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Saturday Happenings

It is a pretty cool thing to wake up, turn to my hubby, and say “What do you want to do today?” and hear him say a Disney park or area.  Is this really our lives?? It is just way too cool!   Since we had done the Parks a lot this week, we headed to Downtown Disney early to beat the heat and crowds. Tag along, won’t you?

First, we always park on the West Side because it is usually the emptiest, and more spacious parking.  Every time we park in the DTD area near “World of Disney” the parking feels very cramped and limited- so if you don’t mind a walk, park at the West Side.  We walked past the AMC Theater, and hope to see “Cars 2” this week- we will let you know what we thought, and of our experience at the AMC.  It’s crazy for us to think that our local Theater is now the one on Disney Property… oh we have come along way from Regal Cinema in Darboy, WI.

We enjoyed walking through the abandoned Pleasure Island, but it was sad to see the “Adventurers Club” just sitting there. My kids never got to experience it like I did, and it’s sad that they don’t at least DO something with it so it isn’t a constant reminder to everyone that it’s done.  We got to see places we would love to eat at, like “Raglan Road” and take a peek into “T-Rex Café” before it got busy for the day. It was here that Mom called me to tell me the news that she had fallen leaving a yard sale yesterday, and face planted it into the cement.  Her jaw is not broken, but close to it, and her front teeth were broken.  It was that moment that my heart fell to my feet… I, for the first time, could not be there for her in the physical sense. I couldn’t drive over to hug her, support her, take care of her… the feeling took my breath away.  The family walked up and I tried not to cry, but I just felt so hopeless.  She didn’t want me to fly home, but if it had been worse, I would have been on the first plane to WI.

After such a shock, I tried to relax and enjoy the morning we had planned.  We walked through “The World of Disney” and I got my blog pics for our new Monday segment “Merch Mondays” and then we headed for lunch at “Earl of Sandwich.” If you haven’t eaten here, it is EXCELLENT!  We split an Earls Club, Kyra had a Caeser salad, and Em had the Grilled Cheese kids sandwich.  The sandwiches and salads are each $5.99, and kids sandwiches are $3.99.  For the 4 of us, with 3 waters and 1 soda (free refills here), we only spent $20 total.  Now, Em’s sandwich was good, but enough for her. I would probably buy a small side item for her next time – a cup of fruit or something- which will cost you $1.99.  Eat early, which we did at 11, and you will find a table with no problem.  The line here is always long, so make sure to take the time in line to decide so you can order the minute you get to the cashier.  Again, free refills here, so save the money and split a soda.

What I love about being a Resident here, and a familiar face in the Disney Community, is running into friends around WDW.  Today I finally got to hug Charles, and meet his lovely family.  It was nice to see them, along with good friends, Toffer and Shane. Thanks for the pic guys!

We enjoyed the “Art of Disney” store, making our wish list of attraction posters we wanted to purchase next.  Emily got a “Toy Story” book on how to draw each of the characters, including her beloved Jessie! A walk through the Christmas Store made us excited about our first Christmas here, and how we would decorate our new home.  So many ideas, and I just loved the Toy Story ornaments.  We headed to “Little Miss Match” where we had never been, and watched Kyra’s face as we walked in. She ALREADY mismatches her socks, but an ENTIRE store devoted to it? Yes, we bought her some which she was so excited about!

We headed back to the West Side to show Craig “Disneyquest” which he hadn’t been able to experience yet.  The kids took him on “Jungle Cruise” while I held our place in line to play “Pirates of the Caribbean.”  As I was standing there, playing on my IPhone, I thought I would check-in on Gowalla for the heck of it.  I don’t really do it that much, because honestly, I forget about it.  So I did, and I got a tweet back saying  “I am in the POTC line too!”  I had just told my hubby “Someone in line is also here that knows us” and a beautiful blonde gal introduced herself to us as Serena.  She was so kind, and so nice, and it was a treat to meet a blog reader, and of course, a new friend now.  We chatted like old friends in line, which made the time go by faster, and it was exciting to meet someone that cared so much to ask how we were all doing.  So THANK YOU Serena for being willing to come up and meet us, I love that and I hope more readers do it- we truly enjoy it.

After a fun game of POTC, we headed to the van for what we thought would be an uneventful walk.  Well, God thought otherwise, and we got to enjoy our first FL downpour.  Now, at most times, rain starts off light and gradually gets heavier. In FL, we have learned, it’s pretty much like a shower was turned on high- we were soaked by the time we got in the Van.

After an afternoon of food shopping with all of us, we headed home to make dinner and take a small nap. I was so beat, I could hardly keep my eyes open.  After dinner, we all went our separate ways for a laid back Saturday night.

Kyra went to babysit, Craig headed off to Epcot, while Emily and I headed off to the Magic Kingdom.  It was really nice- Em and I took our time and just really chilled.  We rode POTC, Aladdins Carpet Ride, Haunted Mansion, and ended the night with “It’s a Small World.”  We attempted to get out of the Park before “Wishes” but those large tour groups are killers!  We made it out, time to spare for grabbing gas for the car, and then relaxed at home the rest of the night.

I hope you all had a nice Saturday, and thanks again for the thoughts and prayers for Mom.


  1. Ahhh you’re living the dream! What a wonderful saturday, I wish I could hop over to MK after the workday I had today. One day it will be so! I’m still waiting for my DMV blog too 😉


  2. Oh goodness, my heart sunk just reading about it and putting myself in your shoes! Hugs, hope she heals quickly!


  3. Amy,
    Thanks for the pics of Downtown Disney!We’ll be remembering your mom in our prayers. In one of the last posts you have pics of the gorilla family,did you know that the little one is named Lily? She has some developmental problems and her mom keeps such a close eye on her. I read that she carried her like a baby ( instead of on her back like they usually do) It’s such a sweet story about this little one! I love seeing new pics of them.Thanks.Joanie =^..^=


  4. Thx for the lunch tips. Btw when we were there last May, Savannah had gotten a hairwrap done on that side of DTD & I highly reccommend it. Nicole & her friend, Deidra, had theres done at our timeshare, Orange Lake Resorts, and paid about $10 more & it didn’t last as long plus Vanna got more beads & color too! It lasted up until Aug too..probably would’ve lasted longer but I had to take it out for cheer pics.

    I’m glad your mom is okay and that youre enjoying life there in sunny Fl.

    (((hugs))) to you and your family


  5. Oh, boy, you must’ve felt like you were a million miles away after getting that awful call from your mother… sending tons of pixie dust to her for a quick recovery and to you for a quick return to full peace of mind!


  6. I feel so cool being in your blog! It was so awesome to run into you guys! I love being able to put real people behind the avatars. 🙂


  7. oh your poor mom 😦 I bet you felt awful. I guess thats part of the reason I feel I can’t move yet! I hope she recovers fast. Would be so fun to run into you in October, when we are there.


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