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Using Your Resources

Whether your relocation be adventure based, job based, or boredom based, it never hurts to know what your resources are.  When we lived in Appleton, I knew where the Library was, the store, etc… so I felt comfortable.  Now being in Florida, especially in the Main gate area, I am learning what to get where and so on.  I’m really not sure if you can prepare for this part of the adventure before leaving the comfort of your state, because as we all know, you have to live it to experience it.  Here are a few things I have learned about my area and how to use them to their best potential- enjoy!

We moved here knowing we would not have a washer or dryer for awhile, simply due to the costs of them. We will finance if we have to, but I would rather not for the sake of saving the interest money for something else.  So, we had good friend offer their home to do it at, which we have done a couple of times- it was free, good company, and a nice way to do it in a comfortable environment.  But, since they are a bit far from us when we need a quick “wash” done, Craig found another resource.  Nope, not a Laundromat, although I cannot understand for the life of me why they are in such short supply here, but a local hotel.  For privacy reasons for us and them, I won’t be giving out the name, but Craig got permission to use their laundry area.  We pay money just like their guests do, so nothing is “shady” about this, AND I make sure that there is always an available washer for someone else to use while I am using the others.  We, in no shape or form, want to inconvenience anyone.  The nice thing about doing it there is that they have a place to sit and eat, a bar, a nice lobby- so I can bring my computer and sit and blog or just walk around and chill.  Now, obviously most people don’t do laundry on vacation, so I have yet to see anyone else in there, but it is a nice alternative then braving the Kissimmee one, which I wouldn’t serve my worst enemy too.  Yeah, that bad.  Plus I feel like I am on vacation when I am sitting at a new hotel, watching others swim, and just chilling out from home.

We made sure to make friends with our neighbors.  You would be shocked sometimes at what you can do with a smile.  I have made the effort to talk to them, to be kind, to help them out, and in turn, they have helped us.  My neighbor was getting rid of her futon because she bought a couch, so we got it for free- nice, white wicker one.  Now we have a decent bed for Peter, Marge, and the rest of our company coming- yay for neighbors!  We also have a neighbor who works at the Emporium on Main Street and can show us the ropes on neat things we don’t know about- very, very cool.  Don’t be afraid to get to know the people who live near you- yes, they may not be good eggs, but most are and that is what counts.  You will never know unless you try to connect, and you may find endless resources you never knew you had in them.

Befriend, love, support, and uplift people in your day to day activities.  The gas attendant you pay your icee for, ask them how their day is going- or the Chick Fil A worker who brings you your food or refills your drinks.  They are an endless amount of resource because they work here, and are most likely transplants as well.  I have learned that 500 or more people a day move to FL, that is AMAZING.  So in that sense, we all have a lot in common! And let me be clear, using your resources doesn’t mean that you “use” people- that is NOT what I am talking about.  There are people out there, GOOD people, who want to help you make a good life for yourself.  We all have pride that takes over, but in relocating, sometimes someone offering things to you, or a service, is a way for them to get to know you, and maybe possibly friends.  We have more blessed opportunities because of our willingness and openness to adventure, so remember that!

Take advantage of being the new kid on the block! What I mean by that, is not to take advantage of others, but to enjoy the perks of being a new resident.  Check your mail, sign up for local coupons, contact your local Chamber of Commerce, and enjoy the deals you get as a new Resident. I could kick myself that we didn’t wait on some of our purchases, like the ones from IKEA.  A week later after we went there, I got a coupon for $25 off anything over $250- ouch!  No, you can’t use it on prior purchases, I already checked, so make sure to watch your mail and to let the post office know of your new residence as well. Also, check out the local hotels in your area- they have oodles of coupon books, for free, as well as the Entertainment book you can purchase that as a bunch as well.  We were fortunate to have someone give us their Entertainment book, thank you Ann!!!

CELEBRATE at Walt Disney World your achievement at relocating! If it was your dream to move here, you better darn well act like it.  Now, I have had my moments, so I know it’s not always easy, but we all had “I’m Celebrating” buttons on this past month, and we got free chocolate cakes! Now, its small, but to my kids who love those magical moment that pop out of nowhere, it was huge!  Enjoy the celebration and tell everyone you know- WDW is a HUGE resource for magical moments and memories.  Also, living here gives you the chance to roam the WDW Resorts, Campground, and other areas you may not ever try on vacation.  Check out movies that play at some of them, or watch Wishes from the Poly beach instead of fighting the crowds at MK.

Find your local library and take advantage of free movies, cds, and books.  It’s a nice way to have some free music for your ITunes library, and they have a system online so you can reserve the newest books and moves- score!

Be a resource to others. I love, love, LOVE being able to help someone in need- whether I can be someone to lean on, talk to, or help ease their anxiety- I want to be there for you.  I have found the nicer you are to people, the kinder, and willing to give from your soul, that life will bless you over and over again.  Don’t you ever find that when you are having a bad day and someone else comes to you and they are having a bad day, that your day doesn’t seem so bad?  My point being is, if you can EVER be a help to someone relocating, do it.  You may be the one that changed their life, their mind, or their heart.  Some people out there just need a small push to achieve their dreams, and being a kind face, a loving voice, and a helpful hand will ease the stress that many relocators experience- I know we did.

Last but not least, we hope that WE have been, and continue to be, a great resource to those planning to relocate to FL.  As I sit here, typing among palm trees and sunny weather, I am thankful that we not only moved, but that we have been able to help others in the process.  Isn’t life great when you can do something for others when you were just trying to help yourself? Got to love the unexpected!

Have a great and SAFE weekend everyone, enjoy the sun, the fireworks, and all that God has blessed you with in your life.


  1. Finding a local hotel to do your laundry was a GREAT idea. I almost always do laundry on vacation, and I am always amazed that the machines are empty. I like packing clean clothes to take home.


  2. we are also relocating and as you mention how you love to help and inspire those of us who are, i’d love to hear more about your new area, motor vehicles, how you rented a place from so far away, where the school is, etc etc.

    this is really important to others as we get a bit anxious about the ‘unknown’. you probably won’t post this stuff, but it would really help us.


  3. Amy, you are my resource! I just read this to my family (my Mom and my daughter..I guess the cats were listening too, ha). Our move will be late Spring/early Summer next year, and all day today we’ve been talking about how it’s our last 4th of July here…next year we’ll be in Florida!

    I can’t thank you enough for the information you provide, and as our time draws closer I am sure I’ll have a million questions for you. (warning you in advance!) Thanks so much for the inspiration!


  4. Amy- when I moved into my house, I had an ancient washer (probably worth money as an antique) and slightly-less-ancient dryer available to me in the not-too-accessible basement. Didn’t really have the funds to buy a washer and dryer after the house down-payment. Got by with what we had for a few months. Then, bit the bullet and bought a washer and dryer. The trick was that we went to Lowe’s and got their credit card at the same time as we bought the pair — with a 0% introductory rate for 18 months as long as the full balance was paid before those 18 months were up. You can probably find a similar deal if you look around. (Also, when buying any big ticket items, negotiate! The first person you talk to on the floor probably can’t offer you anything. But, a manager almost certainly can. I paid for the washer and dryer and got two pedestal units and delivery included for free (iirc, paid like $1700 and got another $800 in freebies).)


    • The Entertainment book is one awesome tool to have. Last year someone posted here on Pittsburgh Freecycle that they had the Orlando Edition. I snatched that up & it helped us out immensely on saving at restaurants etc


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