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Yes, the blog is about relocation, specifically about relocating to FL, but once and awhile I like to share with you, my readers, a special day or story. Well, last night I got to try out the ESPN Club for the first time at the Boardwalk Resort on WDW Property, but who I met there and how we became friends is in itself, how amazing stories are born.

Without using names except the girl I met, last year I had stayed with some friends during my vacation to WDW. The visit unfortunately wasn’t up to either sides expectations, and before I had landed in WI, my FB wall and inbox had been flooded with nastiness from their circle of friends.  I took the high road, never spoke of them or the situation publicly and moved on with my life. (The only reason I bring it up now is that it has to be to make sense for the purpose of this story).

A few months later, a blog posting I had written got the attention of these people again, and once again, I was under attack.  A few emails came in that were very unfortunate, and I chose to let Craig deal with them since I literally just wanted to ignore them and continue on. I have learned that you can’t please everyone, and to let people say what they want to say and keep moving forward. The emails that stood out the most were from a gal named Heather.  It was an email battle from the start, and normally we would never respond, but my husband was getting very upset that everyone was attacking me. Yay for my Prince!

After that day, I pushed it aside from things, as life was busy enough for us, and again, just went on with life.  It would be several months later that I would get a phone call from one friend, and then an email from Heather saying how sorry they both were. At first, I didn’t remember who they were- THAT is how much I didn’t care anymore.  I told them both I forgave them and that hearing one side of the story is always hard since that’s all you have to go by. I felt better knowing that I wasn’t the only one, and that they were kind enough to acknowledge that I was right.

Fast forward to last night- Heather and I met up at the ESPN Club. Have you ever met someone after you thought they hated you so badly? Here is the thing- I had forgiven her the minute she emailed me and asked for it. Life is too short to hold on to that kind of anger and resentment, and I knew that SHE would feel better knowing I wasn’t holding onto that grudge.  If anything Christ has taught me, it is that forgiveness is key to everything in life.  The reason we have so many problems in the world is because people hold onto anger so tightly that they can’t see everything else past it- and it can be amazingly wonderful once you release it and let it go.

Case and point- last night was so much fun. We chatted for hours, ate nachos, laughed at the tvs in the restrooms, and smiled as the Green Bay Packers played on the screens above us. You would have thought we had been friends for years, and the bond we created, I feel, was real. Sometimes you just know about someone the minute you meet them, and I felt that when I hugged her after walking into the Club.  After talking for hours, we danced the night away at the Atlantic Dance Hall and hugged goodbye around midnight- a very well earned and deserved evening for the both of us.

You never know about life, and what those friendships will do to your life once they are made. But do you ever think about the enemies you have made, and why you have them in the first place? I know I have made my share of them, over disagreements and personality clashes. But if I had made up my mind on Heather and chose never to forgive her, I would have been just as bad as the people that I don’t get along with- and that is NOT who I want to be.

I guess I wanted to put this post out there because maybe I can shed some light on someone who is dealing with a severed tie, a hurt relationship, or a broken friendship. Even if there is no hope for there to ever be friends again, learn to forgive and move past it- it will make a world of difference in your current and future life.  Have a great day and weekend- stay safe if you are in Irene’s path and know I am praying for you all.


  1. That’s awesome that Heather was able to see the light and ask for forgiveness. And that you offered it no-questions-asked speaks to your amazing character. Thank you for sharing this story. Wow!


  2. Amy, this was a incredible and touching story. It is wonderful to see that things turned out ok. I know we all have been in the same situation at one time or another. God works in mysterious way and conflict is never good for anyone. That is strange coming form someone who was in the military for 13 years. The guy who initially hit me on my motorcycle changed my families life forever. I chose to forgive him for not paying attention.

    It feels good to forgive as I can tell by your response. I really enjoy reading your blogs so do not ever think that you are away from the norm. You have created something that interests alot of people and I thinik it is because it is down to earth.

    My familys trip to WDW is next Sept/Oct because we love the Not So Scarry Halloween Party so I hope that we get to meet while we are there. You sound like a very nice family. I have an 8 year old daughter and a 15 year old son that love Disney also. I plan on being a regular contributor and hope to get to know many more of you.


  3. Wow Amy you truly are a lovely person and I can’t waif until we get to meet up next year. Taking that step to be part of the on line Fisney community has sometimes been difficult for me as I really do worry what people think of me; despite how loud I act on the outside I’m a very shy person inside. This blog post gives me faith to carry on no matter what SOME people may say about me, I know that by taking that chance I will continue to make beautiful friendships with genuine Disney friends xx


  4. Hi Amy! I am back in Boston and already missing Disney. What is it about that place that makes you never want to leave? I loved this post and I am really, really glad that we had a chance to meet. I chuckled when I read the part about feeling like we had been friends for years. On the bus ride back to my hotel I felt the same way. It was fun to find out how much we did have in common once we got to really chat and get to know each other. The lesson that I have learned over the past year is that some people have controlling personalities and its sometimes easy to get sucked into other peoples drama. And I am guilty of that and I acted like an idiot back during that time. But the minute that my eyes were opened and I realized that I acted unjustly to you I knew I had to be a big enough person and admit my mistake. I owned it and I am glad that you were willing to forgive and more importantly move on from it. In the past I have been prone to holding grudges and being too stubborn to admit when I was wrong. The older I get the more I realize I am not always right! And saying your sorry doesn’t hurt. Actually once you say it and its accepted its very freeing. This whole situation has taught me that a story has many, many sides. And you should hear more than one side of a story before you form an opinion about it. Because its only after you hear all the sides that you have the complete picture. Trust me I am speaking from experience!


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