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Fireworks and Friends

Don’t you love those mornings where you wake up, everything is right with the world, and your hubby cooks bacon so you can blog? Well, that was my lovely morning yesterday, and it was such a comfortable and warm feeling.  Peter is officially home with us for the next two weeks, so Kyra is on cloud nine. The kids swam with Emily yesterday, and it was so nice to hear the laughing and see the smiles- I was overjoyed at how happy they were.

After chilling out the rest of the day, we all got ready for the fireworks at the Polynesian Resort.  Since these were my first 4th of July ones here, I was curious and excited about how to go about seeing them. Here is what I did to make the experience work for my family, and hopefully it helps any of you watching them tonight or years to follow- enjoy!

We left the house around 6:45 p.m., parking at the Magic Kingdom a little before 7.  We hopped the tram, bringing with us a blanket and a backpack filled with drinks and snacks for the evening.  It was very much like what we do every 4th in WI, just heading to Disney World instead.  Once we got to the TTC, we walked to the LEFT and took a small path that leads you right to the Polynesian Resort.

A side note*** Unless you have dining reservations at the Poly for the 3rd or 4th, they will NOT let you park there under any circumstances.  We know of someone who was indeed turned away, so we encourage you to make reservations, or park at the TTC like we did and walk the small distance over.  The only down side to that is that at the end of the night, unless you are fast, you will be waiting in the tram lines with everyone else coming out of the Magic Kingdom, so be prepared for that. We took 10 minutes to walk from the Poly Beach to the TTC, but another half hour of waiting in line for an empty tram.

The beaches alone are worth coming to play on, but the view is spectacular! We came across one little beach area, which had a couple of people at it, then moved to the Main Beach area to be more visible to our friends who were meeting us there.   I found us a spot closest to the water, and there were a few left, being we had 2 hours to kill. But I have to say that all of the deck chairs were indeed taken, so if you want a chair, get there much earlier than 2 hours prior.

As I fluffed the blanket out with Emily, I heard someone say “Amy!”  Now, there are A LOT of Amy’s on this planet, especially at WDW I’m sure, so I was hesitant to look- but I was happy I did! Beatrice Feeney came walking up, with a great hug, and introduced herself as a reader of the blog.  She was SUCH a sweetheart and it was really great getting to know her, plus we all killed time while waiting for the big show to begin.  Another reader, Amy, also came by to watch with Beatrice, so I got to meet her as well.  I loved these ladies and I hope we get together again real soon.

Our crew came together, and as I took my shoes off to feel the sand between my toes, I am pretty sure my jaw hurt. Why? I couldn’t stop smiling! All of these amazing people we were surrounded by, who wanted to be with my family- what did I do to deserve it all?  I watched Emily play in the sand, Kyra and Peter smile at each other, Craig talk to friends, and I just took it all in. Right before I was going to sit, I heard another voice say “Could it be the mythical Craig and Amy Petermann?”  Ah, this HAS to be Brian!  Another reader, and of course friend, stopped by to say hello so we grabbed a picture- great guy!

The fireworks started promptly at 9:00 p.m. and it was something that of which is seen on television for the White House or a major sports event.  The narration, the music, the floats on the water- incredible!  I videotaped the finale, and you can find it by searching “The Relocated Tourist” on You Tube and subscribing to our channel.  We hope to bring you more videos of WDW happenings and of us as well.

I have been told that the July 3rd Fireworks show is almost for the FL Residents, because we all know that the 4th is insane anywhere on WDW Property and there is no point in enjoying them when you are packed in somewhere like sardines.  So we get to enjoy them before the crowds really come,  and unless you came really late, and even then, the beach is a relaxing and beautiful way to see them.  The floats on the water wouldn’t be seen from inside MK, nor the larger fireworks that are shot off over the water as well, so I think you have a better seat at the Poly then even inside the Magic Kingdom.  If you watched them inside the Park, let us know what the view was like.

It was an amazing night with great company, and we are off to do the same today.  “Flock of Seagulls” is performing in Celebration tonight, so my friends and I are all dressing up 80s style for the concert and fireworks.  Shelley and Dave are having a belated Birthday party for me as well, so I am pretty excited for today. Have a great 4th everyone, stay safe, and God bless our Nation.

P.S. Merchandise Mondays will return next week along with other new segments.


  1. Love it! The last time we saw the 4th July events in WDW was a few years ago and I can can say yep it was crazy. The fireworks were amazing we had never seen any thing like that.

    I do want to just see the everyday fireworks from the Poly beach. It would be just a new experiance.

    Also have a great Belated Birthday celebration!


  2. Oh, Amy…we were across the lake over in front of The Contemporary. Amazing fireworks just like New Years Eve which I trust you will be attending this year! 🙂


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