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A Night Out With Mr.Tim Foster

One of the great things about living here in FL, are the endless opportunities and experiences you can have, including the kind that surprise you.  I was honored to have met Tim Foster, Editor of “Celebrations” Magazine, back in November at the WDW Radio Meet.  We got the opportunity to hang out Monday night and I thought I would share with you what an amazing time we had.

We met up at the Yacht Club, which has one of the most beautiful and classy lobbies I have ever seen.  On the way over from home, I had the chance to talk to my best friend, Kelly, and it made me feel so good to hear her voice.  It was great to have her on the phone as I walked up to see Tim waiting for me- always a good thing to have friendship surround you.

We walked through the Yacht Club to the Beach Club, on our way to the gateway of Epcot. Because Tim isn’t thrilled with the heat, he likes to find every possible way to avoid it.  As we walked through the hallways, Tim took his shoes off and shared how he and his daughter like the feel of the carpet on their feet.  He pointed out details of the Resort that I had never seen before, and I learned quite a bit.  I truly believe that this Resort has the coldest air conditioning on Property.

After walking in and out of the Yacht and Beach Club, passing Beaches and Cream with a smile, we arrived at Tim’s favorite spot on WDW Property.  You can walk up and over the bridge to the entrance of Epcot, or walk below it, next to the water.  The walkway was peaceful, and no one seemed to care it was there, so it was a nice spot to enjoy the magic.

I had never walked in that Epcot entrance before, so it was nice to see it for the first time.  It had quite an open area, with a small grassy area, and then a gift shop to the left as soon as you enter.  It was a lovely way to walk in, as it wasn’t busy and it was cool to walk right into the World Showcase without having to go through Future World first.

We headed to France to see the new digitally enhanced Impressions de France film. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I had never seen the film before, EVER.  I think as a tourist you don’t see the films as much as you would like because they are time consuming, and if you don’t time them right, it’s a lot of waiting around.  I would HIGHLY encourage you to make time for this film, as it was spectacular!  We were lucky enough to walk right in for the film, and it was a nice start to the night.  If you love Castles, Gardens, and Landscapes- you will love this attraction.

We headed towards Japan to do some Pocky shopping, which are a tasty treat of wafer sticks dipped in types of chocolate and such. He introduced them to me in November, so now it is tradition to pick them up with him.  I checked out the lanterns in the shop, as I want to get Kyra one for her room to fit her black and white theme. Only $9.99 there and with my discount, it will only be around $8- score!

We headed further into World Showcase, walking through each air conditioned store. I told Tim about the cheapest snack on WDW Property, which is the ten cent Werthers caramel candies found in the Karamel Kuchen in Germany.

As we got to the African Outpost, I told him I needed some water, as it was VERY hot out.  I told him that I loved getting free glasses of water all the time without having to carry a water bottle. He didn’t believe me that I could get a free glass! So I headed on up to the counter and asked for a glass of water, which he happily gave me.  Foster looked shocked. I told him that I had been told they have to give it to you if you ask because of FL law. Not sure if that is true, but I have never been denied when I have asked, and I ask all the time.  I also will get a glass of ice and pour my own can of soda I brought into the Park- nice and inexpensive.

Dinner time had finally arrived, and I was being treated to “Nine Dragons” in China. Wow, what a treat to go somewhere I had never eaten yet, but with such a Celebrity as Tim himself.  I enjoyed the ambience of the Restaurant, and the neat dragon that was etched in the glass that you pass as you walk into the lobby.

Our table of two was ready, and I was overjoyed to be looking over a menu that was so new to me.  Tim ordered the Kung Pao Chicken, where I went less spicey and ordered the Nine Dragons Fried Rice.  I thought it only fitting to order this, as I was eating in the place it was named after.  Tim ordered egg rolls for an appetizer, and OH- MY- GOSH they were delicious! I think I may have liked the egg rolls more than my dinner.  First off, they bring them to you on a large, long white dish, with three choices of dipping sauces.  The rolls are the size of sandwich wraps that you can order at delis, so they alone I could have split with someone or ate myself as a full dinner. I already plan to go back JUST for the egg rolls!

Our dinner entrées came and I was famished. Even after eating the egg rolls, I had purposely not eaten lunch so I could enjoy dinner at its fullest.  The rice came in a huge and deep bowl- I imagine it would fill two take out Chinese boxes if I had ordered it to go.  It was filled with ham, chicken, egg, veggies, with shrimp laid on the top mixed with fried rice. I am a huge fan of fried rice, so it was delicious.  Tim enjoyed his and smartly avoided the peppers, although it was still spicey enough to have the ice tea flowing.

It was a wonderful meal, filled with lots of Disney talk, and I truly appreciated it for all it was worth. We finished the evening off with a ride on Spaceship Earth and a great view of Illuminations. I said goodbye to my great friend, and wished him safe travels home. If you ever get the chance to meet this awesome man, do so- class act all the way.  Check out his site at or check out “Celebrations” magazine, which Craig and I have a subscription to, at .


  1. I wish I could have been there with 2 of my very favorite indivduals: Amy Falk Petermann and Tim Foster! I’m so happy you both had an amazing time.Thanks for sharing your adventures.


  2. Yet another event that I’m envious of Amy! I hope to meet Tim one of these days. How great to meet up with people that soon become friends, and then get to hang out in Epcot as if it’s just a normal night on the town 🙂


  3. I had a subscription to the “Celebrations” magazine. A bit pricey, IMO, but really worth it. Such vivid, colorful pictures with great detailed information. Thank you for continuing with your blog. Always something new and adventurous for me to read. Makes my day !!!


  4. Hi,
    I’m a relocated tourist myself! (Except we’re a bit further away from The Mouse..near Tampa.)We’ve been here for almost a year and love it!
    I also love your blog.
    I just wanted to mention that if you love the Pocky snacks, you can probably find them at Walmart and/or Target too. Look in the Asian section. 🙂


  5. Here’s another good free-water tip: If you have little kids who are still at the sippy-cup stage, ask for your water with a coffee-cup lid. They work great as sippy cups — as long as the kid doesn’t squeeze too hard! 🙂


  6. Amy,

    I am so happy for all the new friends you are making and maybe Tim will have you do write ups for Celebration Mag.


  7. And the best part about the water is, if you ask for a large they will give you the big cup! I had lunch the other day at Flame Tree between shifts and they actually gave me the bigger one without my asking. Guess they knew how hot it was that day!


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