prepared for it, it can be a scary thing.  So, let’s talk.

I was ok this morning, did errands with my Emmy girl and mailed out a package for my Dad and Kyra’s boyfriend.  I got home, kids were in the pool and I just started to cry.  It hurt to cry, it hurt to feel the pain, and I didn’t know what the heck was wrong with me.  I was living my dream, why was I sobbing?  Disney is in my backyard, WHAT the heck do I have to be sad about? Then it hit me, I just missed home.  Not the one in WI, but the people I left there.  I missed Kel’s laugh, Angie’s smile, and Mom’s warmth when I needed it anytime of day.  It hit me that I wouldnt see them as much, if at all anymore, and it truly knocked me off my feet.  Who knew dreams weren’t all candy coated?!?

I feel like we prepared well, that we did our homework, saved what we could, saw who we did, and made the time count.  For those of you who are still counting down, IT WILL GO BY FAST!  We are prime examples of this, and it came and went like a flash- so do what you can, where you are comfortable, so when the unknown shows its ugly head, you can deal with it.  Save every penny, pack what you really need right away and nothing more, and enjoy every second because it goes by fast.

I was ready for the money we would spend, I was ready to see WDW anytime and enjoy it, but the homesickness is grabbing a tight hold and it’s not letting go.  Maybe it’s because everything is still fresh right now, but I truly am having a hard time missing my Mom.  Because I didn’t go to College, I have always been nearby to her, so there has never been a separation of this magnitude before. Yes, I know I will be ok, it’s just rough right now.  I keep thinking I wish she could come over and see our incredible home, do lunch with me,  give me tips on decorating, and find all the yard sales in town.  My hopes is that she comes soon to relieve this dull pain I feel so I can get some relief soon.  It’s our dream to be here, and she wants us happy, I just need to get a grip and try to deal with it.

I am figuring out my way around town, and learning how and when to avoid I4 and 192.  I have made many efforts to introduce myself to clerks, gas attendants, and the likes to meet the locals since I am one now.  I am hoping that a FL friend will give me a tour soon around the area because it would be nice to know the ins and outs of everything.  I have learned that Wal-Mart on 27 is a wonderful thing in the morning, and can be quite pleasant to shop at without the crowds.  But, it is hard to find everything I need quickly when I had my own local Grand Chute Walmart memorized so well.  The prices for our family are affordable, and until I get the hang of coupons for Publix, I will continue to go there.

We headed to IKEA again for the girls bed frames, which Em found a daybed and Kyra found an Metal Black frame antique looking frame- they both love them.  Emily’s room is all about “Tangled” and we are looking for the perfect lanterns to hang from her ceilings so she can see them when she goes to bed at night.  Kyra has her perfect room that she always wanted, including her Beatles poster and new IKEA bookshelf to add to her décor.

We took tonight to get everything put together from IKEA and to catch our breaths.  We have been busy with work, settling, and shopping almost every day this week.  Got to love cheap coffee tables, cool décor, and frozen Swedish meatballs! We enjoy the home and pool, and we made it through our first major thunderstorm the other night.  Every time it thundered, our house shook.  With the vaulted ceilings and somewhat empty rooms, things echo a lot in here, so when it thunders, it is a nerve wracking.  We had another warning this evening, so we got both vehicles in the garage, just in case.

No basement here, so the laundry room has become storage until we can afford to get a washer and dryer.  You can only buy so much at a time, and we have had some great friends offer to help do our laundry, so we have a little time to buy those.  We have found that local hotels will let you do the laundry at there facilities as well, with a cost of course.  If you can find a Resort where you can do your clothes while doing something else too, that my friends, is golden.

We have bested the WDW Parks as much as possible, trying to maneuver as a local and not a tourist.  Emily wants to meet Rapunzel so badly, but the line is incredibly long basically any time of day.  I thought I could get there at open and then get in line asap, but the CM who works with her told me that her line is ALWAYS long because everyone who does the Cinderella Breakfast gets in line first, before the public ever gets through the gates, so I guess I need advice on the best way to see her.  We want to get a great picture of Emily and Kyra with her and Flynn, then blow it up for Ems wall to frame it.

Tomorrow is MK again, with a good friend of ours.  I always have a great time with the family and a friend, and it’s fun to have someone else to ride with to shake things up.  The “Be Our Guest” Podcast team is here, so I hope to meet up with them tomorrow night for a pic and a chat.

I know that God has everything under control, and that I will be ok.  I will be better when I get to see Mom again and get a hug from her- I can’t wait to show her everything.  Thanks again to everyone who gave me encouraging words today, sometimes you can feel so alone and not even realize how many friends you truly have. God bless each and every one of you, and again, thanks for the support.


  1. I appreciate you sharing this! I’m sure it’s an adjustment but your friends new and old will be here to support you all! See you soon!


  2. Hang in there! What a dream to be able to experience the bliss of Disney whenever you want! Especially date nights!!! You will go through ups and downs…that’s a part of it. At least you are owning it and realize it is all a part of it! We relocated from TX to CO 4 months ago and I completely understand what you are going through! God bless you and your family! :0)


  3. Amy, we moved to FL – near EPCOT- from Connecticut nearly 3 years ago. If you’re willing, I’d love to get together and give you a tour. I am on FB and you can PM me if you’d like. Like your hubby, I also started here by working from home for my company in CT and then almost 1 year to the day after moving in, I was laid off. I had to find people to network with, got licensed in FL in my chosen field and got a new job in less than 3 months. So the real world got in the way of our dream to live near the “Magic” but we still know we did the right thing. All of our family is still in New England and the homesickness hits at strange times for strange reasons. But all of this has made me a stronger person. I think we’d have lots in common to chat about so let me know if I can be of any help!


  4. This is exactly why God inventes Skype and chat and instant messaging systems…so we don’t feel so lost and alone when we’re far from home. A quick click or two on the computer and you’re face to face with those you are missing!
    Hang in there and just know it’s all normal.
    p.s. I really appreciate your honest posts, the good and the bad. I need to hear it all as we prepare our lives with the possibility of moving to the Disney area in Florida.


  5. You are really giving those of us who want to move to FL some real insight. Thank you. Strange, I feel like giving you a great big hug right now. : )


  6. At this point in our preparation to move I was hoping to avoid the bad but I grimmaced and opened this blog anyway to face the music. I’m sorry for your pain but thank you for putting it out there so that we can be prepared for every aspect of our move.


  7. Amy, it will get better. When the Navy transferred us to England I went through much the same thing after the excitement had died down (although, granted, we weren’t permanently moved there since it was a military relocation, so it wasn’t *exactly* the same thing). My mom and I are close like you and yours. Just ride out the feelings and know that things will get better. Hope your mom can come visit you soon! Love you!


  8. Hugs Amy!!! If there is anything I can do here for you I would be happy too! Just so you know when the snow starts to fly I will send you a picture just so you can remember the second reason you moved!


  9. Princess Amelin! How are you? I have texted (I only had your cell #) then I realized you probably got a new local #, so please send it to me when you have a chance. And here’s a {{{{hug}}}}} from a friend up north!


  10. Princess Amelin! Glad you made it to the sunshine state safely! I texted but then I thought perhaps you changed your cell #? So just send me an email or a text to update your contact info when you get a chance. See you in Oct!


  11. When is your mom coming to visit you Amy?
    I am sure as time will pass you will start to feel less pain while thinking about your loved ones in WI.
    Give it some time for them to come visit you, and for you to return to visit them, then you will start to feel much better. 🙂


  12. Hugs to you. It’s ok to feel the way you feel. My word of caution to you is to not have your family visit too soon. Just when we thought we were adjusting to our move, my mother in law came to visit (we spent a portion of just about every day with her so it was a drastic change when we moved) a couple months after the move, we were back at square one with emotions when it was time for her to leave. While it’s still not easy, it does get better and, like when you’re visiting Disney, it helps them leaving when you know when you’ll see each other again 🙂


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