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The First Day in a New School

The morning started with Kyra and Craig heading out to High School, and myself waking up Emily for the start of her 6th grade year. I was nervous and exhausted, as I had barely slept all night. Emily and Kyra both looked adorable in their uniforms, and I tried my best not to cry. Kyra was a hug before heading out, but I drove Emily to school and walked her in.  I thought it best you hear how their days went from the kids themselves, enjoy!

Hello!! It’s Emily!! Today, I had my first day at Celebration k-8 school. This morning I was really nervous! I didn’t have any friends except one in my neighborhood but she wasn’t in any of my classes. I felt really lonely. But then my mommy told me that god is always with me and if I feel alone or left out, talk to him!! She also said school isn’t to make friends. It is about learning!! So even if I didn’t meet any friends, I should try to be the best I can be when im in my classes!!!! 😀 When my mommy was driving me I felt like I had no tummy. There was just an empty spot there. As we were walking up to my school I got really nervous and bursted into tears. I was really nervous and scared.. I didn’t know anybody, I didn’t know if my teachers were nice or not!!! My mommy dropped my off at my 1st period and the teacher said I could be her assitant and she gave me a treat since I was so scared!!! I was terrified in my first period. But a really nice girl helped me out to my gym class (2nd period). Speaking of gym, it had to be the farthest one I have seen!!! You have to walk past the school, onto a bridge through a forest, and then there is a huge baseball and soccer field!!!! They give us 15 mintues to go back to our classrooms so I didn’t have to worry about being on time to my 3rd period!!! I loved all my teachers soooo much!!! They were all so happy and kind!!! When it came to lunch time I was terrified because I didn’t know anyone to sit with. But I found my neighbor!!! She introduced me to her friends and when I started to feel sad, they all comforted me!!! After that, I rushed to my next class (that teacher wasn’t as nice to me). And then came the last class. He was extremely funny!!!! He made all of us feel better!!! And then, I rushed to my mother and sister and gave them a HUGE hug!!! I was so happy to see them!! And then when I got home, my mommy told me the exciting news.. I didn’t have to go to gym anymore!!! My mommy put me in a new Spanish class!!! Its really good to because a lot of things in Florida are Spanish!!! My favorite  teachers were: language arts teacher, world history teacher, math teacher and careers teacher!!! I am excited to go back tomorrow, but I am still as nervous as I was this morning!! Thank you to all of the people who wished me luck and who prayed for me!! I was so happy when I saw your comments!!!

This is Kyra, and now I’ll tell you a little but about the day I had! Dad walked me to the gates of Celebration High School so that we could talk to guidance early about the three classes I had to change. What happened was when they made my schedule they put three classes on there that I didn’t need. So we went early and everything just so that we could change it, only to discover that the students had to go get a special form at lunch time so we went early for no reason really. Then I said bye to dad and I was on my own to wait for a little while. That was rough to start just because I had suddenly felt alone in all these people. I did feel better though when classes began. I love my marine science class and my teacher informed us that this year we would be taking a field trip to Sea World and later could dissect a shark! I know without a doubt that will be my favorite class. The gym class was the least desirable of all of them just because I don’t like sports and the first day he took role and told us to socialize. It’s a good thing I brought a book! The majority of the kids in my school were from places like Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Venezuela, so I heard tons of Spanish. Lunch was neat at first, they give you a lot of choices for what you want to eat. There’s a sub sandwich line and Mexican food line (nachos, tacos, burritos, etc) a line for burgers and fries, and one for pizza. I happily took a spot in the pizza line then realized that students were entering in a pin number in this little pad before they paid for lunch. Well I freaked out a little bit because I didn’t know what mine was and I was third in line with 50 people behind me. I found it on my schedule and breathed a sigh of relief that I avoided that awkwardness. So I got a big slice of pepperoni pizza and a carton of milk for $2.40 and when I got out of line I got that sinking feeling like oh no, where do I sit now… Well I did find a spot outside and I was by myself. One group of kids sat by me and I got my hopes up but for some reason they all got up and left again. That happens and really I knew it would, but I also know that soon maybe somebody will sit with me or I’ll get courageous enough to sit with them. So then I proceeded to go through the rest of my day and I learned that I love my World History teacher but I’m not too fond of my Advanced Algebra teacher. I learned that hallways in that school get SO ridiculously congested and it’s better to bolt out of the classroom asap before you have to wait behind a line of 80 kids trying to squeeze themselves out of one door. It was nerve wracking and sometimes and little sad, but I know that it will get better. I’m usually an optimist when it comes to these things and I’m looking at all of the bright sides. I know that God put me here for a reason and no matter what I’ll always be looking up. I’m excited to get my classes sorted out and find some good friends this year!

It’s Amy again, and I have to say that I am happy this day is almost over. I am emotionally drained and a bit worried for my kids. Emily seemed to do quite well, but Kyra seemed to not be happy at all.  I can only trust that God has us here for a reason and that he knows what he is doing in both of my children’s lives.  Nothing is more disheartening when making such a bold move then finding out that it’s not as perfect as you had hoped. I knew school would be a journey, I just hope there is a rainbow at the end of both girls school adventures. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments, thoughts, and prayers. We love you all!


  1. We will be praying for you both tomorrow! I know God will use you both as you make friends and get into the new normal of school! What fun classes and remember to do your best!


  2. So pleased you all got through the first day and each day that follows will be easier little by little. You’ve all been so brave so far. I’m sending you lots of good wishes and big hugs from the UK 😉


  3. First off congrats to you both. You both did fantastic. I remember this day quite well for me. My parents had to move us from a very small town in Mid-Michigan to a suburb near Detroit. I was in 11th grade & my brother in 12th. That first day was so very hard for me as well.

    Hang in there Kyra it does get better. You both did a fantasic job in my opinion.


  4. Emily, I’m so very glad that your day went well! It sounds like you did awesome and were very brave!

    Kyra, things will definitely get better as you progress.I’m so jealous of that lunchroom! I packed all through high school because ours was just awful. You have so many cool choices! And it sounds like your classes are going to be really cool. Keep your optimistic attitude and bright outlook! 🙂

    Prayers and Pixie Dust for you both as you continue on this courageous journey.


  5. Keep up the great attitudes girls!!!!! First days are hard but guess what… it’s done!!! Now you can move onto learning and making friends and doing your best with a little “Mickey time” on the weekends! 🙂 Whoot!


  6. I will have you both in my prayers Kyra and Emily. I was very shy when I was younger so I can truly understand how you must be feeling. But things will get better indeed. Kids will warm up to you and start talking to you. You both are very sweet and kind so what is there not to like about you right?? Just hang in there and trust that God is there watching over you guys.
    I am looking forward to read funny stories about your schools and new friends.


  7. Hi Emily and Kyra! I was thinking of you guys all day today. I was praying and hoping that you both had great first days. I remember switching schools at the start of my Junior year in high school and it was so nerve wracking. Add to that I was transferrring from a catholic school to a public high school. I didn’t think the butterflies in my stomach would ever stop. But by the end of the first week I had made some friends and felt more settled. You are right, you guys are there for a reason and God is always watching over you. And you have all of us out here in Facebook World thinking you everyday and sending positive thoughts your way.

    I hope day two is even better for you both. I am looking forward to meeting your mom when I come this weekend and I am going to make it a point to ask how your first week went. Big hugs to both of you 🙂


  8. The first day is always the hardest. From here on out I am sure you will get to know many new people and will enjoy your new school. God does have a purpose for each of you. Praying and sending Pixie Dust.


  9. I will be continuing to pray as the girls adjust to their new schools and also for you and Craig as I know how hard it is when you children are hurting and you can’t do anything about it. Love you and will be lifting you up before His throne.


  10. You had me in tears! We moved from out of state when our kids were entering 2nd, 6th, 9th, & 10th grades. The key (as I saw it) for the upper grade kids was to get involved in some sort of play, sports, music group, whatever. That gave them a smaller group of kids to talk with and get to know. But it took time, and just know that it will get better!! Fortunately my youngest had a friend from the neighborhood that she had met that summer, like Emily has. Is there a picnic or social of any sort for new families? Hang in there, Kyra. Each day will get better, and soon you’ll love your school and will have good friends. You’ll both be in my prayers!


  11. Sounds like the 1st day went pretty good. I am sure things will get better and u girls will adjust to ur classes and teachers and make new friends! It just takes a little time.


  12. Glad that Emily had a good day, and Kyra, it will get better. Your senior year is the fastest year of high school and then it’s over. Now I don’t know where Celebration goes for it’s grad night since Disney doesn’t do it anymore, but I think you can look forward to a trip to Universal at the end of April to the beginning of May, and it’s all night long.


  13. First day of school, the new kids, but everything seemed to work out. It’s like starting at a new job, almost. I bet in a few weeks time, you’ll be old pros. Continued success!


  14. This is the first time I’ve posted because I felt for the girls today.

    Emily, it sounds like you’re off to a good start and hopefully things will get better and better for you.

    Kyra, hang in there, it sounds like it was a rough day. You’re a very resourceful young girl and I’m sure you’ll find your fit.

    Good luck to both of you!!!!


  15. Thank you both for sharing your stories!! It is so wonderful to hear from both Emily and Kyra! I love you girls very much and will be praying for you both! God has awesome friends planned for you! I’m certain of it! Call me anytime if you want to vent or whatever!


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