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Aren’t You Sick Of It?

We are coming up on a month soon, can you believe it? Yeah, we can’t believe it either. Out of the past ‘almost’ 4 weeks, I have personally missed only a couple days of not hitting the Parks.  The main and biggest reason for moving here was to enjoy WDW whenever we felt like it, so of course, we will be.  Craig has to work to allow us to have this wonderful lifestyle, which I am VERY thankful for, so I am in the Parks more with the kids to give him some time to work quietly at home.

I have heard on more than on one occasion “Aren’t you sick of it?” My answer is always “Heck no!” Now, I have been told that the 2 month mark is about around the time you sum up what the Parks will really be or feel like to you as a Resident. Well I am here to tell you that at almost one month, I am having a BLAST with the Parks. Nothing is off limits, and I love that I know how to get there, to park, to get around things, and to enjoy it to its fullest.

The wonderful thing about Walt Disney World, and having a Premium Annual Pass, is that you have a choice of 4 Parks, 2 Water Parks, and also DisneyQuest.  The total of major things to do is seven items, so there are plenty of options that we can mix up from week to week.  We don’t even have any special events going on, so when Food and Wine start, Holiday Events, etc… it will add even more to do.

I have found that if you pace yourself and don’t attack the same things every time you walk into the Park, you will keep it fresh and interesting. I never go to the same Park back to back days because it won’t be as exciting to me, so I always choose a different one.  I try to go at different times of the day to experience new things.  What I might have seen one morning last week, is completely different at night this week.  I love just enjoying it all, where I inhale and exhale magic the minute I walk through the turnstile.

I make a goal out of my day to give it some purpose, especially at the Parks.  One day we will just go to find hidden Mickeys, the next day is all about pin trading, and the next will be just about finding as many Characters as possible.  Having World Showcase at our doorstep, I could spend an afternoon at each Country just exploring.  I want to read a good book while sitting in the Gardens at the U.K., or enjoy a really yummy beverage on the steps of Mexico.  I want to sit in Morocco with my thoughts and enjoy the peace of that place, and then after go and rock it out with “Off Kilter” in Canada.

The BEST part that keeps everything new and exciting are the people- those who I get to meet, who want to actually meet US, those who work at WDW, and the visitors who we get to know in every line are what makes this so much fun.  I am so excited to meet friends at Epcot in the morning, and then another great meet up tomorrow afternoon as well.  The ride I may have ridden a thousand times before becomes something so much more when I get to ride it with a new friend.  The favorite snack becomes something different when it’s bought for a family member in town or a friend who needed a pick me up.

The biggest key to it all is to treat every Park visit like it is your first.  Smile, laugh, and cry at those amazing moments you never saw coming.  Skip down Main Street, even if you are by yourself, because life is way to short to NOT skip! Help others around you with directions, give away one of your pins, or buy a balloon for a child waiting for the parade.  Walt wanted us ALL to experience the magic that we have inside ourselves in this amazing and beautiful place.  What you feel when you are at Walt Disney World is ALWAYS inside you, it’s this place that brings it out in the best ways.  So when you are not at WDW, as the song goes, “Remember the Magic” and that feeling you had, and I promise you, it will always be with you.

“Aren’t you sick of it?”



  1. Amy, I was just wondering why you and your family have not ventured to the water parks yet. We used to always go to Typhoon Lagoon on our vacations, and my girls loved it when they were little. They are 7 years apart and there was something for each of them. As soon as they finished Blizzard Beach, we started going there every summer. My family and I were approached on one of our vacations (way back then) to be included in a survey of what we would want in a new water park


  2. Amy,
    You are an insperation. I have vacationed at Disney World 32 times in 16 years. Have been playing with moving since 1996. Now I graduate college in the spring and we are getting ready to set a date for our dream. It will be a little easier since my son is a CP and will be extending til mid May. After that he will be rooming with a friend until he rents out apartment or house for us. All we have to do is purge, pack, load and unpack. Did I say ALL lol. I hope we have as exciting adventure as you did. I am keeping a journal, not quite tech savvy enough to set up a blog. Maybe soon. I hope to meet you in November when I come to visit my son. Maybe sooner if I can swing it financially. I haven’t worked since Dec. 2009.


  3. I love how you give purpose to each day in the parks! ~ THAT is a very cool thing to be able to do !!! But after all, you guys have earned it, by being patient & courageous for all the hard work it took to get to where you are now…. great blog as always….♥


  4. I cant understand how someone can even think of asking you that question?!?!

    When we were at WDW for the first time last year it was hectic, but so worth it……even though I had planned it like a military operation, lol. Next year we’ll have time to discover all the quiet and relaxing areas you talk about.

    The Farley family are thorougly enjoying your blogs – thanks for sharing, and giving us more ideas for our next trip from the UK – keep up the good work Amy 🙂

    Tracey, Stephen, Emily and Tom xx


  5. Yep, heard that myself as well. “You’ll get sick of it.” or “Wont’ you get sick of it?”. Well, I’d like to live the Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop commercial where the wise old owl is asked the question of “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop”. How many visits to WDW will it take for me to be sick of it. I’m willing to be the guinea pig for that test. And ya know what, if I get sick of it, or if I get sick of the Orlando area, I can move on. I can plan to move out just as much as I plan to move in. If I’m not sick of it, then it was the right decision for me.


  6. I have been here for two years and I’m not tired of it yet. I don’t have kids at home anymore, but I use “exercise” as my purpose when I visit the parks approx. 5X per week. I go early and am home by noon. I usually do one familiar thing and one new thing. Last week I did the Animation Class in HS for the first time. I get my exercise while surrounded by the magic. I can’t think of a better life. And no, I’m not tired of it yet!


  7. Love it Amy. I don’t believe I could ever get sick of it. I would love to be able to spend a day at Mexico, which is my favorite country. I would love to be able to explore all the countries without rushing knowing I will be back. I have also wanted to spend the days looking for hidden Mickeys.It’s hard to just relax when you are on a limited time. I hope to some day be able to move close to WDW, my husband will have to find a job down there first. Maybe one day I could us your help with us moving there. Can’t wait to read your next blog.


  8. Someone actually asked u that???? Wow….they must not be a disney fan!! I could never get tired of going to the parks as often as i wanted to….and u guys deserve to enjoy yourselves!!! As always great blog and i look forward to sharing some disney magic with u in 47 days!!


  9. Amy, keep up the good work, um, fun! I am sure there may be a thing or two that you stop being interested in but WDW on the whole, it would take years to see, do everything so why would you get tired of it.
    I am preparing for my 14th visit and I do get people saying “Don’t you want to go somewhere else on vacation?” NO.
    : )


  10. This one really hit it on the head for me! My husband wants to move to Orlando for Disney but also so he can play golf year round. I am the one concerned about Disney losing it’s magic. It has such a special place in my heart and it would kill me if it lost it’s magic. I know how it is easy to lose interest in something that is so accessible to you. I don’t think that could ever happen to me but it makes me afraid of moving there. We are in DVC and visit twice a year. I am always counting down til our next trip (151 days) and it is always magical to me. I really enjoy the resorts and of course wouldn’t stay there if we lived in Orlando. We are thinking of a compromise and becoming snow birds in the next few years!
    Keep up the fun and I’ll keep dreaming of living with the mouse!


  11. That question I hear over and over and over again. And I just go once a year to Disney.
    People won’t and they will never understand, and I have stopped explaining.
    I know I will never get tired of going to the parks, to feel the magic.
    Keep enjoying friend, and I will keep wishing that my dream will come true soon 🙂


  12. “Craig has to work to allow us to have this wonderful lifestyle, which I am VERY thankful for, so I am in the Parks more with the kids to give him some time to work quietly at home.”
    Aren’t there days that just make him sad that he can’t go and play with you? This would be torture to my Disney-loving husband! No matter how dedicated he is to providing for the family, this has got to make him crazy some days, yes?


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