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Daddy’s Day at Sea World

From past trips to Sea World, I remembered it being a serene place of quiet, peace, and a moment to get away from the Mouse for a bit. We all know that too much of a good thing is NOT a good thing, so I don’t mind a break from Mickey from time to time.  Since we have been going pretty hard since we moved here, 2 weeks ago today, the chance to just enjoy animals and walk at a nice pace seemed really nice.  I guess everyone else thought it was a great idea too, because I am pretty sure everyone was at Sea World today! LOL

Before we ever left home, Craig signed us up for Annual Passes over the phone.  They told him to have the Ticket Attendant scan the bar code in Craig’s email- that way we could avoid paying for parking.  We bought them AHEAD of time to avoid paying for parking, like at WDW, we didn’t, we paid for parking, BUT, they reimbursed us at Guest Relations for it.  We get to the gate, they can’t get it to scan, so we have to pay the $14 for parking.  We get to Guest Relations to pick up our annual passes, and they refuse to reimburse us the parking cost.  I have to say, I did tell them “Well Disney did” and that I wasn’t thrilled that they refused too. His response was “from here on out, now you get free parking.”  Whatever.

So we headed in with the droves of people, and headed to the Dolphin area.  In 2005, we were able to feed them for pretty cheap, or just walk up to pet them and take pictures. Well, Sea World changed it up, and now you have to take the right route to feed them at $7 a tray, in groups, or you have to take the left route, which is the viewing only area which is on the way left of their habitat, which is pointless since all of the dolphins are in the feeding area.  Before, you could just walk up, buy a tray, feed them, and either buy another one right then and there or just stand there.   Now the feeding area is in large groups, you buy your trays at that one moment you are in line to do so, and if you want more, you have to go back around to wait in line again to wait with the next group to feed them.  They have their version of “Photopass” people taking pictures of you feeding the dolphins, but you will have to pay for them as well.  After we viewed for a small while, we decided maybe we would come back to feed them in the future when the heat backs off.

We walked right into the “Blue Horizons” show which was great to walk in, sit, and see it without melting in the hot sun.  I LOVED this show- the music, the acrobatics, the birds, the dolphins- just, WOW!!  I actually got chills from the song, it should be in Walt Disney World!  If you are headed to Sea World, don’t miss this one!

We enjoyed the Clyde and Seamore show, which we arrived early for to see the fun Mime in the beginning, and enjoyed a quiet lunch at a Mill type Restaurant.  I was impressed that the counter service places took our annual passes for discounts on the food- every little bit helps. We split a large club sandwich, kids had the chicken mcnugget meals, a bowl of watermelon, and a huge piece of carrot cake.  We all had plenty to eat, and shared everything- all for $26!  They have a deal where you can purchase the all you can eat dining plan for $29 an adult and $14 a child, for the entire day.  Now, I am no genius, but how much can one person eat for that to be worth anything? We spent $26 for all four of us, so even if we did it again for dinner, $52 seems a lot cheaper that $29 x4 people for the day.  If you are interested in that deal, make sure it is worth it for you and that you are intending to eat all day.  In the heat, knowing now first hand, you barely want to eat, so think about it.

We also caught a sign on one of the walkways that after 5 p.m. you get deals being an Annual Passholder.  I think as residents we will take advantage of those deals a lot more, and come often in the evenings to see the nighttime shows.  I also thought it was pretty cool that they have kiosks to buy your tickets on you own, right outside the entrance/exit.

The heat started to get to us, and after walking through a disappointing “Wild Arctic” where the Polar Bear could barely be seen because he was sleeping, and the walrus just had his butt hanging out of his home, we got home to our A/C and pool to cool off.

Since is IS “Fathers Day,” we did give Craig his cards and gift this morning.  He really liked the mini-monorail for his office, so we got it for him, which he loved.  I also want to take this opportunity to publicly tell everyone what an amazing Dad my hubby is.  He is the Dad who takes his kids to the Parks, who swims with them, who cooks with them, who taught them how to ride a  bike, and Kyra to drive a car.  He is the Dad who never stops telling them how proud he is, to shoot for their dreams, and to never give up on life.  He is an incredible man and human being… but most importantly, a great and dedicated father.  We love you Craig and we thank you for you.  Happy Fathers Day to my Dad, Bob, and Randy!


  1. I’m surprised you guys didn’t hop on the roller coasters or visit the little Shamu kids area. Maybe you did, just didn’t mention every single minute, I’m sure we’ll get more info…heyyyyy, wait a minute, are you trying to make us come back and read more later? That’s it isn’t it? Ya tease 🙂 LoL


  2. Sounds like y’all had another great day!! We like Sea World every now and again too but the service just isn’t Disney. We had problems getting our Annual Passes there last year and it really started our visit off on the wrong foot. We do do the all day dining and for us it’s so totally worth it since we do “all day” at Sea World instead of taking a break like we do at Disney. When you’re eating 2 – 3 meals there plus drinks and snacks included in that (my two boys and hubby like to eat 🙂 ), it was totally worth it for our family.


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