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Happy Birthday Mom!

When I think of things that are secure and solid in my life I know that one of them will always be my love for my mom.

She’s always worried for my sister and I and if we’re really happy here, and mom I can assure you, we’ll be more than okay here.  We have you! And we’re all so blessed that you have made amazing friends in Florida like Shelley and Shalon and Scott and Lou and Todd and SO many more! You have these friends because they can all see the wonderful things inside of you. You’re kind and understanding and you know how to laugh and dance and sing like nobody is watching. You share this light you have with others and that’s why you draw so many people to you, because they can see your happiness and your strength and friendship and they all want a piece of Amy Falk Petermann! Not to mention your writing skills – reading what you put on the blog it’s not a mystery where Emily and I get our creative side for drawing. God has been with us this whole time but I’m sure he’s had an extra hand on you through your stress through moving and worrying over us. But we’re here now! And it’s amazing and we’re all starting the rest of our lives together and it’s exciting and scary all at the same time but Disney and all of our friends makes it that much sweeter. People back home will miss you because you’ve made an impact on them and it’s okay to feel homesick. Now we have a chance to impact other people’s lives here and start a new journey while remembering the ones we had. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such a great mom like you! I hope you have the best of all birthdays today and from here on out, because we’re in FLORIDA now!! I all love you more than we could ever say in words and having this whole new adventure ahead of us I couldn’t be happier we get to spend it with a mother like you. I love all of our inside jokes and fun memories together like watching Glee and Heavy Weights and the guilty pleasure Land of The Lost, and so many others. We love you so much more than words can fathom! “’

Cause you’re the best of friends, you could clown around forever, neither one of you sees your natural boundaries, life’s one happy game!” Happy Birthday Mom!!!!


  1. Omg..Kyra, your mom has such sweet’re all truly amazing..all of the heartfelt comments & wishes brought tears to my eyes & my younger daughter, Savannah, was really touched by what you and Emily have said about your mom..not having met her & your family YET we can tell how wonderful of a person she truly is..the best part of yoir moms special day, I’m sure, is spending it with her great children & loving husband alongside the fun of Disney..give your mom a big hug from us here in Pittsburgh..hopefully we’ll have a chance to meet soon 🙂


  2. Amy, Kyra is an amazing!! young woman and she is going to go on with the great legecy that you & Craig have taught her and continue to impact the world with such positive love!


  3. Awww that’s just the sweetest! My son and I too love Land of the Lost! I call him Chaka and that’s his name in my phones phone book! We quote from the movie, too. Lol


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