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A Tower Tour

After a morning of exploring Highway 192, I was invited by Tim and Bethany Schrader for lunch at the Contemp Café at the Contemporary Resort.  Since they are DVC Owners, they were trying out Bay Lake Tower for the first time, so they graciously offered to give me a tour after lunch. Here was the time we spent together today, enjoy!

I met up with the Schrader family in the Contemp Lobby on the first floor. Tim came up with a huge smile and kindly shook my hand as he introduced me to the rest of the family. I met Bethany and I immediately wanted to hug her, for I saw her in a scooter and could tell she had had some struggled in her life.  As time would go on, I would learn from her that she was in a horrific accident involving a semi-truck, and that she had to learn how to speak, walk, etc. all over again.  Hearing her speak of her struggles, all I kept thinking was “Who am I EVER to complain about a bad day when she has to deal with this every day?!?”  Just. Love. Her.

The family treated me to lunch at the Contempo Café, which was a first for me to eat there.  I loved the open area, located right next to Chef Mickeys and the Monorail track overhead. They have a kiosk that you touch to order your food, no real human there to take your order, and then you choose your drink and dessert and check out to pay.  You are given a buzzer, like most Restaurants, and then head to your table of choice.

I ordered the Angus Cheeseburger, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions from the small toppings bar, with a side order of homemade potato chips.  I added a lemonade and phenomenal cupcake, and I enjoyed the good food with the great company.

I did tell them I was surprised that the Contempo Café is quite small for such a large and deluxe Resort.  It is small for the Contemp, but add the new Towers tourists to it, and I am just shocked at it’s size.  If you go to All-Stars, or even Pop, you will see what looks like a Mall Food Court of choices and varieties.  I realize those Resorts were made after the Contemp, but again, to me, it doesn’t make sense.

We headed to Bay Lake Towers for my first glimpse, and I was so excited to walk the bridge that I had only seen from the Monorail passing it by.  The bridge that links the Towers and The Contemp together is located on the same level as the Restaurants and Gift Shops.  Before you walk into the bridge area, there is a beautiful area outside it where you can see the Castle and Space Mountain– I just pictured myself sitting out there at night and watching “Wishes.”

The bridge area was amazing, and you could only get into it by your room key.  I loved the openness of it, and how you had a great view of the Magic Kingdom on one side, and the lake on the other.  As we headed to the elevators, it was amazing to me to see that even that small area by the lifts were spectacular views of the Castle.

Tim explained to me that the lower levels are considered value, then as you get higher, so does the points and/or price.  We walked down the hallways of Mickey shaped carpets, and to their room on the lake view side.

They were kind enough to let me take pictures of their room, which was really nice. They had a large bed, not sure the size, with a couch next to it that opened out into a bed for the kids.  Flat screen television with a cabinet right next to it, a small table area, and a beautiful view from their balcony of the lake and Castle.  They had a small kitchen nestled between the bedroom and bathroom, where it had a full vertical make-up mirror, fridge, microwave, and counter space with cabinets.

The feel of the room was futuristic and cool. The art was of Mickey in space, and it looked contemporary which was the point. I felt it would be a cozy room after a long day at the Parks, but it did seem a bit far from the elevators and Main Lobby of the Contemp.  If I was thirsty, and didn’t have my fridge loaded up, I would want to use my refillable mug at the Contempo Café. But, being so far from that area, it seems it would be quite the bother to go all the way there for a drink of soda- hence why the Schraders stocked up their fridge.

We headed to the pool area, again by room key only, and I got to see the new area.  A beautiful pool, with a small and large water slide, it seemed like a child’s dream to have.  They had life jackets for the smaller kids, which is smart, and is a great idea for the little ones who can swim on their own but still need that extra safety.  They had a fountain area for anyone to run thru, much like the one at Downtown Disney or at Epcot.  Bethany told me the pool lights up in neon at night- must be very cool to see.

I thanked them for lunch and the tour, and told Bethany what an inspiration she was to me. They both were.  He fell in love with her, despite her misfortune, and they have enjoyed 12 years of wedded bliss so far.  I hope they do relocate down here, because I would love to get to know them both better, as well as their two adorable sons.  Thanks again to you both, you made my day.


  1. Seeing Wishes at the top of BLT is amazing! Even when it was 30 degrees outside. (Yes, it does freeze in Orlando. Thankfully not for very long) 😀


  2. We stayed at Bay Lake in May and loved it! It is a great location. I loved being able to just stroll leisurely back to our room after an evening at the MK. Thanks for the great reporting.


  3. I can relate to Bethany, eleven years ago I too was in a bad motorcycle accident between me and 2 trucks and almost lost my right leg and my life I no longer work and I am on disability. Life throws cures everyday to someone and those of us who happen to be in that catagory learn to cope and just enjoy life. I am a disabled veteran also. Disney and all of its magic is my escape as well as for my 8 year old princess and my 15 year old son. Beautiful shots of the Tower and great repots. I am a veteran of the value resorts myself, I cannot afford much else. Just being in Disney is all that matters.
    God bless


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