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Fridays with Friends…Literally

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, warms my heart more than making a connection with someone else on this planet.  Whether we have something in common, kids the same age, or the love of something like Disney, it’s something that God has laid on my heart as a goal.  It is an amazing and crazy thing to finally “get it” on why God has put you on this planet, and I finally know why I am here.  I believe I am here to help others in relocating, to bring people together, to build strong and lasting friendships, and to show others what God’s love looks like through my life and my family.

The Aiken Family just moved here recently, and they know what it is like, first hand, to be the next fish out of water. It is scary, it is unknown, but when we were able to hang out with them today, I really felt that having each other to lean on is bigger than either of us realize.  The kids are incredibly adorable, and I could see what great love this family has for each other.  They took a leap of faith, they are here, and they are ready for the adventure.  I know we have done the same thing, but I am always amazed at others who take the same leap because it is a HUGE one.  Adventure takes a lot of courage, and I am proud of them that they have.

We enjoyed a great morning at Epcot, riding Nemo, Imagination, and Spaceship Earth.  I told them that they were the only ones I would stand in a 30 minute line for, especially for “Spaceship Earth.”  But I saw it as an opportunity to get to know them more and to be able to just talk out the jitters that they may have with the move.  Nothing I have found is better than talking to someone who is experiencing or has experienced something you, yourself, are going through.  If you are planning on moving here, PLEASE let us know, we would love to be a sounding board, helpful, and plain and simple, a shoulder to cry on.  We have been there, we KNOW what this is like, so keep us in mind when you are planning a move here.

I took the kids home for lunch then met up with the Aiken Family again at Earl of Sandwich, and Marilyn Johnson and her husband.  When I saw the Bill and Korie again, it was a great feeling of familiarity. Out of all of the hundreds of faces in Downtown Disney, I knew six of them, and it felt good.  We hung out, ate dinner, and enjoyed meeting Marilyn and her husband.  She was so sweet- she had given me some of her Disney mugs and plates, and I was quite thankful for her kindness and generosity. Thanks again Marilyn!

I grabbed more sandwiches for the kids, and headed home. I did chuckle as they do offer “Wisconsin Cheese” soup- nice to know a piece of home is here. It was a great day of friends, and at one point, I was listening to the Disney music playing outside at Earl’s, and I thought, “Wow, this is just too cool.”

I had an epiphany today, and I thought I would share it with you all.  I enjoyed Wisconsin very much- I made incredible friends there, had my children there, fell in love and got married there, and grew up there. But that was THAT chapter, and this is a new one.  I am still the same Amy who loves life and wants to spread joy, but now I live in Kissimmee, and not Appleton.  I have the same family members I did a month ago, and I will have the same ones for the years to come while I live here.  I think I was starting to get scared that leaving WI meant I left all the connections I had, and while they will change, it is how MUCH they change that is up to me.  I can call them anytime, see them on Skype, or chat on Facebook.  Granted, when things are rough, I miss a hug from those I miss. BUT, that is when I need to find those special friends here that I can rely and count on, and know that they have my back like I have theirs.

I truly enjoy sharing my Disney adventures with you because I know what it feels like to see someone’s WDW memories and miss being there.  I was you- listening to Disney music at night, planning the next trip, and smiling at past WDW photos of the family.  I am HONORED to be able to bring you a piece of the magic anytime I can, and I hope that it lifts your spirits and makes you smile- even if you are jealous inside.  (I would be jealous too if it wasn’t me).

There are more memories to come, more pictures to share, and I thank you for joining us on this adventure. “Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you have now was once among the things you only hoped for.” ~Epicurus

I promise, I will remember.


  1. Another great post Amy. It is great to see that you guys truly are becoming the “go to” family when it comes to relocation. I know that someday I will be contacting you for some support when we finally make the big decision. It is nice to know you guys are there. Makes it seem a little less scary!


  2. Glad you’re enjoying yourself Amy & that your meeting other members always, I enjoy reading your always, Have a safe & Wonderful 4t of July wkend


  3. Sounds like you have started to find the “fit” in your new life. That is good. As soon as the house sells we wil be down there. God only knows when that will be but I have put that in His hands. We have done some leg work in Florida as my mother n law winters in Zephryhills but we have heard about the DMV and need to know more as we have four cars that may be moving with us (husband is into Street Rods) Any help on what to bring to the apointment special would be a help. Keep fitting in. Your doing great/


  4. Thank you my friend for keeping us updated on your adventure. I truely enjoy the daily updates and sometimes I close my eyes and pretend Im right there with you. I think everyone can relate to the qoute at the end. God bless!


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