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Spirit of Aloha

It would be a couple of months ago that a faithful reader of our blog contacted me. She expressed that she loved our blog and that she would like to do something kind for us. She and I talked back and forth on where we could meet and have dinner together with our spouses, and she offered the Lua at the Polynesian Resort. I was over the moon excited, not only had I always wanted to try it (Craig and I share the love of the movie 50 FIRST DATES), but Craig and I would get to have a double date with new friends. So we met up with Lorie and Bill this evening in front of the Poly, and upon meeting them I knew we would be having a fantastic night. Here is our story.

Lorie brought us an Anniversary/Birthday present, and we were so thankful and humbled by their generosity-it was so kind of them. We chatted for a bit before heading to the Lua Cove. I found it really exciting to be on paths I had never explored before, plus I was talking a mile a minute with our new friends.

We checked in early, got our pink leis, and got our picture taken before waiting a bit on our seating. Once it was time, we headed inside the theater area, and were seated at a front table. I loved the view, no one in front of me, so I could take all the pictures I wanted without worry about the extra head in them.

As we sat down, we saw the silver platter filled with fresh pineapple, bread, and a vinaigrette salad.  We dug in, completely hungry from waiting and talking. It’s all-inclusive which is nice if you would like to try out the different drinks they offer. We all opted for soft drinks then drooled over the roast chicken, BBQ ribs, steamed veggies, and fried rice that all came together on the second silver platter.

We ate as the show began, and it was cute to hear the music from “Lilo and Stitch” for their first number. The show is centered around celebrating one of the girls leaving for her next step in life, so they have a celebration in her honor. The first half of the show is more modern, while the second one is centered on each culture’s native dance and clothing. I loved the dancing, but the costumes were breathtaking.

They asked those who were celebrating a September birthday to go on the stage- Lorie and Craig are both celebrating, so they went up together. I was so proud of Craig because it’s not his favorite thing to be on stage, but he did the dance with all the other birthday persons, and got through it just fine.

After the main course, they brought out smoking volcanoes with our own small chocolate volcano delight. It was dark chocolate, very sweet, but really light with a nice caramel sauce.  After final call on drink refills, they performed the rest of the show, which included a fire dancer which was amazing to watch.

They closed the night with the traditional hula dance and repeated the music again from “Lilo and Stitch.” After we left, we decided to walk to the Grand Floridian since it was such a beautiful evening. It was so nice to not have to think about anything for those few hours and to just enjoy the Disney magic with our new friends.

We ventured past the Wedding Pavilion, which looked like a postcard at the time we saw it. Next we headed into the Resort to hang out, checking out “Basin” on the 2nd floor and enjoying the wondrous environment.  We hadn’t been to this Resort in many years, so it was an unexpected treat to check it out again. We ended our evening with a ride on the Monorail and hugs outside the Polynesian. Lorie and Bill, you are a class act all the way and you are the reason why I like to meet up with our readers. I always hope that readers will become friends and that our experiences can be shared to make Disney even more special.  Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again.


  1. I had the fortune to experience the Polynesian Luau for the first time in July. I enjoyed it very much, especially the traditional dances from all the Polynesian islands.

    Amy & Craig, you have absolutely amazing readers. Lorie & Bill are truly fine examples of good friends and generous people.

    It sounds like you had the most magical night imaginable. Once again, thank you so much for sharing your story with us!


  2. Amy, the Luau is on my list of things to do.I also love the 50 first dates movie. I cannot wait until my chance for the real Luau at the Aluani in Ohau. I plan to do that within the next 10 years. Well went to Hawaii for our 15th and loved it.
    It looks like all of you had a great time. Lucky you.


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