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Finding the Balance

I truly believe that some people think that if you are moving to Florida to be closer to Walt Disney World, that you intend on going to the Parks every single day.  I can be the first one to tell you, that THAT is not true.  Living closer to the Parks means you have the ability and choice to go whenever you like, just like anything else you want to live closer to. I am here to explain how finding the balance after relocation is the key to keeping your head about you- let’s begin.

I’ll admit it, I am guilty of having the Disney bug in a bad way when we first moved here. I mean, come on, it’s one of the reasons we relocated here- so of course I would want to go as much as possible.  It is near impossible to live minutes away from the Parks and know you could be experiencing the magic anytime you wish, and then choose not to.  Of course being here at first is like a vacation- not having been here in awhile, every breath you take on WDW Property is an exciting one.  The balance of finding the time for the Parks and, oh yeah, LIFE, is a bit tough at first.  When it is something you have thought about, dreamt about, and now it is right in your hand for the taking- it is quite hard to say sometimes “I can’t do it today.”  Now, that was when we first moved here. Having been here over 2 months now, I can tell you that balancing out Park time is finally working itself out on its own.  For the longest time I wanted to go every minute of every day because it was the magic I had longed for, and for me it was a boost to my smile.  Now I get to the Parks when family and friends visit, for meet ups, and for date nights.  I try to get there occasionally on my own for a nice breather from home, which is always nice to walk and just take it all in on my own.  The Parks are a treat, not a priority, otherwise we would never have a normal life outside them. Please remember that when you move down here- they are wonderful to have nearby, but not life and death.

Now, here is the fun part- add a dash of real life to your Park time.  Again, once you live here, you are no longer on vacation. What was once your playground of forgetting your troubles and worries will start to change its definition shortly after you have settled in.  Don’t get me wrong, it will still be that too many of us, but whereas before you left reality and had nothing but play time on vacation is a lot different when living and playing here as a Resident.  One day I will be registering a child for school, and the next dealing with rust on my car. Then out of the blue we will just head to the Poly for some drinks and a monorail ride, and it is the balance we have found works most for us.  WDW is becoming the reward- let’s get our stuff done for the day, whether it’s paying bills or mowing the yard, and THEN we can all go play.

Craig works during the day here at home, and we are so proud of him that he does that for his family.  Yes, I do feel guilty sometimes leaving him at home while I get to eat some place new with new friends, or even when the kids and I go out and play.  But, it was what we discussed before leaving WI, so finding the balance for his sanity is important. I try to make sure he is getting enough time outside our home so that he can experience the “whys” of relocating here as well.

We decided we would make three nights per week a ritual so that everyone in our family would always know that they have time with each other. Our date night, kid night, and then family night will be nights that our specifically for that.  Kid night we will trade off so that we both get quality time with each child, whether at Disney or not, so they feel they have our undivided attention. Family night will be just that, the four of us, doing whatever we feel like in FL, but keeping it just the four of us. Date night we had started in WI, which we love because Craig and I get the chance to fall in love over and over again each week- it helps we have a Disney Park or Resort to take a romantic stroll through. We need these three nights solid and strong so when we are asked to do meet-ups, get-togethers with locals, and so on, we all know our availability.

Soon in 2 weeks time, my babies will start their new schools and it will add another piece to the balancing equation of life here once again.  The days of sleeping in and staying up late will be left to the weekends, and making time for anything but school during the week will get tougher.  The temptation of the Parks being so close will be interesting during the school week, and I hope that we can balance it so they can enjoy some Park time if possible.  We always promised the kids that when they have a hard time at school, or they did something amazing, we would try to let them have some Park time at night so they could feel a bit of the magic to help their day or celebrate their accomplishments. Yes, we can do it at home too- but its way more fun to see “Wishes” after a school day, as long as they can get enough sleep for school. I see it as a trial and error for that first month- I am sure I will let you all in on how it goes.

We still balance the budget to make sure that everything is getting paid and picked up.  Like I have said before, when you first get here- you want to buy stuff for your new home, buy stuff in the Parks, and go to all the new places and restaurants you have never been too.  Unless you have an endless amount of cash, you have to learn to balance FAST what you can and cannot afford every time you get paid.  We have a running list of items to pick up, then there are the bigger items that take time to save for, and then there are the things and places we want to experience- but it all takes time and patience.  When I can’t afford Universal or Kennedy Space Center at the moment, I remind myself of Sea World and WDW passes that I have in my wallet.  It will all get paid for in time, and I will eventually get to those places.  I have faith if we are meant to do it, we will do it.

Once you have found your balance with work, school, church, and playtime in the Parks- I truly believe that life gets a bit easier.  Eventually we will stop saying “I wish we had ________” or “If only we could go to _______.”  We are giving ourselves a break on time, and still trying to adjust to it all.  We have enjoyed the Meets, and have many coming up we are VERY excited about! Have a wonderful weekend my friends, make your moments count!


  1. Thanks for this great article. I am sure it is hard to balance everything and to realize you are not on vacation and that you have priorities. And I am sure when school starts yall will get even better organized on your days. Hope you have a great weekend.


  2. Love reading your blogs Amy. Too bad we never got to meet up two months ago,but you had just moved there. Hopefully, next time we come in a year or two, we will finally meet!


  3. I love your 3 nights per week idea. We do date nights as well and I swear by them. We’ve always done it and after kids arrived and when babysitters were needed to be paid for. I told my hubby that date night/babysitters were cheaper than therapy! 🙂


  4. Another great blog Amy! I’m glad you can tell it like it really is, not just all the good or exciting bits, but I think the hard work of daily life makes the treats all the more special? How fab for the girls to work hard at school, then pop to MK to see Wishes! I can only dream what it must be like to have park time on your own……lol, but we have decided we are coming to WDW again next year!! :D, I must try not to wish the time away! xx


  5. Amy I loved this blog!!!! I think all of us regardless of where we live have to find balance in life. It’s summer up here in Boston and I have a ton of stuff to do around the house. But every weekend I face the temptation of packing up the car and heading to the beach and the pool. And more often than not the fun stuff wins out. You have every right to enjoy the parks, alone time, family time and meet up time (I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU IN A FEW WEEKS !!!!!) without EVER feeling like you have to justify your time to anyone. Over the past year I have learned a very valuable lesson. Life is short and we only get one shot at happiness. And as your friend I want you and your family to be as happy as you can everyday for the rest your life. And if that means hitting the parks all time then do it lol!

    After following your blog for the past year (wow, see time does fly by) its obvious that your move was well thought out, budgeted for and planned for every step of the way. You got there safely. You have a cute house with a pool, Craig is working, the girls are getting ready for school and you have been busy getting your family settled in their new life. It’s ok to enjoy your time and anyone who reads your posts know how much “real life” stuff you have been crossing off your list. So don’t let the negative Nellie’s out there get you down. Hit the parks this weekend and have a awesome time!


  6. Very nice post on life’s balances. It’s good to see you fitting in time at the Parks, while still going through real life issues. That’s balance.

    Now, let’s go to the Magic Kingdom on Monday! :o)


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