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Magical Moments

We have been incredibly blessed with magical moments since we have moved here to Florida, and I thought it would be fun to highlight a couple of them that happened recently- enjoy!

Years ago, I joined a Disney Internet Message Board called “Magictrips.”  I met so many wonderful friends on there, and eventually became a Moderator on there.  I would grow close to many of them, including Bobbi.  She was this beautiful southern gal who I instantly loved because of her kindness and love for the Lord.  I joined the Boards around the time Emily was going through her Cancer treatments, so they were a great support system to lean on when I had some rough days.  We sent her daughter, Taylor, little gifts and such for her Birthday one year, and we tried to keep in touch with them.  Sadly, Magictrips didn’t stay as active as we all would have liked, and we found each other again via Facebook.

Well as luck and God would have it, Bobbi and the rest of her family were here this past week on vacation, and it was so exciting to know we would FINALLY meet them. As luck would have it,  Kyra would meet them before I would.  Kyra was in Epcot alone yesterday for a day to herself, so Em and I headed to Studios to draw.  Bobbi texted me a picture of her and Kyra, and I was like “WHAT?”  They both just happened to eat in China, and Bobbi recognized Kyra, so they had her join their family for lunch.  Of course, now I HAD to get to Epcot, so away we went.

We got to Epcot quite quickly, and found Kyra at Test Track.  As we were talking to her about her day, Bobbi and family came off the ride and the hugging began.  You must understand, seeing someone who has helped you through a VERY hard stage in your life RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU was almost overwhelming.  Taylor hugged Emily, and we were so happy they had finally met as well. Taylor prays for Emily every single night, I mean, how incredible is that?  They are both the same age, and it was nice for Emily to connect with someone her own age here, even if it was only for the hours spent with them.

As we talked and shared, a gal came up to us and said “Do you want our fastpasses?” and shelled out 7 for all of us and the time for them was right then- how cool is that?!?  Well, we were so excited, I forgot how scared and terrified Emily is of “Test Track.”  I started to explain that maybe we weren’t going to be able to ride all together, and Taylor started to calm Emily down and convinced her to ride. Then Bobbi went into her backpack and took out pixie dust and Taylor put it all over Emily and said “Now you will be brave enough to ride.”  It was so sweet I almost cried.  We all got in line, and Emily and Taylor talked a bunch so we could get her mind off the impending ride.  Before we boarded the car, Bobbi got a Cast Member to take a group pic, which I will get from her once she heads home, and it is SOOO awesome!

Emily sat between Taylor and me in the back seat, and Kyra and Bobbi sat in the front row.  We took pics as we all buckled in, and we kept telling Emily to scream anytime she wanted too. As we drove up the ramp, Taylor crowed like Peter Pan to show Emily how to let it all out- it was awesome!  We all screamed through every turn, brake, and acceleration.  As we got to the doors to open, Emily started to tear up a bit, and I felt helpless for her- was it too much?  So I just told her to scream like she never screamed before- and she did!  After it was all done, I said “Its over, its over, EM YOU DID IT!!” Our whole car kept clapping for her, it was such a cool and magical moment.  Emily, we are so proud of you girl, and thank you to Bobbi and Taylor for making it happen!

Within moments, are other moment happening you don’t even realize. While we were in drawing classes all morning, Kyra was in Japan having HER own.   Apparently the Japanese Cast Members thought she would be great candidate to dress up in a full kimono and parade around Japan- she said it was quite the moment, and with no camera!

While she had her parade, we were at Studios and having our own magical moment with Cast Member, Heather. She agreed to do Pascale for us at the 1:30 class because we requested it and she could tell how much we loved the classes.  As I asked for her drawing at the end of class, she said with a smile, “I was going to give it to you anyways.”  SO COOL!  So now we have an “Official” Pascale and Rapunzel, just gotta get Flynn!

Now this morning, we had a mission of getting in line for Rapunzel and Flynn- we had heard he was leaving that Meet and Greet area soon, and only appearing at the special parties.  So we got to the gate at 8:30 a.m., got in line to the right of the Train Station, and after the countdown ended, we booked it down Main Street, pretty much running. Now, I don’t encourage running down Main Street- its dangerous and irresponsible- but for the sake of our morning, this was the ONLY time I would permit myself and children to do it.

From my experience over the last 3 weeks, her line is always a 2 hour wait- and in this hot FL sun, forget it.  So we booked it over there, and had to wait at the rope drop area first, then they made the line for her area.  We were about 4th in line, and got into her area minutes after the official line was started.

Kyra and Emily colored a picture, and got a free small box of Tangled crayons.  After they colored, they played the fun Renaissance dance music from the movie and the girls danced around the area.  After, they have the kids rejoin the parents, who are holding the place in line, and then Rapunzel and Flynn come out.

We were dripping with sweat, as it was quite humid this morning, so everything I tried to hold onto seemed to slip out of my hands.  I was quite happy we weren’t going to be waiting much longer, and before we knew it, we were up.  Kyra drew Flynn a pic of himself, and Emily drew Rapunzel one of herself.  She also brought the animators Rapunzel drawing for them to sign for her bedroom.

Rapunzel and Flynn were so excited about the drawings and kept saying “These are for us to keep?”  She then said to the kids “You got his nose right!” Kyra then asked Flynn what was in his bag, as we were told by a very good friend to do so, and both girls got to peek in to see THE CROWN!! They felt so special because not many get to see it, plus they made a huge deal about their drawings.  Rapunzel wrote on Em’s drawing “BEST DAY EVER!”  We couldn’t agree more, and it was THE coolest magical moment!  You know it’s a dandy one when your kids are NERVOUS to meet them!

We decided to eat lunch early today at Columbia Harbor House and had another magical moment. Because we were one of the first families in there, and I had my “Im Celebrating” button on my back pack, we were asked what we were celebrating.  I, of course, said “We moved to FL from WI.” She said “You go find a seat upstairs, I will bring you your food.” Now, how COOL and KIND is that? So she brought up with two free chocolate Mickey cakes with our food and said “Enjoy!”  So kind, and it was an amazing and peaceful time to be up there all alone.

We know we are blessed with many magical moments, and we hope to make many more in the future! Make the moments, make the connections, and continue to make many smiles throughout your day today.


  1. Woohoo Magic Trips Family! ❤ great blog… and Way to go Emily on conquering your fears and riding Test Track!


    • I just started reading your blog and I love it! Someone on D-Cot gave me a link and I am so glad I found you. I am trying to go back and read some of the older posts but that will take a while. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us!


  2. How fun!!! It always puts a smile on my face to read about your day!! How exciting to meet Rapunzel and Flynn!! Do you know, was he leaving the meet and greet for today only or is that something more permanent..I hope not because we were hoping to meet him this Sept..Thanks again for such a wonderful blog!!


  3. I think this is one of my favorite posts ever!!! You should make this like a regular thing or something…just going through some magical moments that you experience in the parks! It is very cool!!!


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