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Fall into the Magic Kingdom

I had a goal,  get in to get pictures of Main Street decked out for the Fall, and get out before the storms rolled in. Normally the rain holds off until afternoon, but this past Tuesday, it was determined to come fast and furious at the Magic Kingdom. Arming my umbrella, I decided to take full opportunity to enjoy the cool temperatures and low crowds to get shots all over Main Street. I even got to meet the Mayor!!

I have to say that I LOVED the feeling of having the Park all to myself. Knowing that the rain wasn’t raining on my parade made it almost fun, and comical at times, to know that it was just another day for me.  As I sat next to one of the popcorn vendors as the rain came down in buckets, I just stared at the Castle and thought about how cool it must be to have that view for your work day.

Main Street Emporium was overflowing with those escaping the weather, and I enjoyed taking my time perusing the shop that sometimes I just use as an air-conditioned break.  The time spent in there inspired blog ideas that I can’t wait to share in the following weeks.

Sometimes it can be a bit weird to be alone in a park full of families and couples, but it’s in those quiet times to myself that I truly get to reflect on what brought me here in the first place.  The smell of rain, the music playing, the street empty, and everything being washed over is really cool to watch at MK.

I spent the rest of my day having lunch with Scott Otis and hanging out at Epcot. He gave me a tour of the Boardwalk Convention Center, just WOW!!  It was a first for us to ride Soarin ( 40 minute wait at 4 p.m. with FPs left) and Test Track (10 minute wait with FP’s left) together- AND- we got to ride in one of the new cars at TT!!  Being goofy with Otis and just throwing my cares to the wind is refreshing these days, and I thank him for always being there for me and my family. He even got a tour of our home!

I hope you are all having a magical week and that the pictures brighten up any hard times you may be going through.


  1. Thanks for the Fall post. Love the pictures of the decorations and the merchandise. Can’t wait to see them for myself when we get there in October. We are coming down to do Food and Wine.


  2. Im so excited to see the park decorated in halloween decorations in 21days! This will be our 1st time seeing it this way.


  3. “I hope you are all having a magical week and that the pictures brighten up any hard times you may be going through.” It certainly did. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Thank you for posting the wonderful pictures: I love seeing the parks decorated for fall, it is my favorite season! We will be there 10/28 to 11/8, can’t wait!!


  5. Loving the fall dressing at MK….feels more like home than other holidays, and comes close to that special feeling at Christmas. I’ll be down in 3 weeks too (from WI!) and I’m definitely looking forward to some warmer weather. It was in the mid 60s here over the Labor Day weekend. I think we may have broke 70 today…woot!


  6. Loved this blog. Thanks for posting the pics. Keep them coming! My family is thinking of going next year around Halloween and I can’t wait to show them this blog. I want them to see how cool the place looks with all the Halloween stuff up. I must admit I am feeling very jealous that you are there and I not! lol


  7. Thanks for sharing such GREAT pics Amy!! Makes me feel like I am there!! One day I hope to get down to WDW for the fall decorations!!


  8. What an awesome day! And you got to hang out with Otis? Lucky! …. Oh wait.

    Amy, Tuesday was so amazing. Thank you for everything, but most importantly, your friendship. It was great to hang out with you and to see the family again. We really did have a lot of fun. Until next time…


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