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See What A Little Wishing Can Do

I have said it once, I will continue to say it a thousand times- friends are the key to a happy life.  Whether you have a hundred, or just one, it is those relationships we have made in life that give us a sense of belonging to the bigger picture.  The familiarity of a smile in a sea of unknowns can make you feel so good and wanted- I can’t tell you how good it feels to experience that over and over again in my life.  I have been blessed with this blog to be able to use it as a catalyst in finding some of the most wonderful people on this Earth- and then to meet them and hang out with them, just the most incredible joy I have ever felt.  Yesterday was a day like that- hanging out with old friends, with familiar friends, and meeting new ones.  Join me as I take you through an evening with my friends and a stroll through the “Magic Kingdom.”

I love when a plan just evolves from nothing- when you had no real idea where your day would take you, until something pops up on FB or your phone and someone says those golden words “Wanna hang out?”  I have YET to turn down those who ask, simply because I am usually more than willing to have an adventure. So when a friend asked me, I was thrilled- not only would I get the chance to hang out with her, but it was the chance to get to know her better.

I met up with a fellow blog reader, Cathy, at Wilderness Lodge for a small meet and greet. She was a very kind woman and we were able to talk a bit before Shalon was meeting me.

I decided to eat at “Roaring Forks” which is the Counter Service Restaurant for Wilderness Lodge.  I had eaten at Whispering Canyon Café before, but never this one.  I was surprised at how small it was, considering the size of the All-Star and Pop food courts- but they do have more rooms and are newer, so it makes sense.  Watching my diet and my money, I opted to have the kids hamburger meal.  It’s only $4.99 and it comes with 2 sides and a drink.  This is a very affordable way for Residents to eat something without going broke, and it was a great alternative to the endless chicken nuggets they offer everywhere else. I loved that this area also had a FIXINGS bar- so I loaded it up with onions, and they let me add cheese to my burger as well.  I am not a fan of the grapes or the tasteless apple sauce, so I always get the fries and cookie (yes, I know, NOT diet food- but it’s nice occasionally).  You don’t have to be a kid to get the kid’s meal, so if you are watching your wallet and waist, opt for it instead of the large adult meals.

Ww ate outside in the breeze, and it was a beautiful evening.  Sitting outside the lodge, talking to a friend- it was a small piece of Heaven.  We decided to head to MK to say hello to friends who were doing research for at Space Mountain.  We took the boat over, and if you have never done this, it is a MUST!  The walkway to the dock is very peaceful with its large lanterns and wooden bridges.  I told my friend it was very “Wisconsin.” We boarded and sat in the front, having a good time taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful view.  The sun wasn’t setting yet, but it was that time right before it, and everything was very peaceful and calm.  I tried to talk her into doing the “I’m flying Jack” on the boat, but we thought it may be a bit odd two girls doing it, so we just laughed about it instead.

As we headed into Magic Kingdom, THE Scott Otis tweeted that he was about to pass by the Magic Kingdom. So I called him and waved as he passed by on the Monorail- it was literally my friend in a high place. LOL  (I know, bad joke)

We headed to Space Mountain to check out the crew, who had been riding all day.  All little worn for the wear, we were happy to hang out with them so they could see and talk to someone else for awhile.  I met some great new people, and had a blast talking to the rest. I finally met Cliff Wu, a great guy who is hoping to move down eventually as well.

My good friends, Anthony and Ken, found me at Space Mountain, so we decided to ride the TTA.  It was fun to look for hidden Mickeys with them and then we heard “Thriller” being played in that concert area near the “Carousel of Progress”- ah, only in MK!  The three of us then headed to Fantasyland where we met up with Christa and Mark.  Since “Snow White’s Scary Adventures” is leaving us soon with the expansion happening, we all decided it would be fun to ride it.

So we are on “Snow White” and it’s stopped- we all knew why, but it was still stopped.  The lights came on in the ride, which was odd, so we took pics while we were in our little car.  If you want to keep the magic, do NOT look behind you on a ride – especially with the lights on- it’s not a pretty sight.  It was a great way to remember this ride once it leaves- best time I have ever had on it to date!

After a ride on “Pooh” where I made Anthony play on the honey wall before we rode, we met up with Bill and Korie Aiken.  I introduced them to everyone and they were having a lovely night together- I have to tell you all, I LOVE this couple!  They are so sweet, and kind, and easy to hang out with- I am glad that God brought us together.  So we all decided to watch “Wishes” right in front of Dumbo, and let me tell you, that was SO much fun because we all knew the words to song.  So we sang along, took pictures, and laughed at knowing when and where the fireworks got shot off.  Magic!

After “Wishes” we headed to the front of the Castle to get a seat for the “Making Memories” show that is shown on the Castle.  Craig came and found us, and it was nice he got to share the memories with us all as well.  He had been at the Airport picking up Kyra’s boyfriend, Peter, and he said it was an awesome moment to see Kyra and Peter hug.  I am happy we can have him with us for awhile because it makes Kyra happy to have a piece of herself with her again- even if it’s only for 2 weeks.

As we sat down in front of the Castle, it was humid, but there was a small breeze.  Noone was around us, I mean, NO ONE. For it being 4th of July weekend, it was DESERTED! We all kept wondering where everyone was- must be Extra Magic Hours at another Park, or Fantasmic was playing at Studios, because it was quite empty.  We felt like we had our own personal show, and enjoyed it so much just hanging out together.

We found others and our crew of 9 headed to ride “Pirates of the Caribbean.”  After they made us all sit in the last 3 rows, (the first 2 were completely empty- go figure), we joked we may capsize at all the weight that was in the back of the boat.  She had her strobe light on as we dropped down the hill, and we wondered if she would break down this ride as well- nope, it was all good.

We headed to “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad” where it is always a hit or miss with me, and ironically every time I am heading to this ride, I am super excited!  Craig and I got to ride it together for the first time, so that was really fun- especially in the dark!  I got some serious air, and I thank God that ride has a lap bar or I would have been flying through the old West!

Next we headed to “Haunted Mansion” and passed the “Main Street Electrical Parade” where, again, no one was around to watch it. I am talking like 20 people on the route- it was insane!  So we watched, stopped and took pics, and kept on walking.  We got Mickey’s attention and Craig kept waving him down, it was hilarious!

A ride on “Haunted Mansion” with my new friend, Korie, was fun to get to know her better. We ended the night at “Jungle Cruise” where we sweated it out to corny jokes and the humid weather, but still alot of fun.  We all strolled out of the Magic Kingdom together, getting treats along the way on Main Street.  It was a great night of fun and friendship, and again, a HUGE reminder of why we moved here in the first place. Thank you to everyone who shared this evening with myself and Craig- it was AWESOME!

“The making of friends, who are real friends, is the best token we have of a man’s success in life.”
– Edward Everett Hale


  1. That’s what I love best about our “little” Disney Twitter family. You never go anywhere in WDW without a huge group of friends to go with you. Glad you all had such a wonderful time last night.


  2. Sounds like a wonderful evening. Wish we could have joined you. Can’t wait to see what adventures you have this week while we’re gone. We’ll be there (WDW) next Sunday on our way home from our anniversary Disney cruise.


  3. Sounds like a wonderful evening. Wish we could have joined you. We’ll be there next Sunday (WDW) on our way home from our anniversary Disney cruise. I love how facebook and other social network sites have enabled us to meet both in the virtual world and the real world.


  4. Sounds like an awesome day at the Magic Kingdom with Shalon and the gang! Glad I got to be a part of it, if only in the most slight of ways. I did see you waving at me from the monorail as I passed the Magic Kingdom! Woot!


  5. Amy,

    That is one of the big reasons we really want to move there. We have made so many friends like you that now reside there. I know we all have lives and we get busy but the fact that someone will think of you and just out of the blue say hey lets hang out is so great! Because you are right we all want to fill like we are accepted and belong. We all just want to have a fun, happy & enjoyable life. Then those that we meet fill and meet those feelings.

    I so enjoyed the post.


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