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Enjoy the Unexpected

It’s all happened to us at one time or another, the unexpected.  Sometimes it has the ugliest of faces, or the biggest and brightest smile, but how we react to either one is key.  I love the unexpected that comes in the form of friendship, because it’s that spontaneity that makes my heart literally skip a beat. I had a day of unexpected joys, and I thought I would share with them with you on this rainy FL night.

I made plans to meet one of our blog readers this morning in “Animal Kingdom” and right before I left the house, I checked my Facebook to see that Bruce Smead, another blog friend, had left a message that he was working in AK at the Lion King show today.  Yes, I geeked out, I LOVE that show and I jumped at the chance to meet a Cast Member from the cast.  Enjoy the unexpected.

I LOVED walking into Animal Kingdom, on my own, alone, and just soaking it all in. I actually got giddy as I walked up to the ticket gate and heard “Hakuna Matata” playing- I just kept smiling.  My friend wasn’t at the Park yet, so I took a stroll on the “Pangani Forest Trail” and just reveled in the Gorilla area.  The family was active, and Mom and baby played while Dad sat on the hill.  I forgot my headphones, but soon, mark my words, I’m going and watching while I listen to the “Tarzan” soundtrack.  Seriously, I could watch them ALL day.  I fast passed Safari, and then went looking for my friend.

Sometimes, things aren’t meant to be. I would be at one side of the Park, she would be on another. I would be on a ride, she would just be getting off of it.  You have to understand, I KNOW people are enjoying their vacations, so I am in NO WAY there to interfere, just meet up for a chat and a picture.  If it doesn’t work out, it’s ok, I’ll catch you next time.

I enjoyed watching “The Festival of the Lion King” and found Bruce right away! It was so much fun to know someone in the show, and I just really love singing along.  I would listen to the park music for this show in my office, and think, “Gosh, I really miss WDW.”  Now, I am here, and it’s just so surreal.  We got together for lunch, and I so enjoyed hearing all about his job and what he likes about WDW.  I highly encourage you to always make time to get to know Cast Members, they are incredible people with hearts of gold and love Disney so much they went to work for the Mouse. I look forward to meeting many more Cast Members and making many more friends. After a hug from Goofy and Brer Bear at “Camp Minnie/Mickey, “ I left AK happy for what the morning had brought me, and went home to pick up the kids for the rest of the day at Studios.

The girls were ready to go, so I charged my phone for a bit, and we were off!  It was a quiet day there- got the first parking space, got right on the tram, and walked right into the “Beauty and the Beast” show.  Kyra left us to have some alone time, so Emily and I had some Mommy/Daughter time.  The show was so much fun, even while sweating, and then we headed off to draw.

We didn’t get into the first class, so we waited for the second.  We drew Daisy, which we were disappointed we didn’t draw something new or different.  So we thought, let’s roll the dice and see if we could get lucky with time 2. Well, nope, it was Minnie, BUT, after class, Emily wanted me to ask him for his drawing.  I did, and he said “I have to keep it for something..” and I said “Oh, that’s ok, we just keep hoping for a Tangled character” and he said “Oh, I can make her.”  So as the class emptied out, he stood there and drew her in front of us.  Emily was SO HAPPY she couldn’t stop smiling,  The fact he took TIME for us while no one was in the room anymore, and the next class was waiting, was just pure kindness and magic. A big thank you to that instructor!

We wound up riding the “Great Movie Ride” and then grabbing some chocolate bars and a book at the “Writer’s Stop.” Still haven’t gotten the Carrot Cake Cookie yet, but will soon when I have the appetite for it.  We headed home for Buffalo Wild Wings  and a night of chilling out in the pouring rain.

I loved that I didn’t wake up expecting to watch the Lion King show and meet a performer, or get lucky with an Animator and get a Rapunzel drawing for Emily.  I love that my friends, Matthew and Heather, sent us lamps for a house warming present, and they came much earlier than thought. (THANK YOU!!) You gotta love the happy unexpected in life, and hopefully it will overshadow the rest- have a great weekend!


  1. I’m so sorry I didn’t know you would be in AK yesterday morning. I went there to get my morning exercise. I would have loved to meet you. When I go to AK I always go in and get a Safari fast pass and head right over to Kali River Rapids, They will let you stay on the ride as long as there is no waiting line and I got to go three times! Good thing too. As you know, it was hot as blazes. I wandered around looking at every detail and walking through the tiger environment (I saw 5 active tigers) until 10:03 when my Fast Pass became eligible and then walked on the Safari ride. ( I was still a little damp, which helped to cool me off.) Highlights were the giraffe lopping along beside our vehicle and one of the rhinos peeing right in front of us. It made us all giggle, even adults. Anyway, I usually spend two hours each morning in a park. In this heat it is usually Typhoon Lagoon but, I had not seen my gorillas for some time and wanted to catch the tigers, as well.


  2. I just found your blog about a month or so ago, right before you moved. I have to say I am sooo happy you have followed your dream and everything is going well for you so far there! It was my parents dream when we were little to move to be closer. Well as hard as they tried, things just never lined up right for it, and when I was seventeen, I lost my mom to breast cancer. Everytime I go to visit DW now, I have sooo many wonderful memories of her there, and I have been bugging my husband more and more to move. I really hope one day the stars will align and get us down there as well! I wish you all the best, and I will keep following your blog and I guess living my dreams through you for the time being, lol. God bless!


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