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Moments of Magic

It’s funny how you can go to certain Parks over others on purpose, and then on other days how you wind up at the same Park back to back. That was my week, getting to enjoy the Magic Kingdom with different people for different reasons- got to love my life.  Enjoy my magical moments in the Magic Kingdom this past week.

Craig got lucky with a WDW gift card for an oops on their part, so we took full advantage of it and surprised the kids with a night out. Wednesdays are our kid nights, although they turn into family nights most of the time, so it is a great mid-week break for everyone to be together and out of the house.

Craig and the kids were excited to see the Fall decorations outside in front of the Train Station- it got us all talking about Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and how much fun we are going to have at it. We have some great ideas for costumes, so we will let you know once we make the final decision.

As we walked onto Main Street, an old time car pulled up and asked us where we were headed too. I said “Wherever you’re going” to which they told us to hop in and enjoy the ride. We felt so proud, and Emily’s face was priceless! She was overjoyed at the attention we were getting, and Kyra seemed to love our magical moment.  As we were dropped off at the most beautiful Castle in the world, I asked if we could get a picture. They let us all get in as the driver took a picture- an incredible magical moment for us. (Yes, I am wearing a sweatshirt because it was raining and I get cold when it rains).

We were famished, so after a quick ride on “Pirates”, we enjoyed a wonderful meal at Pecos Bills. I enjoyed a cup of chili with a side of onion rings, Emily had the burger kids meal, Craig had the 1/3 Angus Burger, and Kyra had the Caesar salad. Since it was on the gift card, we enjoyed our free meal and ate like Kings in the Happiest Place on Earth.

To work off our meal, we faced off on Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin- and yes, I STILL beat Craig. It’s a sore subject in our house… well for Craig it is. All in good fun, we will face off again I am sure! A ride on the TTA was enjoyed by all after that.

We headed back through Fantasy Land to find that NOTHING had a wait- it was like the Park had been deserted. If you are planning to come AFTER Labor Day, and specifically this week of Labor Day, you will walk on everything! We took a ride on Pooh, Peter Pan, and Emily enjoyed our own magical moment on Dumbo. With NO LINE, and I mean, I walked up and got into an elephant, we soared above the trees and buildings while we had our arms raised in the air. THIS is why I moved to FL, and remembering this made all the difference in the end of my day.

We ended the night being the last ones on Haunted Mansion, which was really spooky being in the attraction with only one other family. It took on a whole other feel, but it made it that more fun. We walked out as “Wishes” was playing and went home with big smiles on our faces.

The next day I headed back to the Magic Kingdom to hang out with a friend, Suzannah. We had a lot in common with family and friends, so we thought it was time we enjoyed our common denominator together.  With her beautiful boy in hand, we enjoyed the sights and sounds of Main Street U.S.A. while we waited for another friend to join us- Anthony. Our group enjoyed Pirates, Buzz, and the TTA before I headed to meet a reader for awhile.

I met Michele in front of the Crystal Palace, and she couldn’t have been sweeter. I knew she was a Christian, which put me at ease right away. I enjoy those who have a Christ filled life because I know that the conversation will be light and full of joy. Her kids couldn’t have been nicer, and her hubby was also quite kind. He and her daughter were celebrating their birthdays, so again, Happy Birthday!! I was happy we had the chance to meet and I thank her for her friendship- always happy to meet another sister in Christ.

I found my group after and enjoyed lunch at the Columbia Harbor House. We hit the Haunted Mansion and then headed out so I could get ready to pick up Kyra from school.

As an unexpected surprise, I was invited to the Magic Kingdom by Otis, Nicole, and Suzannah later that evening. It was so much fun to get to know them all and to talk about their trip to Disneyland. I haven’t been there since 2001, but I can’t wait to take the family some day. As Wishes played while we rode the TTA, all I could think was “Thank God for friends.”  So many magical moments this past week- I can’t wait to make more this weekend and next week.


  1. Ames,

    Yay! I’m so happy you were able to join us for a night at the Magic Kingdom. It meant so much to all of us.

    I love the pictures in the cool Main Street Horseless Carriage.

    Amy, you are indeed blessed with an awesome family and very special friends. I look forward to our next adventure together.

    Thanks for everything!



  2. I am so glad we finally got together after being neighbors for a while. Yet another thing to thank Scott for! 😉 Magic Kingdom was so fun with you and Anthony and again, I appreciate you guys being okay with my little guy tagging along (especially at lunch! :P).

    That evening was even more magical…I think it was just what we all needed and it definitely put everything into perspective, which is easy to do with a beautiful castle and fireworks going off in front of you, right? 😉 I’m not sure if you saw my tweet last night:!/zannaland/status/112022335573331968 but I was so grateful to have that moment of realization and clarity while squished in the front row with you guys. ♥

    Looking forward to many more happy adventures with you.


  3. It was so awesome meeting you, you are as nice as I thought from all your blogs and posts. Wish we could come down to visit more often. I’ll let you know next time we are there, hopefully we can spend a bit more time together.


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