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Our Dixie Date Night

With its beautiful surroundings and romantic landscapes, Port Orleans Riverside sets the stage for a wonderful date with the one you love. Back in 1999, I booked a room there, then called “Dixie Landings” for an AP rate of $99 a night- it would be our first visit to a WDW Moderate Resort.  It was the first Disney Resort Kyra ever stayed at, so it holds a lot of sentimental value to us. Visiting the Resort as FL Residents this evening was emotional and exciting- who thought 12 years after our first stay here we would be living in FL? Life is cool that way.

We parked at one of the Mansions, the furthest one, and enjoyed a walk around the grounds. We stayed at Magnolia Terrace, so we made sure to walk around that particular Mansion and we even tried to remember our room number.  We used to swim in the quiet pool there, and hit the bus stop behind it where no one ever seemed to be but us.

We decided to head in for dinner at the Food Court area, which is just so cozy and inviting.  We enjoyed hand carved turkey for dinner with steamed veggies, mashed potatoes with gravy, and a piece of corn bread. It cost around $10 for the meal, we both had one, then shared a large Diet Coke.  They have not switched over to the bar code system yet for the soda stations, so enjoy it here while it lasts.

After our bellies were full of delicious turkey, we headed to the marina for a crowded boat ride to DTD. This is usually a beautiful and peaceful ride, but today it was a bit crowded. So with the noise of so many people, it wasn’t as romantic and quiet as it can be.  After stopping at Port Orleans French Quarter to get even more people, we got to DTD 20 minutes later. I do have to say I was excited to see the Treehouses again- haven’t seen them in awhile, and was happy to know they are using them for DVC for Saratoga Springs.

The boat docks by Captain Jacks and Rainforest Café, making it easy to get to the Art of Disney, Christmas Shop, or several other stores. They do have a Water Taxi for DTD to get to the other areas, but I think walking would be faster then coming back to this dock and having to take another boat, but that’s just my opinion. If you are needing one after getting off our current boat from Riverside, then it makes sense.

We headed to the “Art of Disney” where we found a Disney Illustration Artist, Randy Noble, who was premiering his newest work. He had a great Goofy print that I fell in love with- loved the brightness of the orange, and he is my favorite Character, so we bought it and had him sign it. We talked to him for quite some time, and he will be there again tomorrow night after 6 p.m. I believe.  Craig is going to have the kids meet him and show him their artwork- should be cool.

After meeting Randy and enjoying one of our favorite stores, we headed to the Christmas shop to take in all the delightful eye candy there.  Christmas in FL will be a new experience for Craig and the kids, where as myself, I have been here in 1991 with my parents and brother at Christmas. We hope to decorate our house in Disney style as usual, but with a bit more FL flair- should be fun.

We pin traded for a bit, then headed to World of Disney where we found entertainment outside of it instead. A young man was juggling and playing with spinning plates- the kids in the crowd loved it. I had no idea that DTD had entertainment in that area- right between World of Disney and Basin.  They had something going on at the main stage area, which had its music blaring while he had his peaceful music playing for his act- a bit hard to hear his at times, but we could follow it without the music. It was a fun and light show and although it was sweet, it was nothing I would say you “have to see.”

A walk through Basin for the most amazing smells, we headed to grab Goofy saltwater taffy and Vitamin Dragonfruit water for the boat ride back to Riverside. It was a beautiful evening, and even though it was humid out, it was still a nice night. We rode back on the boat, hand in hand, and smiling at the fact we actually really live here now.

Earlier in the day, I had ran to Celebration to check out where the Survivor Autograph Session was going to be held tomorrow.  As I walked past the Market Street Café, I saw Tina Wesson from the 2nd Season sitting outside eating breakfast with friends. I wasn’t sure to say something or keep walking, so I kept walking and left her to eat. After I had walked around town, still hadn’t found the scavenger hunt map yet, I was again going past the Café. She was still there, so I walked up and said hello. We wound up talking for about 35 minutes- about Survivors, about Ethan, about Give Kids the World, and about the event tomorrow.  She was so sweet and so kind, that when I asked for her pic, she hugged me so hard, which is why I’m smiling so much in the pic with her.  I cannot wait to see her again tomorrow!

I spent most of my morning finding the map, then using the clues to fill in my entry for the contest. I mostly did it to see if I would run into any of them today, and secondly you get $5 off your autograph fee tomorrow when you turn in a completed page.  It was a great way to get to know the businesses in that area, plus I did really meet a Survivor million dollar winner. The kids are going with me tomorrow, so I am pretty stoked at who we will meet and how they will be.  I will be blogging on the event and all of the pics, so check back tomorrow night. God bless your day, your weekend, and your life.


  1. What an awesome evening and day. It seems like your life is full of amazing days like this. That’s just so cool. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Can’t wait to read youre next blog, as usual!!! I ld love Survivor -thats so cool that you got to meet Tina..are you following Parvati by any chance?
    I’m happy to see you & Craig had another wonderful night together. You guys are awesome 🙂


  3. It would be so special to have a date night at WDW, as a matter fact it would just be nice to have a date night for me LOL. I love Port Orleans. I believe Riverside and French Quarter can be so romantic and I love the boat ride to DTD. Also I hope you have loads of fun meeting the Survivors today. Survivor is my favorite show. I have always wanted to try out for them but just don’t think I can leave my kids for that long. Can’t wait to hear your experience meeting all of them.


  4. I would love to have a date night, and a date night at Port Orleans Riversaide would be a double plus. What a great place to have a date night. I havent done the carrige ride there but when you do let me know. Have a great day with the girls meeting the Survivor guys and gals. My mom watches that show all the time. 🙂


  5. Amy,

    This was an awesome post! I think it is so cute how you & Craig still hold onto those precious moments in your life and try to capture them when the chance presents its self! I also love your boldness of speaking to others and making a new memory. Love that adventurous spirit in you!


  6. Mark and I stayed at POR the other year, first time staying on property. Unfortunately it wasn’t as romantic and peaceful as it could have been as Disney were using it for the Pop Warner cheerleaders; guests were not happy with the noise and chaos 😦 The lovely boat ride to DTD that we took most nights during our two week stay made up for it a little though 🙂


  7. Aww Amy your date night sounds fab! We love riverside, we have stayed there for both our visits & its probably going to be our home for the third trip next year! 😀


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